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Unbelievable true life happenings from ATS members

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posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 07:55 AM
reply to post by Dustytoad

1) horrendous SP
2) meditation found god / me
3) jesus within a dream within a dream

this is for the bottom of page 4 because I forgot to put a table of contents haha
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posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 08:32 AM
reply to post by randyvs

Really interesting read, thanks for sharing!

I don't enjoy sharing my experiences to friends or colleagues, as the end result is always me feeling embarrassed after being ridiculed to the point where it makes me look like an outright liar. If I can’t explain it, it didn’t happen - seems to be their logic.

I've had two UFO experiences and funnily enough they were on consecutive days, one at night and one during the day. They've stuck with me the past couple years simply because i could not find any explanation for them. That’s when i found ATS and realised there is clearly more to all of this than meets the eye. I feel i either saw an E.T craft or one seriously strange and futuristic black ops craft. Still, until I’ve done more of my own research I’ll be keeping those stories to myself.

On a side note, I'm seeing Godsmack in the UK around June/July and can’t wait! Brilliant band that aren’t afraid to speak what’s on their mind.

posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 08:41 AM
I was traveling and had a week off and not much money so I paid for a week up front at a really run down hotel. I think it was about $150 for that week. The rooms were really old and run down. Before I went to sleep I was bored with nothing to read (no TV in the room) so I thought I would see what would happen if I meditated for as long as I could and as deeply as I could. At the time I was meditating on a regular basis but this time I felt the need to do it for as long as I could without stopping. I went into a trance for about an hour and a half and then just laid down on the bed to go to sleep. In the middle of the night I hear something at the front door and I thought some person was trying to come inside the room. I look up from bed and see this alien/demon like thing come straight at me. I started to scream as loud as I could. Then out of nowhere I feel or see this light on my shoulder. I turn my head to see what it is but I couldn't see anything but the light. Like it was behind my shoulder just out of sight. Then I hear this woman's voice that said, "James, do you need a guardian angel?' Now at that time in my life I wasn't interested in or believed in guardian angels. I just liked to meditate. I never read the books about angels and couldn't care less about any of those Touched by an Angel shows. So this sounds weird but I talk to this light just like I would say to anyone who just woke me up and asked me that. I said, "Um well I guess" From the light it said, "Ok I'll be your guardian angel" Then I wanted to ask what was going on or who this was so I said, "What's your name?" From the light it said, "You wouldn't be able to pronounce it. Just call me Anne". Then I said and it seems funny now because I had just woken up, "Is that it?" Then the woman's voice said, "Yes. That is all." And with that I just went back to sleep.

When I woke up in the morning it was just like any other morning. I got up to get my clothes on to go out and get something to eat. But then I remembered some parts of what happened. At first I thought to myself, "Man I had a weird dream last night" Then I thought again, "Wait, what? That wasn't a dream. That felt too real. I woke up last night and saw that demon!" Then I remembered the light and the voice. It wasn't like a dream at all. The room looked the same as it did when I checked in. I wasn't dreaming I was in a deep sleep and then out of nowhere I look up while still in bed and started screaming at this alien/demon thing. Then the light over my shoulder. The voice, then back to sleep. I have never had a dream that just lasted a few moments and felt so real. I don't know how else to explain it other than I had a guardian angel that night that saved me from that alien/demon thing.
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posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 08:43 AM
reply to post by randyvs

I really like the idea of your thread and feel this is completely what ATS should be about. Anyway I hope you will read my story I am about to share with you my friend I have never told anyone what I am about to post on the internet so just in case some kind of CIA Wet work team is reading this I truly don't give a # so sorry. Anyway let's begin shall we?

In 2009 I met a man that has greatly influenced my life. He was my professor we shall call him Professor "X". So he opened my eye to the reality the world actually is today by screening "Loose Change" in his criminology class. Watching this video really opened my eyes and led me here to this site. Over the last year He has shared with me stories that he said he has never told his wife. At first I thought why? But as time went on he has told me that I am his protege and that I have the potential to change this cruel and corrupt world we live in today. Pretty Inspiring little speech we had over a bite to eat. Anyway after him sharing his stories for over a year he started to get to some very interesting tales. (I am not saying or claiming that anything i say here today is real and has or will happen. I am simply sharing an experience with someone I trust my life with.)

Professor X has a very intriguing background. He has been a Police Officer, A Sheriffs Deputy, worked with Secret Service for over 13 years and worked with Central Intelligence Agency for 8. He has many friends In very high places. Like Robert Mueller places. He has protected Nixon and and Numerous foreign diplomats. Ok enough with the background details.

