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Unbelievable true life happenings from ATS members

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posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 01:52 PM

Originally posted by Seagle
reply to post by randyvs

Hi randyvs,

Thanks for the story.

Just out of curiosity, is Dave a lawyer by any chance? It reminds of a chapter from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by Hunter S Thompson. Something about a boot full of mesculin and various other substances

Man if you knew Dave you would think that was even funnier than it already is. Nope definetly not a lawyer. And hallucinogens were not involved. Nice try tho.

posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 02:44 PM
reply to post by iforget

Id like to give a few more details of the object that I saw. After writing what I did it has brought that day back into my mind to be replayed over and over.

Much like the memory of it when the object itself was in sight it was all I could see, it held my focus completely until it was gone. The thing itself appeared to be about 20 feet long 7 feet high and about 4 feet at its widest where the body of the craft met the canopy.

It has always been hard for me to describe because what was remarkable about it was not what was there but what was missing. Every part on it appeared to be made of the same material. There were no seems, rivets, hatches, latches, handles, wires, doors or hollow recesses into the body of the thing. It appeared to have a canopy in that there was some glass like reflective quality to the part where you would expect to find a canopy. It wasn't rounded at all it flared out from the bottom in a series of shallow angles and then came back in in width from the bottom of the canopy to the top of it. It was like something that had been molded or carved from one piece.

It was extremely smooth over its entire surface there was not so much as a speck of dust or drop of oil on it. There were no smashed bugs, stains or discolorations on it at all. There were no heat waves of mirage or cloud of exhaust coming from it.

When I first saw it that day and for a long time after it was just a strangely behaving helicopter. The whole memory itself faded rather fast until about ten years later when I was near another helicopter that was landing and the rotor wash blew so hard into my face that the last thing I wanted to do was look directly at it. That is when all these other inconsistencies that I have attempted to describe started to become clear in my mind and I was forced to conclude that perhaps I had seen something for more remarkable than I had originally thought.

posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 02:47 PM
reply to post by DaWhiz

Hey, thanks for the info. The thing I saw had a wide body, not thin. But it did have a big head.

posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 03:11 PM

Scottsdale, Arizona

One of my earliest memories I am 6 years old. I wake up in my bed and open my eyes I cant move only my eyes and see that the window adjacent to my bed in filled with a red pulsing light from the outside. Then see the silhouette of 2 beings standing by my bed roughly my height about 4 feet yet with large heads out of proportion thinking "watermelons" then a voice in my head saying i must go with them and will return. Then i see another one walk through my wall in to the room now there are 3 and i black out. Next day i notice a scoop mark on my knee and think i got it when riding my bike.


Scottsdale , Arizona

I am 8 years old it is day time my father whom is a retired Air Force and Air Traffic controller and FAA investigator calls me to come out to the patio. So i do standing in the large glass doors he points up to an object in the sky. It is flat and Cigar shaped it is zipping around erratically like a humming bird. There really is no method to this objects travel as it goes from one side of the sky to the opposite in an instant stopping on a dime. My father astonished calls the tower at the near by Air Port asking if they have any air craft civilian or non civilian on radar. The reply was no, the craft was below the legal altitude to begin with. This went on for several minutes then it just shot up vertically and was gone. Speeds that would liquify a man on board mind you. My father's look on his face was unforgettable as he had seen the foo fighters over the pacific in his fighter plane during WW2. He even seen UFO's as a test pilot for the Super Saber so my mother tells me later in life. I have reason to believe he knew more about UFO's then what he led us to believe as he was briefed on the phenomena and told not to discuss it by his commanding officer many years before. He would have made an interesting whistle blower had he survived Cancer and not have died in 1983. He was also a high level Mason not sure if that is relevant but he often went on "business trips" to unknown locations and was never at liberty to discuss it with the family.


