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12-Year-Old Girl Sues School for Spying on Her Facebook Account

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posted on Mar, 15 2012 @ 11:22 AM
Whether Facebook posts are constitutionally protected speech remains a legal gray area.

posted on Mar, 15 2012 @ 12:22 PM
reply to post by DoNotForgetMe

Yes they would. While certain mods may be friends with other mods, I'm pretty sure they don't all get along. And I do know, for a fact, that action is taken against mods when they cross a line. There have been mods who have been banned.
Just because one mod might let something by from someone, doesn't mean that all the mods will. Nor should they.
A mod who participates in a thread can not moderate it...for that very reason.

With that said though, I do have to agree with VonDoomen that all suing the school does is harm the school. Other teachers speaking out would potentially harm their careers. Just like you won't normally see a mod...nor anyone else for that matter..speaking out against least not anyone who wants to remain a member of this site.

The difference though is ATS does promote freedom of speech. And there are many threads that are up on ATS which I personally feel are harmful to the credibility of ATS as a whole, but are left up because there is such a thing as freedom of speech. You might claim to be an arch angel and if you can't prove it, the thread might get moved to the hoax bin, but rarely is a thread removed because of something the OP long as it is in compliance with the T&C. And NO....the T&C's of ATS are not a limitation of free speech. Why? Because ATS is a private site.

When you join, you agree with the rules. Whether you actually read them or not. You still agree to abide by them. So what if the girl was 12 and under the age minimum of 13 for membership to Facebook. As I have already said in this thread...try telling a 12 year old that they can't join when all of their friends already have. Try telling a 12 year old about privacy.

The thing have been speaking out against their schools, or their schools staff members for YEARS. Kids have been talking about sex for years with each other. And by years...I mean longer than the 14 or 15 years that the internet as a whole has been in use. I mean basically since schools have come into existence. Or any authority for that matter. People will speak out against it.

The girl threatened no one. The girl made no indications of anything bad coming to anyone. All she did was say a school employee was creepy or something like that and was mean. Then the school and the police intimidated this young girl into giving up her account info while she had to sit there with everyone else reading all of her personal messages. BTW....who was not there who should have been? Her parents.

This didn't happen at school. It wasn't a school computer that was used to post these messages, nor was the schools internet used, it wasn't on school time, and there was absolutely no association with the school at all. Except for the fact that she was talking about a member of the schools faculty. So the school itself shouldn't be sued. Sue the principal, or any teacher involved in this blatant abuse of power.
Why sue anyone? Because her parents were not contacted. And they should have been. If she was in violation of any Facebook rules..that's between her and Facebook. Not the school. And since she didn't threaten anyone at the school...nor did this happen on school time, the school should not have been involved...other than to contact the girls parents.

And why was LE even there? If there had been such a thing as Facebook when I was in school I apparently never would have made any classes. NO...I am not a member now, nor have I ever been, but when your a kid..and all your friends are doing it.......

BTW...there is no reason to single out anyone, especially a mod in your post. If your post is off topic as deemed by the mods..then it's off topic. My reply might end up off topic. And if they say it is it is. I might suggest any questions or issues you might have with ATS or a moderator that you take that up with them in private. And not "call them out" in a post. You wouldn't want to get into the middle of a wrestling ring and call out the Rock and then be surprised if he shows up and you are on the receiving end of "The People Elbow."

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