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cloaked reptilian fear .....(cwc)

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posted on Mar, 11 2012 @ 03:32 PM
It was a clear cool, starry night, assuming that you could see the stars over the high pressure sodium glow of Marina Del Rey. I was in my bedroom, which is located on the second floor of a building. I decided to send myself to sleep while doing Reiki. Off to sleep i go......

After some time, i am instantly awoken. My reiki energy is going full blast. I come aware, needing to protect myself. A dark presence as encapsulated the whole room. Not being a religious man, i start praying. "lord God, Jesus, protect me, Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme hum." I'm Frozen. I want to run. I want to sit up. I can't move. "please protect me, Om mani padme hum."

The fear is intense, i am a sitting duck. I can't move. i can't scream. Frozen in form, frozen in time. My mind is alert and aware. I must pull myself together. Succumb to the fear.

My awareness shifts. I am able to look down my body. "Holly Sh#t! holly Sh#t. What [snip] is that!?" I was lying on my back, hands at my side. At my right side of my feet, there were these THINGS/Beings. (I call them things, because i haven't, to this day, fit them into any known classification i've come across). as I stare down my frozen useless body, evil and darkness surround me, as if i am encased in a womb of safety due to my rushing energy. A force field separates me from untold catastrophe. My vibrational level was being maxed out. I am not sure if its me or these Things beside me.

I stare terrified, as this Thing, 4ft tall, wearing a hooded black cloak. hood pulled over its head. moving towards my feet. I sense the presence of one or two more, just at the end of my bed. the one moving towards my ankles, i sense to be the leader. As he moves towards me, his arm extends from his cloak. I see this wrinkled grey/blue/greenish tinted skin, with boney fingers, with its knuckles really exaggerated. I can only make out a profile of it face, the part just sticking out of it's hood. There was clearly no protruding nose, more like slits, like your skull. It's eyes were Red or really black(they could have glowed red, like red eye in a photo). This was not your typical Grey. His head turns, i am starring face to with something i can't describe. I have no recall image of this Thing even though it stared right into my eyes.

I hear in my head, "He knows were here." I start praying again, unable to get my mind around what is happening to me. I could only imagine the experience being similar to what the Native Americans experienced seeing these huge ships on the horizon for the first time, during the invasion of the Spaniards. Not knowing if you are seeing something or not, and not having even a word to describe what you are seeing, if you could.

I call out to Jesus to help me. Flash! They're gone! I have no memory of how they left. I awake the next day, energized feeling normal. I have the sense that i was not dreaming.

Stay tuned for part 2.......

Love, light and blessings to all
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posted on Mar, 11 2012 @ 06:17 PM
.....Part 2

It was a cold winters night in Denver. It is sometime after the experience I describe in part 1. I had stopped in Denver during a winter's storm. The usual motel i stay at is full, so i must go to a different one, run by the same company, but it's just on the other side of the highway. It was my first time staying at this facility. My dog and I check in, get our room, around the corner, first floor. no one else in the rooms around me. Inches of snow fall in the matter of an hour.

After unloading the car, it's late, i'm tired i decide to go to sleep. The room is small. It has a double bed, a chair a table, a tv on the dresser, a place to hang some clothes. the bathroom was on the opposite side of the entrance, against the far side of the room. The bed was next to the only dividing wall between the bathroom and the main room. The head board was at the shared wall of the other motel room. The tv was opposite the headboard at your feet.

As I often would, i went to sleep doing Reiki. My dog was on the floor next to the bed, more by the bathroom door.

I am awoken! My Reiki energy is going off the charts. Fear and terror are flowing through my veins. Frozen once again. I look at my feet, through the wall moves a cloaked figure. It was the same type of Thing i saw before. I am not sure if it was the same one or not but the dark presence was definitely the same. It glided toward my feet, I saw no legs, It moved as if it floated.

This encounter i was more aware, though still freaking out, i still found myself praying and basically doing the same defense mechanisms I did the last time. I remember telling myself "Just do what you did last time, It will make them go away". This time, there was a "familiarity" with these Things. Unlike the last visit, it wasn't about me trying to grasp the sanity of describing something i never seen before. I knew what these were, they were the same Things that visited me before. It was more of a shock to realize that i am 1000 miles from my home, and here these things are at my feet AGAIN!

I am staring down at my feet, once again FROZEN, I am trying to keep the "Light" strong within me, surrounding me, It takes all i have to keep my vibrational level up to protection status. (For those of you light workers, I wasn't even aware of such a thing as protection status until these events.) I can only describe the darkness of their presence as if you were face to face with the most evil man on the face of the earth, and you were the target of his next wrath. Multiply that by 100, now picture that this evil is like plasma. surrounding every space of the room, except that small area of your own body. It was if I was to lower my vibrational level one vibration lower, this plasma of evil would ENGULF my being.

I struggle on in the moments, not sure if its seconds or minutes. I am staring at this four foot tall hooded blacked robed spawn of the dark master himself, staring at my feet. unlike the last time, nothing i can do, can make it leave, THEY know i am aware. i know, they know, i am aware. I am having an internal dialog with myself trying to figure out what they want, why they just don't disappear (if that's what they did last time).

Out of no where, a little one about 3-31/2 ft tall, in the same cloak, hood over its head. is moving around my bed, coming over to the left side of my feet almost at my shin. I sense he is older. His powers/evil were stronger. I hear an internal dialog in my head, that the Things were having about me. They recognize my struggle and failure to make them go. I try to kick up my Reiki energy even more for this little guy. I let go of the fear. I called to Jesus and the Buddha once again.

I wake up the next day as if this never happened.

Till this day, this experience is the focus of many of my meditations. I asks myself for lessons to be learned, I consciously try to recall the experience seeing if i can gain more access to my memory. Once, while in a reiki session, trying to over come an intense migraine, I asked to be shown something. my vision went to my first experience. The Thing approached my head, outstretched its hand/finger and touched my right side of my forehead above my eye. Instantly, i saw black and felt an intense crippling pain in my right eye. Bringing me out of the vision.

I hope you enjoyed my story.

love, light, and blessings to all.

posted on Mar, 30 2012 @ 11:12 AM
It was enjoyable.

It was good to see you overcome the fear, and you utilized a variety of imagery to produce that effect.

You get a flag from me.

posted on Mar, 30 2012 @ 01:13 PM
reply to post by Druid42

Thanks druid42. Wasn't sure if anyone read it. Thanks for your comments. Some things aren't easy to put into words.

love,light, blessings to you.

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