I am 16 years old. After moving to IOWA in 1983 after my fathers death my mother sister and I live in a duplex. I am at an age where Im am quite unruly and filled with teenage angst i suppose pretty much staying out late with friends and such. It's late one evening and I am walking several blocks home. Being a mall quiet town it is quiet as kept and nobody outside most house lights are turned off. So on my way I notice a huge round shadow above me around 50 yards wide. Then see it ascend to a field close to a water tower it's a small park and this huge opaque sphere lands there silently. No sound, like a balloon. For some reason something comes over me a voice in my head tells me "we are waiting for you" and a door opens much like a pupil widens. Inside it is a red lit and several little people "large heads again" it's the people i recall as a child. Same voice in my head even. I walk in to this craft as 2 escort me by grabbing my arms. The rest is blacked out, however i have regressive memories and flashes of what happened on the craft. I remember looking out this round window and seing earth zip away at excessive speeds, The room was chilli with concave corners pure white and sterile. I remember looking at this flat screen monitor " decades before LCD and Plasma TV" but was paper thin and images of disasters the one that stuck out was the twin towers collapsing. I remember laying down and them doing some examination on me as well. That's about it,here is where it gets weird.

I wake up in my room but i dont remember how i got there as i had no key and had to be let in. My mother locked the door early so she could keep track of me coming home late being the unruly teen that i was. She was furious. Then she was accusing me of making a copy of the house key however i had no duplicate key. All widows were locked and no way for me to get in our house?

I will continue in my next post I have had paranormal encounters as well stay tuned
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posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 03:12 PM
OK, I have had other experiences during my life, but I will recount the latest one, which had a big affect on me.
This is totally true, and I have mutliple witnesses. As you will be able to tell, this is not something that I would ever lie about.

My father died last month on Feb. 15th, 2012. I'm from the Midwest, and I'm an only child. I handled all of the arrangements by phone, and then flew back East for the funeral and to tie up all of the loose ends. This all took some time to arrange, so his service wasn't until the 20th.
On the day of his service, I had of course shown up ( with my daughter ) earlier than all of the other attendees.
After the "official" beginning of the public viewing, my dad's cousin and his wife arrived. My father had been very close to them. He had been like brothers with his cousin all of his life. They were born 2 months apart.
My cousin's wife came in, totally crying and shaking, which isn't unusual at a funeral, obviously, but she looked for me, and dashed up to me and grabbed me, saying my name. I held her, and she was visibly shaking and falling apart, and she said, "We were on our way over here, and my phone beeped telling me I have a new voice mail. I listened to it, and it was him!" She was beside herself, this had really shaken her up. I talked to her, calmed her down, and went through the rest of the viewing and service. During that time, I pulled her aside and said that I wanted to privately speak to her after the service.
After the service, we went to the side of the room, and I asked her to please play the VM for me.
And sure enough, it was my father, saying who he was, and said, " I just called to say hi, and I'll see you soon. I'll talk to you later."
I had let some other close family members come over and listen in on this on the speaker phone.
The computer voice timestamp said that the message was sent on January 27th.
That's just 7 days shy of a whole month for a voice mail to be out there hanging in the cybersphere, undelivered.
I've had voice mails lag by a few hours, or even a day. That's not unusual. But nearly a month, and then by all odds, is delivered while the recipient is on the way to the funeral of the sender?

I will say that I'm a science person, and yet I do have spiritual beliefs that fall into the "metaphysical" category, although I do not subscribe to any organized, religious dogma. This event blew me away. It was so profound to hear my father saying those words at that time.

Is it possible that this was just a technological glitch that played out at a very coincidental moment? Of course. My dedication to truth and objectivity demands that I accept that premise as a possibility. I wish I could quanitfy the mathematical odds of that happening, just for my intellectual curiosity.

Is it possible that some how, some way, my father wanted to send a message to us, and wanted us to hear his voice one more time? I have to be honest, and say resoundingly, "YES". I "know" intuitively, through to the core of my being, that that message was somehow manipulated by him, and was meant for us at that moment.
He wanted us to hear his voice one more time, and I know it.

Feelings are not proof, of course. There will never be any scientific "proof" that this event was anything other than a freakish glitch. It is possible that this is the type of event that can feed into "Magikal Thinking". The event only appears profound because of it's timing. In the day to day course of the planet and the Universe, this event was witnessed by, and affected, a very small number of people. In that light, it was an insignificant occurrence.
But for me personally, as a human being, who lives and feels and experiences, this moment was awe-inspiring. At that moment, that "technical glitch" was a hand from another dimension, reaching out to me and my loved ones, with the purpose of sending us a very clear, and positive message.
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posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 03:30 PM
Great thread, really enjoyed reading many stories. Honestly I have had many experiences, many of which come to surface because of stories like the above and before.

