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Unbelievable true life happenings from ATS members

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posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 11:25 AM
No aliums just wicked men LOL Prolly not as interesting as aliums but definitely more science in this and a tangible reality but this is my little bro's story and I will vouch for it being true. It is chemical warfare being waged on the forest indwellers who's timber plots break up the large tracts owned by Big Timber. The people are being sprayed out just like the deer and broadleaf trees

posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 11:27 AM
Randy, that was an awesome story, I wish I could've been there to see those crafts. It was also quite weird about the people in that town, all looking similar, very strange.

As a young child I had precognitive dreams and other signs of ESP or something like it. For example, I often knew who was calling when the phone rang (long before caller ID) or would start singing the next song on the radio before it started playing.

hhot...I also have had these expeiences since I was a child. I still to this day will say who is calling the house before the phone rings. Everyday I experience the song on the radio thing, I will simply start singing a song, and then it starts on the radio. My grandmother also shared this same precognition. We would have the very same identical dreams about each other, and talk about them the following morning from our own perspectives. I am also capable of reading people on a level that I can tell what their intentions are before they know.

posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 11:40 AM
First off apologies I'm not a pro ATS user and I usually lurk than post anything. Started reading this thread and became instantly jealous of some of the things ATS users have witnessed or experienced. Brief back ground of myself I'm you usual Mr Smith guy who lives in a fairly large down just outside of London. I work in a super market 9-5 Monday to Friday, like I said just your typical mid 20's guy slowly pulling the wool from my eyes.

Anyway Ive never seen anything out the ordinary I even missed seeing the SR71 fly at an air show when I was a young boy, because I was asleep (yes I slept while the sr71 with its big engines was flying over our head)..

So I've posted this because (sorry if it's not related) but at time when I'm at work or at home I might think of a tv episode that usually from a series or a film I enjoy but haven seen for a while. I would just think about it but then usually within a few days or even the same day I will flick on the tv and either the film or tv episode I was thinking about will appear on the tv. This doesn't freak me out but I find it odd. I usually think 'wow I was just thinking about this episode or film a few days ago'. I hope you can understand what I'm trying to say

I've tried picturing or thinking of lottery numbers before but have yet to win anything

Again apologies if this is unrelated or complete nonsense

All the best

posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 11:51 AM

Originally posted by sonnny1
Ok..Here goes.

I am skeptical. Lets get that out in the open,although I have seen a few strange things in my short lifetime.
I lived in a house,that had some strange things happen in it,while I lived there. Money missing,( I blamed that on the ex-wife
) Toys going batteries in them,lights turning on by themselves,etc.... The one thing that happened to me that I have NO real explanation to was when I was sitting in my house,quietly,watching some TV,when all of a sudden,out of the corner of my eye,I look to see just a whisperer away from me, a black mass, 4 foot high.It was so quick. It just appeared out of NOTHING.I mean it was eye to eye with me,and as I turned, I could make out a what I believed was a storm. Electricity in the center,millions of what I could say was stars. It was solid black otherwise,it wasn't transparent at all. It looked like something out of a Star trek episode.Needlessly,I watched it,move quickly up into the ceiling. It took like 3 -4 seconds,but it lasted a lifetime.

Now I thought I was going crazy.Told the wife at the time,she said,"see there are ghosts in this place",the whole "I told you so bit." It didn't scare me,it startled me,and awed me at the same time. So a few weeks went past,had a good friend over,and as I was playing the role,washing some dishes in the kitchen,my friend cried out,"what the hell was that!" "Yo,Son,come here!" Ran into the living room,and my friend Miguel says I saw the strangest thing! Before he had a chance to even tell me what he saw,I told him to draw it for me. As he drew,I drew what I saw,and sure as hell,they were identical. To this day,I don't know what it was,but I would love to see it again. Damnedest thing I ever saw.

This sounds like an experience I had once at a girlfriends house. She had been telling me her place was a lil off.
I was never supportive. Til one night she left to the store I won't go into this one but she left me in the place alone. When she came back I was outside in my truck waiting for her. She walked up to the drivers side window and said Randy ! You're white as a ghost. Before she could finish the sentence I jumped loudly exclaiming " Well maybe that's because I just saw one, or some damn thing. !"

