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New movie trailer hypes Kony 2012 Before the Video is uploaded

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posted on Mar, 11 2012 @ 10:31 PM
The trailer is for a new movie called 'Bully', it basically seems to be about the serious problem of bullying in the US, however the trailer itself has lots of references to get you hyped about Kony 2012, although not consciously...Heres a link to the trailer as well as an! The trailer was released on February 23rd while Kony 2012 was released on March 5th.

We can now without doubt say that this Kony 2012 campaign is going to be pushed on us from every angle and TPTB are using psychological techniques to do such. The movie trailer uses the same emotional techniques as the Kony 2012 'thing'. I am going to outline most of the techniques they are using in this trailer to encourage the Kony issue unconsciously, its important to know that most of the emotional associations made will be used in the future to convince the general public of *something*.

In the first image we see a man in green next to a green wall wearing a yellow armband, throughout the trailer this green colour will become associated with being uncomfortable while the yellow colour will become associated with a feeling of being 'imposing' or 'loud' , the guy dressed in green even says "...making someone feel so uncomfortable..."

the next picture shows the same dark green and yellow colour co-ordination in use while 'deepening' there 'meanings' with suggestive words or 'object relations'. Some such proof of this is that when you see the girl in yellow the boy says "..i feel nervous....." this is done so the audience associates the colour yellow with an imposing presence, something which you cant ignore (as mentioned earlier). The lockers which are dark green are a good example of object relations because they cause the unconscious mind to associate the colour with the attributes of the object (the lockers) meaning it becomes synonymous with such concepts as cold, hard, metal, industrialized etc.

In this next example we can see that the colour red is clearing being associated with its most primal associations...danger. This is being done by literally putting a red shirt on every kid who is seen punching the victim, or otherwise flooding the scene with red. Deepening of metaphor is also occurring in that earlier we saw a red train and are now hearing loud 'thudding' sounds, this causes connotations of unstoppable, forceful danger. We also see the introduction of the colour blue as 'female' or 'innocence' or otherwise 'bystander' this can be observed by the blue bag but also in the next picture..

Again we see the red being associated with 'oncoming danger' but also blue is being deepened, it is being associated with 'receiving' rather than 'broadcasting' or otherwise 'introvert' instead of extrovert, both of which are concepts associated with woman in our unconscious mind ,this association is further strengthened by making a girl wear blue. We also see an interesting circle pattern which may be used to indicate a feeling of 'walking around with a target on your back'.

More use of red as danger.....

Oh and more red used as pain or danger, also notice the dark green chairs..

Finally we see deepening of the colour yellow as being 'loud' or 'unable to ignore' but this time in the sense of causing 'arousal' or rather 'aggravation' because its so 'loud', this is being done by cleverly causing the lie the lady just spoke to be associated with the yellow cloud she coincidently had posted on her wall, this was also reinforced by using the colour yellow in the joke, heres what she said "they are just as good as gold"

At this point it is also interesting to note that the South African flag contains all the colours which are being used in this trailer (red,yellow,blue, and white)

Now here we see the actual associations to Kony 2012 being 'built', first we see a clip of a computer with facebook on it, this links in with the whole social networking presence of 'Kony 2012', we also see the word 'silent' on screen, which is associated with 'invisible' invisible children ?

Now maybe someone can explain this to me but in a lot of the next scenes lots of people are 'making the devil' with there hands...why ? Is it some sort of anti-bullying thing in America or what ? Heres the pic...

Now heres a picture which shows them psychologically pushing the armbands which are available for Kony 2012, these armband will likely be pushed onto the general public like hot cakes this summer. we also see the word 'pass' in red...interesting..

Now we see the trailer creating a link to the African race element of Kony 2012, this is done by using a black maternity statue, and the using the words 'stand for the silent' printed in black. There is also an African American presence in the scene.

Next we see more reinforcing of the Africa link...

In this picture we see more African American links but also very strange use of the colour blue, personally because of the strange letter 'T' which is blue i think it is preparation for the Twitter connection...

Seriously what is up with all the devil signs......

And finally more of the African connection to Kony 2012.

Now with this much proof how can it not be obvious that TPTB have a lot of media disposal for this Kony 2012 thing and this 'Bully' movie is only paving the way, its basically preparing you for when the Kony 2012 thing really kicks off, this just goes to show how much the higher ups have invested in Kony 2012 being a success..