I'll mention one I guess, because it's so unreal.

I was at my grandparent's cabin, a really beautiful area in the mountains of northern California. Place called Shower's Pass. My great grandma's little cabin still stands on the property, which she lived by herself for over thirty years of her life. This area has some very magical energy, to say the least. Great fishing and hunting too!

So I was maybe ten years old, I'm guessing even younger. It's difficult to talk about this story - not because I don't remember, because I remember it perfectly - but I had no emotional reaction to it, leaving me with only the physical memory. I can't explain why, it was like I was in a Lull when I saw it.

Anyway my two cousins and I were sleeping out on the porch-bed, watching the stars. You know how kids are at sleepovers. You all talk until you fall asleep, gets quiet eventually throughout the banter.
So one cousin passes out to my right, and then the left begins to get quiet.
I regret not saying anything to my other cousin, because I am not sure if he was asleep - or perhaps he even saw it too, I have never asked him.

Above the tree tops, no higher than 3,000 feet (bi-plane distance right?) --- I saw an angel. It was much larger than a human, and it was a brilliant white. Not the kind of white like reflecting off the moon, but maybe it was? I don't know. Just didn't feel like it.
It had the exact form of a human being, with huge wings.

It was the way the wings moved which is what gets me, because I specifically remember how they DID NOT GLIDE --- A bird or anythign with that kind of wingspan wouldn't need to flap it's wings, yet this literal bioluminescant being's were moving up and down in a slow but steady manner. Just didn't make sense to me. I assume perhaps that it's wings flapped for possibly OTHER reasons than the need to propell itself through the air --- but what do I know.

This happened many years ago. I only bring it up every once in a while. It just doesn't relate to my UFO experiences, my ghost experiences, my out of body experiences. So I don't really know what to say about ti.... Other than I saw it. And if it was an Owl -- then it was an Owl in the shape of a Human with Wings...

So all I remember is laying there in that bed, watching this angel fly slowly on by. Was just in a lull, I didn't get excited, or anything. No panic, no amazement. Just a wave of calmness - in fact I very well could have fallen asleep before it left the vicinity.
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posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 05:10 PM
reply to post by SonoftheSun

Oiuja boards ! From the time I was lil I knew better. I've never touched one and never will with all the things I've heard on top of the bad feeling they give me. Great story.

posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 05:29 PM
reply to post by moonzoo7

I've got something similar to that story. My brother was killed in a motorcycle accident in '88 and to make a long story short, the next day there was a message on our parents' answering machine from him saying "hi mom, hi dad, I just called to say I'm here and I'm fine". This was on a tape machine connected to the phone, so no being lost in cyber space can account for it.

posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 05:38 PM
I have told this story here on ATS before. I seen a meteorite the size of a motor home (maybe bigger) flying over our heads around 500 feet (that's a guess) above us while backpacking in the Yosemite Highcountry. It was last at night, and we were sitting in camp watching the stars deep in a canyon above Yosemite Valley and all of a sudden this meteorite flys across the sky. It moved so slow though and you could actually see the flames coming off it as it was burning. It vanished over the timberline and had to have landed in the upper Cathedral Spires area of Yosemite Valley. This was back in 2000.

Now, I have seen hundreds of falling stars in my life, but this was a once in a life time experience. I doubt many people have ever witnessed such a large sized meteor. It was absolutely unbelievable. It happened so fast that we didn't really have time to be scared. It was more like shock, like am I really seeing this? Plus, we were in a deep canyon, so we only seen it as it passed over the ridge. It's got to be up there somewhere. It was much too big to have burned completely away. Again, It moved so slow, or it seemed that it did.

When you take into account the size of this thing, it had to have survived and landed somewhere up there. We expected a forest fire, but no fire ever started. Course, that area is mostly Granite rock, so it could have landed on that. Either way, I believe that there is a meteorite somewhere up there in The The Cathedral Spires area. Someone with alot of time on their hands should try and find it. I have searched the area through the years, but never have had enough time to really search such a vast landscape. I have been going to this spot since the mid 90's, and it's not easy to get to. I usually only have the weekend or 3 days and I like to fly fish with what little time I have up there. This is a true story. This was the most amazing thing that I have ever seen in my entire life. ~SheopleNation

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posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 05:43 PM
First post on this site - so be kind. Three different accents - classic. No great stories to tell: the Roman Army makes my ghost stories lame. College trips don't count.