She started laughing and jumping up and down in the street and pointing her finger at me," I told you, I told you,
I.... fricken ..... told ( She spun around and pointed her finger right in my face )....YOU ! ! I climbed out of my truck and said, " Whatever ! Just don't leave me alone in this Fn place ever again ". She was a lotta fun but I was genuinely P-Oed.

posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 12:00 PM
I enjoyed reading this thread and everyone's experiences,Very interesting!

Here's my story,As 100% as it happened with no exaggerating period.

2010 Gaylord Michigan (About 60 miles south of the Mackinaw Bridge)

I was driving downtown with my twin brother with me,First we were at Wal-Mart and saw this group of older people looking in the sky and pointing up,me and my brother were thinking what the heck is up with that and we thought these people were crazy as we didn't see any fireworks. We forgot about it and took off.
So then we go to pull in the shell gas station on Otsego Avenue and my brother says Holy **** what the **** is that! To our left about 70 yards in front of us and 50 yards off the ground we saw several orange orbs floating (Looked basketball sized) These orbs disappeared in a split second,Just turned off. And then 3 seconds later they appeared again 10 feet away from the previous spot and they were in a different formation this time and they disappeared again in a split second,Both times these orbs only sat in the air about 2 to 4 seconds. Then we were driving home and literally in the middle of the trees we saw these orbs about several of them appearing and disappearing and this happened until we got a few miles from the house. It was like the orbs were following us,Sounds corny but that was the feeling.

We get home and start getting bags out of the car when we both see a white orb (Basketball sized) floating in front of our house in the yard, It was maybe 6 feet off the ground just floating there, I never been scared in my life I'll tell you. The orb blinked out and we ran inside.

Fast forward a month,I was driving by myself and when I got to that shell gas station I had my camera with me this time (Cheap sony digital camera/camcorder) I sat there and I kid you not in about a minute an Orb showed up in the same exact spot! and I captured it on camera - This one only stayed a few seconds but I got it.

Then I get home and I'm telling my brother all about it,Then I uploaded the video to youtube,About 15 minutes after the upload my brother says look at the blinds and we saw a light and thought it was an orb,I pulled the blinds up and 35 feet in front of our house and about 40 feet above in the air is a Chopper hovering shining a spotlight in our living room window. My heart dropped and my stomach went in knots! I told my brother to get the **** away from the window. And 30 seconds later we hear a loud buzz saw type sound on the side of our house,I mean Loud! I ran and got my rifle,my brother grabbed the phone and called 911 and she told him "Everythings fine' Just settle down sir' You probably just heard an animal-you're seeing planes in the sky" He hung up as it was useless. Everything calmed down then, Needless to say we didn't sleep that night. Being we lived out in the middle of the woods with no neighbours it was a very frightening situation.

Of course when my Dad came home 5 days later he laughed at us.... It's very stressful when a person won't believe something because you were young,We were 18 years old and experienced something strange. I don't play kiddie games for a rush/thrill and neither does my brother.

Thats what happened to me 100%,It is a confusing story and I still can't even make sense of it. I will go to my grave knowing this happened and so will my brother. I checked the Gaylord Herald times newspaper and there were other folks who reported these orbs to them on the same date - March 30 2010. I talked with another guy in Gaylord who witnessed them above his farm. I'm not saying these are aliens or demons as I don't know what they were. But I can tell you what they were not - They were not military flares,lanterns,fireworks. Absolutely were not. I saw these with my own eyes literally appear out of thin air right in front of me.

Here's the video of the orb I captured,Another Youtuber reuploaded it,I deleted it off my account as I don't want anything to do with it honestly,I never want to experience that night again.


The orb was closer in person,the camera makes it look farther away than it was.

Thanks for reading my only and small experience,

Best Regards


posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 12:00 PM
I've had a few paranormal experiences, but the one that stands out in my mind seems to be more mere chance than anything.

It was about 35 years ago in a small town in Idaho. My parents decided they were going to go to a movie and leave my older sister and I home all by ourselves for the very first time. I think at that time I was 6 or 7 and my sister was 10 or 11.

Anyway, my mom popped some popcorn for us, and my sister and I were downstairs watching TV after my parents left. I decided to go upstairs to get some more popcorn. As I was filling up my popcorn bowl, I hear our screen door open. I run to the door to see the creepiest man I have ever seen, and for some reason he didn't even seem real. I quickly reached out to lock the door, and as soon as I locked the door he tried to open it.