One of the most intriguing stories he has shared with me are these words. We were in his office about 2 years ago talking about the usual topics when Aliens popped up. I asked do you believe we have been visited? He looked me in the eye and said I know for a fact we have. please explain I asked. He told me when he was working in a "Certain State" He had a friend who was also a General in the USAF who lived about 45 miles away from him on a Certain Air Base. He said that the two were such good friends that they Played golf every friday. After 3 years of golf every friday every week he said he was going to pick him up on the base in his little AF golf cart. when he got to his office the General said hey, "Do you want to see something cool?'' My professor said Sure? So the two drove the golfcart to the back of the base to a hangar that was Marked NASA and was guarded By Black Ops looking guys with Insignias he has never seen before. The general did his little Im the General take a hike speech and opened the hangar for the two to walk in. After a few steps in He closed the door and turned on the lights. My professor looked me in the eyes and told me he would never forget that 10 minutes of his life. He looked up to see two large objects just floating in the air. The were around 18 ft tall and maybe 8 feet wide and pure white. Had no windows no doors nothing. They were like huge eggs. He asked what they were and the General said they are FTL machines. My professor asked FTL? He said Faster Than Light. My professor laughed and said no seriously what are they? The General looked him in the eye and told him to shut up and listen. He said they were FTL machines used to carry supplies back and forth to a colony on Mars.

Now when my professor told me this I was like C'mon son! Seriously? you gonna build so much suspense and make some whack ass lie like that. This is when my professor told me "I am not lying to you I am dead serious he told me the general would never go into depth on where they came from, who built them or why? He said when they left that hangar He told him to never speak of it and basically it never happened. So yea thats one of my little stories he has shared and like I said im not claiming it all to be real but i for one believe him because he has no reason to lie to me. So there you go I hope you enjoy this. And i apologize for the horrible grammar I have class in 2 minutes. Thank you.

One Love.

posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 08:46 AM
On August 20th 2011 around 1PM MDT I went outside to sit on the deck for a while and enjoy the beautiful weather. I was out there for some time when all of a sudden something came shooting over my head. I was like Holy @*$% What the @*$% was that? It appeared only for a split second. It was about 10-20 feet from me. The only way I can describe what I saw was imagine someone hurled a rainbow water ball over your head that reflected all the colors like a soap bubble. Then disappearing into thin air. It looked like a rainbow water ball. The size of a softball but elongated. Mostly blue with a rainbow trail. Bullet shaped. I have never in my life seen anything like it. Don't know what it was and would like to know what it was.

posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 08:55 AM
reply to post by randyvs

Hey there ... love the idea of this thread and I genuinely hope it has a long life ... I'll definately be back at some point with a couple of my own tales that fit the bill ... back soon.


posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 09:01 AM
When i was 6 i saw a troop of Roman soldiers walking past by bed at knee height. I only have vague recollections of this these days but my (now) elderly parents can remember it very clearly, as can both my sisters. The parents were having a dinner party, i was in bed - at about 10:30pm ish i got up, went into the dining room and complained about the noise the soldiers were making and gave them a full description, including that i could not see them from the knees down.

Later investigations by the family showed that the western road leaving York during the Roman period passed right through what was my bedroom (bungalow if you were wondering) and that the road surface at the time would have been where their feet were (hence my only seeing them from the knees up).

I am actually a little embarrassed sharing this with you all as i don't really have much memory of it myself. Apparently i was very angry with them for being so noisey!

posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 09:05 AM

Originally posted by _Phoenix_
Why tease us!?
Why!? Come on share at least one story.

I'll share a 4th story that has nothing to do with the first three that I will not discuss here.

The 4th real thing took place in Kamakura Japan. It was around 1985. I was stationed at Camp Zama Japan. Two of my friends and I decided to take a train ride to go see the 'Great Buddah'. We went to a very old part of Kamakura and saw the Great Buddah. Looked around the old part of the city ... and got lost. Picture this ... we were lost in a very old part of the city ... it was getting dusky-dark ... we didn't speak the language much ... the trees were all huge and droopy like you'd see in Louisiana or something .... moss and green stuff growing on the old rocks that made the buildings and the old temples that were scattered around .... And then we stumbled upon an old cemetary. Since we were lost, we decide to go ahead and take a look. The cemetaries in Japan are really interesting and it was Bonodori time. Some of the tombs had been freshly scrubbed with offerings left and candles lit for the ancestors. When the three of us walked in, there was a little old japanese man sitting on a big rock in the middle of the cemetary. He had white hair and there was a white cat sitting with him. We walked up to him and asked if it was okay for us to take pictures. He said ... IN PERFECT NEW ENGLAND ENGLISH "yes, the families were just here, it is nice'. He pointed at the tombstones when he said that. We turned to look where he was pointing and then within 5 seconds looked back at him ... but he was GONE. Just the cat was there. Eventually we found the train station and made our way back to Camp Zama. While on the train my friend (who was from Georgia) said that it was strange to find a old japanese man who could speak such perfect english .... and in A GEORGIA ACCENT. My other friend was from Iowa and said .. 'no, it was definately MID WESTERN. And of course I said 'NO, IT WAS CONNECTICUT' (where I was from).