Not sure exactly where my Peru photos can fit at ATS, but maybe they can be a type of 'proof' some are looking to find. I like this site's mission statement and believe it might be perfect for posting these pictures.

I have approx 500 photos of brilliantly colored and various formed objects from Peru summer 2011.

Consequently, I tend to gravitate towards descriptions of color and formations in these ATS ORB/UFO stories. I have photographed these objects around Cusco, Machu Picchu, Puerta de Hayu Marka, and Lake Titicaca areas of Peru. I have also taken them in Florida and North Carolina, USA.

While UFO information can be video, colored lights and their movement and formation/disappearance are part of their story. Most people take 'orb' photos - not video - and they are by definition circular, sometimes sided, usually white in color but varies.

These latest objects I photographed need another name. After reading the Orb Topic page last week and comments on the OP's video quality, I put together and with about 20 photos, it should be up asap and will zap some favorites to this site.

They are not dust, it was not rainy, no flash, only auto and landscape. There is a relationship with the Sun however, because the objects usually line up with one or more of the Sun's Rays. But some are in dark corners. They do not follow the color spectrum and different sequences show morphing, expansion and collapsing of objects.

There is not much info out there. Currently, reading "The Orb Project" by Miceal Ledwith, DD, LLD, and Klaus Heinemann, Phd. (2007). In figure 1-31, they state that it is a photo of 'a very rare rocket orb' - a majority of mine have a multi-colored 'propulsion' forms along with various other colored objects.

What they are?? Hopefully we can have some lively discuss on these upcoming photos...

Re: Randy's opening story: did you think those other cars did not see them and kept driving? Or were they behaving as if they did see something but did not stop? I left Peru believing I could see them because I was ready. Dave? He may not have seemed ready based on his fear, but he still likes telling his story.

I believe the sharing of the stories are beneficial even without additional backup proof at the moment. Maybe these photos can help.

Signed, May Wonders Never Cease for the Curious

posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 05:57 PM

Originally posted by wtbengineer
reply to post by moonzoo7

I've got something similar to that story. My brother was killed in a motorcycle accident in '88 and to make a long story short, the next day there was a message on our parents' answering machine from him saying "hi mom, hi dad, I just called to say I'm here and I'm fine". This was on a tape machine connected to the phone, so no being lost in cyber space can account for it.

Thank you for your kind reply. It is indeed a shock when these things happen, but when you are on the recieving end, you realize what a gift it is. I wish the message had been sent to my phone instead of hers, or that it had been recorded to actual tape as your brother's message was, but I'm grateful that the message came through at all, no matter who's phone it was on.Yours is a very compelling story as well, so thank you for sharing.
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posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 06:26 PM
reply to post by SheopleNation

An incredible and unbelievable account Nation. What would be more unbelievable is trying to imagine you making that up. Must have been so bitchen to see that ?

Can you give me a color green orange blue or.....
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posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 07:03 PM
Continued from my last post

September 11 2001

The plane hits the tower, I get instant Deja Vu "I seen this before" I begin to panic and say another one is going to hit the other tower ! My family looks at me crazy like don't talk like that then BAM! It slams right in to it! Then say there is going to be a explosion at the pentagon! I seen this in a film, the tower will collapse! Then sure enough the reports came in the pentagon was attacked and then we know the rest of the story.

1994 South East Iowa

Me and a good friend go fishing one evening on the Des Moines river for channel cat. It must have been around 7:00 pm during a August summer the sun was still up and recall it being muggy as heck. Next thing you know it's dark and I look at my watch it is past 9:00 pm? It was just a matter of minutes yet 2 hours missing time "length of a full movie" has passed. I also have a headache and we decide to leave abruptly leaving our poles and tackle behind and at time did not notice until the next morning. I had sticky burrs from the brush on my pants? No way were we near the wooded area or in it behind us. It was a good 40 feet to the tree line. Went back the next day and grabbed my poles and tackle and noticed our foot prints going and coming from the wooded area behind us? I have no recollection of this. We were only on the river.