I then made eye contact with the man, while screaming for my sister to get upstairs. As I was making eye contact with the guy and he was trying to open the door, a thought entered my head.. The front door is unlocked. At that moment my sister gets upstairs to see the guy, and I run to the front door. As soon as I left for the front door, the guy ran for it as well. I reached the front door moments before he did, and we repeated the scenario with him trying the door and making eye contact.

We called my parents at the movie house, and my grandmother. I still find it sooo strange that the very first time my parents left us alone in our lives that this happened. To this day, my parents still don't quite believe my sister and I on what we saw.

posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 12:14 PM
I originally joined because of area 51, military aircraft, ufos and paranormal but after a few years the Iranian government gave me a job offer to be a paid shill and now ATS pays my bills

posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 12:15 PM
Wow I woke up this morning. Wondered to the computer and all I can say is I'm totally stoked at the responses. Thanks everyone. I''ll be reading and silent for awhile now.

posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 12:32 PM
reply to post by randyvs

S&F for a Fantastic thread Randy !!!

I've shared my abduction story before on here so I'll share some paranormal stuff this time around...

As a teen, my friends and I enjoyed playing with the Ouija board. It was just a game for us really. Till one night. My best friend's sister said she would stick around and watch. So we started playing and answers were coming in, steady and regular.

My friend's sister saw that we weren't taking this game not too seriously so she suggested we'd ask a question that only one of us would know the answer. I said "That's easy...when did my mom die?"

We got the EXACT date. I freaked out. But my friends thought that I was pushing the thing and playing a trick on them. So we said ok. How about we try it again and let my friend's sister take my place instead...

She said "no. That thing doesn't like me, I can never play it as it never lets me touch it". We were like "yeah right..."

So she said ok, lets give it a try. EVERY SINGLE TIME she approached the thingie, it would move away. Now I thought (since I was no longer playing) that it was my best friend playing a prank...and said so.

She said "no. No one but me touches it this time. Watch this." As her finger got to about half an inch from the thing, it moved in the opposite direction, real fast and straight off the table !!

We ALL freaked. Put the game back in the box and I never touched a Ouija board again. My friend threw it in the garbage the next day. That was the end of that. And I'll never understand what happened.

posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 12:35 PM
reply to post by GrOuNd_ZeRo

While harriers could most definitly hover like that, they rarely do outside their vertical take off and landing since it's very inefficient for fuel usage while having little tactical value.

All I can say to Arroiw is that if he/ she were there. You would know that herriers just would not explain this in any way. I'm going with arouras cause they were perfect triangles with a plasma like tube all they way around the perimeter. One was green the other red. The colors you would see at a traffic light. Herriers have wings and a tail. There was none of that. If it were anything like a herrier that's what I would 've wrote off to be but Nah No way.

Let me emphasize, Stopped on a dime from an heard of speed ok. Their ability was not even close to natural or explainable considering physics ok. Just to be clear.
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posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 12:38 PM
Hi OP, you mention in the OP that your partner is called Dave, then some replies further on you mention your wife.

Can you explain a little?

posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 12:41 PM
I've seen a few things that defy the laws of Physics and way too many things that defy logic. Either this place isn't real or many of the things we perceive as real aren't. I'll vote for the latter.
I like using these little guys to depict mood.

posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 12:43 PM
reply to post by EasyPleaseMe

Not sure where your at. Help me out so I can explain whatever. If you want a quick answer.
My wife has nothing to do with the OP. I didn't even know her then.
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posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 12:45 PM
I've had several 'strange' events in my short 30 years. They arnt the reason I came to ATS but thats not the point.

-when I was a kid I spent a few weeks in Missouri and every night around 3am I would wake up and look at the window. There would be 2 greenish/blueish lights shining on the curtain in the shape of to rectangles side by side. We were out in the country with no exterior light on the property, and no lights on inside.

- After seeing a video that the Beech Grove, IN Amtrak station was a FEMA detention camp, went and saw it first hand. After driving twice down the back road that runs beside the complex a black car came outta nowhere and started following me. I know he was following me because I made 5 right turns and he was still on my bumper. I pulled into a neighborhood and got out to confront the guy and he just slowly drove pass. It had "State" plates.

Several other occerances that I cant think of right now.

posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 12:54 PM
I've never seen a UFO, gosh I hope one day I do. I have, however, been witness to many ghostly activity.

As a child our first house had poltergeists. My sister would hear whispers and breathing near her when she was alone in her room. I could hear the sounds of chairs, silverware, and dishes move around at night in the kitchen after everyone had gone to sleep. One night I saw what I suppose was a ghost walk across my bedroom, the best way I can describe it was a transparent person made out of black smoke walk right past me into my parents bedroom.