We had heard the fella speak perfect english .. but we each heard it with an accent of where we were from. And of course there is also the thing about him disappearing ... I think we spoke to a ghost.

posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 09:16 AM
Ok, I'll add something, or actually a series of events that happened to me when I was a kid of about 5-7 years old. It was the mid '60's and you'd have to have lived in that time period to appreciate the way in which I was raised. I mean, we just didn't talk about anything. Parents didn't want to know anything deeper than they had to, and we were kind of raised up taught to hold crap in that bothered us. Different day and age.

With that said, I was sharing a room with a younger brother in an attic that dad finished off since they had too many kids to cram into what was a two bedroom house. Many, many nights, as I lay in bed awake, having just gotten into bed and still fully awake, I'd hear footseps coming up the stairs just outside my open bedroom door and into the room where I was sleeping. They would stop right beside my bed and I'd hear nothing more. I'd call out 'dad' but no reply. I was too scared to look so I would just lay under the covers until I could somehow go to sleep. Sometimes I'd feel the bed sink as if someone sat down at the foot. This kind of thing happened too many times to count, and I always just lay there in terror under the covers.

Also, many nights I'd get up, always at 3:00 in the morning and feel that something evil was in the room. I'd get up and flip the light switch on but the lights would not come on! This happened many times. I felt trapped in the room and I don't remember if I actually tried to get out or if maybe I couldn't find the door in the dark. I don't remember. I know I tried to tell myself that maybe the electricity just didn't work that early in the morning. You know, back then the TV would go off air after a certain time so I just tried to tell myself that maybe it was the same with the electricity. Of course, that's not the case. This doesn't really sound as scary as it was when I read over it, but I was in a total state of panic.

Around the same time period, but I think a little earlier, I remember something that I believe was a memory that my mind made up to deal with something that I couldn't handle, I'm not sure. I don't know if this stuff is somehow related, but I was in a neighbors field playing with my big sister at a barn there and these teenagers came through the tall grass singing (America the Beautiful I think) and beating on pots and pans. They chased us around and finally caught us and tried to make us pull our pants down so they could check our butts out. They said not to worry because they were doctors. The next thing I remember I was sitting on a side porch step outside my house feeling very disconnected. The really wierd part of this is that when I looked down at my right thigh, I saw a scooped out hole about a quarter or three-eighths of an inch in diameter. I was horrified! There was no blood, just a pink fresh looking hole. I still have a whitish patch of scar tissue there that feels hollow beneath. I never said anything to anyone about it. Also strange is in the last couple years another similar scar has appeared about an inch or two from the original one. No idea where it came from. This happened almost 50 years ago.

I've got many other things I could tell, many that are much more frightening than these things, but I just wanted to tell about my earliest memories here.

posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 09:17 AM
First of all, great thread Randy. I'm really enjoying the experiences that members are sharing.

Here's a story I'll tell you from when I was in grad school. I have a bit of background to expose first.

I've been attuned to things that go "bump in the night" since I was a young kid. It runs in my family. My parternal grandmother was very gifted in that respect and we always listened to her sage wisdom. My mother, a few cousins, and my brother share similar gifts. For years after I had my first experience, which I don't want to share, I kind of forgot how to "listen" to my higher self and my guides. I met my first spiritual mentor in undergrad and he helped me to overcome the programming that prevented me from using my gifts.

Fast forward to a few years later. My friend (I'll call her Susie) and I were taking a late night stroll on a very warm October night. She was mentioning going by herself on a trip to a mountain range in my state to "clear her head." What followed next shocked me and truly convinced me that what I could do wasn't just in my head.

I had a feeling of being socked in the stomach after she told me what she wanted to do. I also felt a strong female presence whispering, very loudly, into my ear. I explained to my friend what I could do (as she did not know before) and she tried to dismiss me. I said to her that while it sounds crazy, I only say something when I get a message as urgent as that. I described the woman talking to me right down to the type of clothes, hair style, and glasses style that I was seeing. Susie didn't connect the dots right away, but I felt like she was in danger if she went on this trip by herself. I started hearing a name but as my gift comes in the form of imagery and symbolism, the name wasn't clear. We walked for a few hours trying to figure things out, and we parted that night unsatisfied with our session.