We had only a couple beers and nothing near the amount to cause us to black out. A few years later my buddy and i were discussing UFO's when the topic somehow came up and he comes out and tells me he remembers us being in the woods and being taken aboard a craft by these little creatures? So I am shocked when he tells me this, for one I was in denial about what occurred in my youth yet these events forever seared in to my memory. He tells me he and his father and uncle are all abductees. That his father and uncle as children were playing in a field and were taken by a saucer and these grey beings. Then tells me another account his father has one evening in the late 1970's watching TV and these greys walk in the room and say in in his mind "he is not the one" sitting paralyzed watch these beings take my friend when he was a toddler out of the house.

Now this is just too much for me to reel in and I end the conversation growing uncomfortable change thee subject. Thinking this cant be real and happening to me? Thinking what are the odds of this happening to me and my good buddy and his family? This turned my world over on it's head. For years i just tried to deny this all happened ya know find silly explanations like "yeah that's what it was a hallucination from a chemical imbalance" or something we breathed in or something.


November a few days before thanksgiving it had snowed a good blanket perhaps 3 to 4 inches the day before. I wake up with an excruciating pain in my knee. It is swollen up the size of a soft ball. How did this happen while i was asleep? Did i sleep walk and walk in to something? I could not walk and called in to work. I eventually made an appointment with my doctor because this felt like internal pain. Anyway i notice there are little foot prints going around my house to the trees and brush behind my home. This was odd because there are not kids near by and my neighbors are elderly or older folks. The prints went up to my window and thought "little creeps" irritated i hobbled off in to the trees and there in the center of this small wooded area is a huge circle of melted snow? It must have been 40 yards in diameter? Above were tree branches that were broken off as if something sat right down on that spot? Now i remember something from the night before someone in my hall way peeping in? Thinking it was a dream someone was in my house? You know how you see something out the corner of your eye and you just nod off? So the next day i go to my bone doctor and he has been practicing for 30 years since i was a kid sometimes breaking my bones skateboarding and playing ball. He does a CT scan of my knee and cant find any damage to my knee however finds what appears to be a small void in my knee as if something was removed from the tissue? Just below where my scoop scar was "very faint hard to see" but a slight dimple. Then he removes over 200 cc's of fluid on my knee and says he has never had anyone in 30 years have that much fluid on my knee. That my body developed a violent reaction to trauma? yet no damage to my knee?

March 2011

The Japanese Tsunami happens, i seen the footage years ago in a room on a flat screen that wrapped around me.

Not only was i shown these events I was powerless to stop them and interpret them as reality. I was shown more and i will not divulge this for the simple fact I do not know when or where and I don't want people to live in fear. Now why they shown me these things i have no idea? It is almost cruel, pointless and confusing. I also have the ability to sense impending death of people close to me and births. That is a long story in itself. I might continue further.
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posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 07:35 PM
I,ve had a few
1)I saw a flying saucer in broad daylight on the way to work on a beautiful sunny morning and it just disappeared,
2)I saw a flying ball zip down the terminal at Heathrow airport and then make an abrupt U-turn and zip back the other way
3)I was on a summer camp staying in a cabin with a bunch of other dudes and used to get a dry throat every night so I would get out of bed and walk down the hallway to the sink to get a drink from the tap.One night I jumped onto the floor to go get a drink and as soon as I did this the cold water tap came on full blast by itself.There was no way I could see that after testing the tap that it could have just switched on.It was like something was watching my habits and turned it on knowing what I was about to do.
4)I was meditating one night and suddenly found myself floating outside my body but my head and shoulders were still anchored to the bed,as I became conscious of what was happening I woke up.
I've had other things to do with synchronicity that are a bit drawn out to go into detail but were awesome.

posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 07:39 PM
Randy congrats on a great thread, kudos dearheart.

Now, the snippet I promised...