In other houses we've lived in, I've seen things fly off the shelf when all the windows are closed in the room. I've seen faces appear before me. Things I can never explain, things that happen in an instant out of nothing, then turn into nothing again. No way of taking a sample of proof, no way of predicting it, other than the terrible feeling one gets before it happens.

Speaking of predictions, I've also "flashes" of events that later on happen, also dreams that come true the next day. I wish I could say that I can predict the future but I have no way of controlling it and it has honestly just happened like 5x in my life. If I could control it, I'd focus on the lottery
Strange non the less

posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 01:04 PM

Originally posted by Exitt
reply to post by Renegade2283

I'm not sure you were replying to me or someone else but i'm gonna answer anyway and say i agree with you 100%. It would be awesome if we somehow could investigate these things. I often read something thinking there's no way this story can be real, even related to my own 'experience' i often think it must have been the usual child imagination combined with extreme heat, but it felt so real and i was never a child who could see ghosts or had imaginary friends and such.

I would also think this way very easily about my own experiences and do about a few of them. Like the one with my girlfriend. I often doubt myself. But the OP ? I can't begin to do that because it has in a way forever bonded my partner Dave and I.

posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 01:17 PM
reply to post by LacunA

On a side note, I'm seeing Godsmack in the UK around June/July and can’t wait! Brilliant band that aren’t afraid to speak what’s on their mind.

You lucky dog ! You are in for a show please let me advise you. You're going to see an all time great drummer.
So position yourself where you can watch him. My favorite band today and I haven't been able to see them yet.

posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 01:19 PM
well how to start when i was young i always had the worst dreams very very real dreams i could go on for pages just about the dreams but i keep this as sort as i can. i would sleep walk and wake up in the strangest places most notably under the house in this 2m by 2m by about 50cm deep hole this hole was where for some reason aminals where found dead. i would also wake up in the roof of my house but my parents to this day never saw me sleep walk, in my dream i was being carried and couldnt move as i got older living in this house i could not go into my parents room without having the worst feelings and being that scared and seeing all kinds of gostly things again could go on foreva about the things i saw. as time went on the house was renivated and my new room was my parents old room under protest from me i ended up sleeping in there from night 1 i saw a lady/deamon but she could take the form of anyone from my family and scare the S@*& outa me i would wake up and she would be right over my face with her black eyes, to tell you the truth i have never been so scared as when i was alone in the room i would have friends stay over but they also heard and saw strange things and would leave half way through the night. then 1 day i had enough and decided to fight back i would get really angy and scream and yell at this thing and jump at it and i would always go right thought it but as i fought it i felt my self become more intuned and realise it was stronger the more i was scared. my mother found me fighting with it one day and she took me out of the house screaming and crying she drove around for afew hours in a daze would not talk to me about what happened or what she saw after she was aware of it my brother and father both saw it , it seemed to feed on my familys fear like it used to on mine this made it stronger and i seem to be the only one who could fight it and it hated me for it. one night i woke to find my brother face about 15cm from my face he had black eyes it was inside him i could tell it wasnt him and i wanted it out this is when i realised if i focused on love and light energy i could hurt it and it left him he woke up and ask what he was doing i told him to go to bed again i could go on foreva about that deamon/lady. as time went on i became more intuned and able to know when anyone i loved was going to get hurt and stop it i called it gut feelings i followed 1 just running for about 5km to find my brother being bashed by 2 people i got there just intime to help him i also followed 1 to find my mother had been in accident at our new houses bulid site and had ruptured her spleen she was lucky to servive and i was told if i hadnt found her she would have bleed to death i just got up left school and run to our new house because i knew something was wrong with her. when we moved house i never once saw the deamon lady again but i still from time to time see strange things in the genral public most of the time just strange people with black eyes i try to talk to them but they always run at verious time in my life i have strange old people who i just cant read im normally very good with just knowing people from just the feelings they give off like i know them without knowing them lol but theses people are different almost empty they just come up out of know where could be at work while im walking in the street knock on my front door and say you are light you are love never forget it i always ask them who they are but they just keep repeating them selfs over and over then walk away never answer any of my questions. i used to be able to make street lights turn off it was funny i used to freak my mates out . but when my first daughter was born she could not breath propery and was dieing we were told to say our good byes i lent over and put my had on her and forcused on giving her all my energy as i did her oxygen blood level came up and the doctor was looking at my very strangely by the time her reading was 98 i felt so differnt and weak and now i feel like im under attack and have been losing all my strengh/abiltites then not to long ago another one of those people came to me and said i am losing and to focus on the light and love i try but im just so over come with anger at the world and how everything is that i cant. in the past few month i have felt different not intune my wife said i get angry and i have this look in my eyes thats isnt me and she is right. i for some reason decided i needed to go back to nature lol this is where it gets really strange i climbed a tree (i live near a national park) and sat up there and meditated i tried to focus on taking in energy when i opened my eyes it was like all the plants had a glow about them and they where all connected by this glow but when i looked at my hands i was covered in a haze that stoped this flow coming into me i really really want to know what this means and how to get my energy back well that my story so far could go on for eva but i wont.

posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 01:28 PM
reply to post by woodwytch

Hey there ... love the idea of this thread and I genuinely hope it has a long life ... I'll definately be back at some point with a couple of my own tales that fit the bill ... back soon.

Well I must say Woody my expectations are high as far as your concerned as I know this is where you reside.
I relish the compliment and await your reply with great eagerness.

posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 01:36 PM
I went to a couple Buddhist monasteries on a spiritual quest. One place I was at for two months and the meditation technique was pretty intense. We were doing it five to eight hours a day. I would go into a deep trance and usually at least one of those hours of sitting (usually around evening) I would go so deep (eyes closed mind you) that out of nowhere I felt or could see in my minds eye a blue light slowly creep up to me and I would be filled with the most peaceful bliss that I can't put into words. Then all of a sudden I would see flashes of my life pass before my eyes. I would just observe these without reacting but these were things and events that I had totally forgot. Just little moments of my past when I was a kid that didn't seem to have any particular meaning other than in my head I would hear myself say, "Ok I did that. And oh of course that happened. Oh that's right I forgot I did that and I used to have such n' such bike and such n' such friend" This would go on peacefully for the entire hour. Not every sitting was like this but it would happen at least once every night.

We also used to observe ten days straight of silence with no talking at all. No books, no newspaper, TV or writing anything down in a diary. No nothing, not even looking anyone in the eyes. Towards the end of one ten silent day periods I started hearing this weird Hindu music going on and on just real slight in the background but I must have not been noticing it for some reason I thought the monastery was playing a CD for us and there were speakers in the trees. This went on all day and night for three days but it didn't seem weird to me.

Then at the end of the ten days we could start talking again and everyone was telling of their experience of people farting and trying not to laugh. Then out of nowhere I just blurted out without even thinking about it, I said, "Hey has anyone been hearing that music?" Everyone stopped and stared at me. There was a long pause. I was thinking someone would say, "Oh they do that. This place plays music out of these speakers toward the end of the week" or something to that effect. And then this guy just said, "What music?" That's when I realized I was hearing Hindu music for three days without even knowing it. I just thought it was natural. Then everyone wanted me to describe it and I tried to tell them what it sounded like but I couldn't put it into words. The next day the music just went away. It was weird and I still get chills thinking about it.

So I got back into the real world. I was still pretty good at putting myself in a trance. I was always at book stores in the occult section. I found a book called Adventures Out of Body. It was about this guy who could take a nap and just come out of his body. In the back it had instructions. So I started doing the exercises just for the fun of it. Nothing at all happened at first but I kept trying. Plus I was good at controlling my thoughts from the work spent at the monastery so I just kept doing it. For two weeks nothing happened then out of nowhere as I drifted off to sleep I woke up in the dream state and realized I was supposed to do this thing from the book. Low and behold I rolled over and stood up and looked right down on my own body sleeping there. I saw my wife sleeping next to me. I knew I was out of my body. So I walked around through the kitchen and into the living room. I just looked at everything and it was all in the same place and looked the same as before I went to sleep. I saw my cat walk by. I saw the book I was reading before I went to sleep. I walked over to the book shelf and all the books looked the same as they always do on the shelf except I couldn't read the letters on the spine of the books. They looked like a different language or something but the form of books on the shelf and the room and everything in it was the same. I was just as conscious in that dream state as I am right now as I type this. I did it one other time during a nap a few days later and it worked again. Then I stopped trying to do it because it was too creepy. I thought I was playing around with something I shouldn't be doing at that time because I wasn't ready.

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