Now most think the real reason for Kony 2012 could be Sudan's oil, or just a way to test how dangerous the internet really is (this is backed up with the presence of the recent SOPA scandal), but all i really care about is the fact that we are being emotionally and unconsciously manipulated in order to carry out an alternate agenda. What do you think ? What are the chances that days after this trailer Kony is rebooted....seriously !?

posted on Mar, 11 2012 @ 10:41 PM
I think you are reading a bit into that trailer.

First bracelet, probably a 'livestrong'
Red as danger is common.
Green is the complimentary colour to red so makes sense to use it when setting up a shot.
.....Black people being the 'africa connection' ....common they are just people no hidden message there
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posted on Mar, 11 2012 @ 10:43 PM
Lest we not forget "Machine Gun Preacher",

I honestly figured that would have been the movie that you were speaking of..

posted on Mar, 11 2012 @ 10:49 PM
The Kony uses the classical propaganda techniques, it is nothing new.

posted on Mar, 11 2012 @ 10:53 PM
reply to post by TruthIncarnate

You've made some good points. These days its so difficult to separate the propaganda from a genuine situation. But the devil horns are what make me suspicious, though i use them all the time being a metal head, you really can't say that everyone who uses them know exactly what it means. Hell kids at that age would not really understand it.

I don't think its related to Kony in anyway, but the ideological intent seems similar.

Also EVERYONE at school gets bullied, at least at the schools i went to, there was no one kid who got through without being bullied, though some far worse then others.

posted on Mar, 11 2012 @ 11:01 PM
reply to post by EvanJP

Yeah i have seen this as well, its just so strange how well organized this whole Kony 2012 thing is, its as if every year all the media heads get together and discuss a theme which the media will focus on throughout the next year and for this year they chose 'Africa and kids'.

posted on Mar, 11 2012 @ 11:08 PM
reply to post by TruthIncarnate

It has become apparent that the Kony movement is nothing more than a propaganda tool. Oil and natural resources on the top of the list as to the why. However it is also a handy tool for diversion from current events happening here in the US and the Middle East. There is never a lack of some type of melodrama to fill the air waves and news sources when major events transpire. It will become co-opted with the out of sight out of mind tactics. People will either allow themselves to become emotionally involved like with the Casey Anthony or the OJ Simpson trials or become so disgusted they simply turn it completely off. Either way the block of important information is accomplished. Anyone thinking about contributing to this should stop and consider where you hard earned money is actually going and how is it being spent. Usually people are lied to and when there is an audit or investigation done it has almost always gone to arm an army to kill the people that the money was suppose to help. This appears to be the case once again. If this Joseph Kony is alive and still in Uganda I would not be surprised if he isn't a CIA operative. The CIA hasn't changed their operating procedure since inception. One would think that people would finally acquire some wisdom. and stop falling for this failed script that has been openly exposed time and time again.

posted on Mar, 11 2012 @ 11:09 PM
reply to post by el1jah

Good points, i also thought this, i mean this use of colour is becoming a more and more prevalent art form in our current media (just look at the new 'Awake' series for heavy use of red and green) so maybe lots of Prof's are teaching student directors the same 'cutting edge' techniques, it did happen with cyberpunk in the 80's / 90's...

Also armbands are a common public appeal item now, but still, this is a movie about bullying, it has scenes within it which are remarkably similar to a stop bullying campaign and its central focus is crimes committed against all you need to do is swap 'bullying' for 'Kony', and they did exactly that on March 5th.

posted on Mar, 11 2012 @ 11:09 PM
I think the hand gesture is to symbolize the bull as in bully. I remember from somewhere on ATS that if the thumb stick out its the bull and if the thumb is in its the horned owl...

posted on Mar, 11 2012 @ 11:16 PM
reply to post by redrose123

Completely agree, i started to notice this and then started to look at the whole world in the same way, it seems to me we are all living in wonderland. Corporate warlords give us the opportunity to procrastinate over celebrity gossip, we get to wear logos which keep us in an anonymous state, and all the while the media spins its next roller coaster ride. Sometimes it feels as if we are slaves.

posted on Mar, 11 2012 @ 11:20 PM
reply to post by Alchemst7

Interesting, i knew it had to be something about bullying but it was still strange for me to find, i was just flicking through the slides then all of a sudden i come across that, i thought it best to include.


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