Gee, which one to pick?...Tough really, have had some amazing things throughout my life. OK, lets start with an early event. When 7 or 8 yrs old, my mother took us to Wisconsin to visit a friend of hers, her husband, boys my brothers ages at a lake front cabin. Big lake, was to me then, anyway. I'm young, not a good swimmer yet. There were other kids my age, a girl I had buddied up with, we wanted to swim but no one else wanted to just then. We asked, and as long as we wore life preservers and ski belts to boot, we could. The husband was up on the deck of the cabin reading a book, sort of watching but not really. We, me and the other 8 yr old, begin to venture how far out can we get without getting scared and have to paddle back? My ski belt comes unhitched so I am hangin onto it and she graps the other end. So we are messing along, and I slip out of the life vest cause its way too big. At first I am just floating and drifting with the water, no biggy, she begins to freak and becons me to get reconnected, as she causing all this fluster, i then begin to struggle to swim, which I can't, and remember going under water. The water is murky green, uh lake water, I try to move my arms to the surface, but continue to decend. Then I realize I am in trouble for real. Then an angel uses its wings to stop my feet from decending, but doesn't raise me to the surface. So I ask, the first thing was "Are you my daddy" You got to understand, I was being raised by a single mother, and my dad was institutionalized right as she discovered she was pregnant with me. But I had no concept that angels really intervened on earth, or that my father wasn't dead yet. I always before wanted to meet him. So in the mind of my 8 yr old self thats what I asked. But the answer is what blew me away!!!
"No, honey, I am the angel ......", for the life of me I can not remember what he said! One of the more common angel names, but it still escapes me. He was a grown man type angel, shoulder length curly red and blonde hair. Magnificent muscle build, kind eyes, warm gentle touch. He let me ponder him for a moment or two, I asked if I could go back with him, he said "no, not yet, it's not your time." Then lifted me to the surface of the water, then the husband jerked me across the surface of the water to the dock, was rolling me over and pounding on my back, I was breathing fine, till he knocked the breath out of me, lol. And all I could say was I saw an angel and he lifted me back to the surface. My mother said yes, I probably did, and to treasure that memory, but not to speak of it, cause folks would think I was looney and not understand, and it would make it hard to get along later on in life. Surpressing an angel experience in a child, if I ever ever have the opportunity to encourage children to talk about angels, by george I am gonna tell em sing it to the rafters. Cause that was my first experience with one and I will never forget it and am grateful I met my guardian angel.

posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 07:40 PM
Expanding on my last post I can clarify

1. I predicted the deaths of my aunts and uncles, grand parents and 2 friends. Usually days before unsuspected death would have a feeling of dread and rushing thoughts remembering these people for some reason "gut feeling" and a knowing i can not describe seems natural yet not something i can control to my knowledge.

2. My sister was not suppose to have children with her husband as he is infertile. At least according to his doctors however it was a very low chance. It was the day they were informed i told her that she would have a Boy in February the next year it just rolled off the tongue and she laughed "oh such an optimist" saying i was trying to cheer her up. February the next year she had a boy. I also predicted when my kids would be born as well. Instead of a feeling I seen it happen before I was shown.

Ever see an old film maybe a decade or two you completely forgot about? Then You catch it as a rerun on TV and the whole movie comes back to you as you recant what happens next? Well i have that happen all the time. As if my future was uploaded to my brain before it even happens.

posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 08:43 PM
I've had a few strange events happen to me that are all related, and nothing compared to some of the stories I in this thread. All of the following events took place over probably about a year starting with the summer of 2004.

I was at my girlfriend's house one night and it was getting late so I was getting ready to leave. I went to the front door to put my shoes on and my girlfriend was doing something in the kitchen. All of a sudden I get a very strong smell of cigarette smoke. It smelled like someone was holding a cigarette directly under my nose. The thing is no one in that house smokes. So my next thought was that it was something coming from outside. I open up the front door and stick my head out. *sniff sniff* Nothing but fresh clean air. I pulled my head back in and could still smell the smoke, which at this point had somewhat dissipated but was still very apparent. Confusion sweeps over me and my girlfriend had made her way to the front door as I was closing it and could see my confused face. She asks what I was doing and I replied "Do you smell that?" and she says "Smell what?" "It's smells like cigarette smoke in here!" She then nods her head and tells me that it is her great grandma who was a heavy smoker and that they have had a few strange things like that happen, such as a music box that used to be the grandma's going off at unexpected times. I didn't know what to think, and ended up kissing her goodnight and pushing the experience aside for the time being.

The next one to happen, again at my girlfriend's place was quite as extraordinary, but something I'm still unable to explain. We were in her room watching TV for a few hours and I had this 20 oz Pepsi I had been drinking. When I finished it I had the bottle sitting on the floor in the upright position, and it remained there for a couple of hours. Then out of nowhere the bottle fell straight over. There weren't any earthquakes, the window wasn't open, no fans were running, and no one had opened the door. It was like someone just pushed it over.

Same girlfriend, same house. On this night we had got into an argument and voices were raised. The TV in the living room was on and while we were yelling at each other the screen went to loud static and remained like that until we calmed down and things started to smooth over. Then the TV came back to normal. It could have been a cable outage at a coincidental time, but who knows.

Same house again. When we would leave to go somewhere we would always leave the radio on for the dog. There was one after noon we were heading somewhere and just before getting in the car realized that we hadn't turned on the radio. So I went started to go back into the house and as I opened the door I could hear music playing, and it abruptly stopped as I stepped inside. I had a weird feeling creep across me, turned the radio on and left... That was the last incident I had experienced there. However, I don't think I will ever forget them or have any real explanation for them.

posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 09:22 PM
I think this is a good point to offer up a lil break for some of the intense readers here. I know I could use one.

Enjoy !

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The only really spooky thing that ever happened to me was back when I was in high school. (I'm pushin' 40 now)

My friend and I were at the local mall's food court grabbing some chow. Then we both went to hit the can on our way out. It was very crowded, and the hallway into the restrooms from the food court was almost shoulder to shoulder.

As we were making our way upstream into the can, a very small, portly, middle aged Asian man bumped halfway into me. He stopped, looked up at me and gestured me to stop. He said in very broken English "you play bass don't you?" And without blinking an eye, he reached down and grabbed my fingering hand and turned it upwards.

He nodded approvingly, examining my calloused fingertips with an approving, furrowed brow, and said "Good! Mmmhm. Mmmmhm. Keep it up." He dropped my hand as quick as he'd grabbed it and and scurried off.

My friend and I looked at each other, our jaws agape, as I did indeed, and still do, play bass.

I'm still in contact with that friend and every once in a while we'll bring up that strange incident. I didn't know him from Adam, so I have NO idea how on Earth he'd have known me, much less what I did.

Only really "weird" thing that's ever happened to me.

posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 09:35 PM
Love that Zep song.

12/19/1994 - Had a profound dream of living through an apocalypse. 9/10 people killed each other. 9/10 survivors were women. I was spared for loving the earth and being a good engineer. The dream, after I awoke left me with a sense of having lived through the whole scenario of about 2 weeks duration.

12/20/1994 - Everyone was reading my mind - and I tried some experiments changing the song in my head from Metallica "Server your master" to/from the Beatles "love love love". The results were repeatable and profound. Next I tried a bit of relaxing during a meeting and knew the exact words that everyone was going to say. Then after that meeting my "boss's boss" called me into his office and gave me a "Life application bible". Then, back at my desk, the fire alarm went off (just like in the dream). And outside 2 A-10s flew over fast, just like in the dream but without the "ball of light" UFO that was in that dream.

I was an "atheistic agnostic" before that dream/experiences. And those experiences broke my "world view". Most people I said anything to reacted hostily - not good, I learned to filter who to talk with. The UU church was a good place to start the "reading quest".

By 1998 I had read over 500 books, covering nearly every religion and 'paranormal' thing that I could. I'd not read the whole bible before that and decided to start on page 1. When I was done I still felt "agnostic" but decided to see if it sank in. It did.

Jesus transformed the (possibly fictional) story into my heart just like Johnathan E (Rollarball) and Howard Roark (Fountainhead) and a few others. My primary "hero" is Jesus and he's my hope with my life. I don't have the proof of all that stuff churches say and find 99% of the churches to be spiritually abusive control freek slavery systems for profit. Most recently the ancient aliens series and "The 5th Sacred Thing" (starhawk) are quite entertaining.

Edit +:
Since the book quest and there was also a lot of meditation and TM sort of work in the mid 1990s, it became something to "manage by minimizing" rather than go around with. The telekinesis was the most scary thing. There have been several times with a vehicle sliding on ice and a moment of feer where it truly FELT like my brain called out a TK fix to my car's path and the car was back in control. But since I don't get that sort of fear normally that's been OK.

More recently my dog has been more of a challenge because my fear of him biting someone seems to bring out his aggression to actually do it.
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