She ended up not going on that trip and instead took a few days away in a more local area. A week later we went to a coffee shop in town and while she excused herself to the powder room, I played a game on her phone. When I closed out the game and looked at the wallpaper on her phone, I almost collapsed. The woman that was in the picture with her was the same woman that I had seen the week before. When Susie returned to the table, she saw that I was visibly distressed. I told her that the woman that spoke to me was the same woman in the photo. She almost lost it as well, because the picture was of her mother, who had passed away earlier that year. The name suddenly made sense, because it was her middle name, and Susie finally connected the dots. We both went back to my apartment to shake off what came across.

That is still the most defining moment of my gift. Every time I think about it I get chills.

Thanks for opening up the floor for sharing. I always enjoy sharing that story.


posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 09:25 AM
P.S. Just gotta' say I think this is the best ATS thread I've seen in a long time. I hope it gets lots of applause and flags and such.
To the OP for starting it. I also hope it gets put on the main ATS page ..

posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 09:30 AM
I've only had one experience in my 29 years that stands out above all others....
I was 16 and living at my parents house, the one I had grown up in. It was the middle of the night and I was sound asleep in my bed, laying face down on my stomach. I woke up from the feeling of a quick "smack" on the back of my legs, it took me a second to comprehend that I woke from this feeling and naturally reached my arm back behind me and found my shoe laying in between my legs. I checked the clock and it was 2am. I checked for my other shoe and it was where I had left it across the room, where the other one should have been.

My first assumption was my older brother came home late and threw the shoe at me for some reason, so I went to his room and woke him up to ask him what his problem was. He was sound asleep, and knowing him so well, it was obvious he had not done this. That's when the strange feeling hit me that something actually threw my shoe across the room into me at 2am. I have no idea why or how, but it happened. It hit me hard enough to startle me awake from a deep sleep.

It was only after that experience that I started to notice the other unusual things that would happen around the house. Things falling off shelves, the sound of televisions playing from other rooms only to find they aren't on, the cats strangely watching invisible things walk across rooms, pictures falling off walls, etc.. I've confronted my parents whom still live there about it but they don't want to hear it.

posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 09:46 AM

Originally posted by wtbengineer
Ok, I'll add something, or actually a series of events that happened to me when I was a kid of about 5-7 years old. It was the mid '60's and you'd have to have lived in that time period to appreciate the way in which I was raised. I mean, we just didn't talk about anything. Parents didn't want to know anything deeper than they had to, and we were kind of raised up taught to hold crap in that bothered us. Different day and age.

With that said...

Many nights I'd get up, always at 3:00 in the morning and feel that something evil was in the room. I'd get up and flip the light switch on but the lights would not come on! This happened many times. I felt trapped in the room and I don't remember if I actually tried to get out or if maybe I couldn't find the door in the dark. I don't remember. I know I tried to tell myself that maybe the electricity just didn't work that early in the morning. You know, back then the TV would go off air after a certain time so I just tried to tell myself that maybe it was the same with the electricity. Of course, that's not the case. This doesn't really sound as scary as it was when I read over it, but I was in a total state of panic.

Whoa... OK that.. when I read it I know.. you know? I can tell. Your sincere post has reminded me of another... I don't usually expose soo much...

I was taking care of my grandfather at his house after he had a heart attack. We didn't have a great relationship, but I was free(no school/job) and that was that. It ended up being for much longer than I anticipated, which is a whole other story.

So one night I was going to sleep latish 2am maybe. My grandpa was long gone asleep and I knew he wasn't in pain so I could rest.
I was in a guest room upstairs and I was getting creapy vibes. I try and sleep but I start to hear something? there's breathing next to my cheek in and out breathing in my ear... SH^&! I'm something like 21 years old and i'm sitting here almost getting girly ya know? supposed to be taking care of people and i'm afraid of the dark, and some breath?? I know. Turn the TV on. Turning the TV on always works. There is so much on at anytime. Instant picture and sound to the rescue ya! Well No. I turn it on.

TTTTSSSSHHHHH.... Just static,blaring, static... TURn DOwn Volume... tshhh ok wait why is there static?
ahh cable must have come loose.(earlier I had noticed the metal box on the back of tv that cable goes into was not screwed into the tv backing so the inside of TV was exposed. the metal box was sitting half inside the hole.)

I go to twist the cable, and... JGJGJGJGJGJGJGJGJ is kinda the sound I was making as I was being shocked so insanely hard. I was stuck like this for about 6 seconds. I had used two hands to twist it since the box was twisting with the wire.

The next thing I hear is laughter. Giggling miniacal mean evil laughter. I was shaking for the next 25 minutes partly from fear, partly from surprise, and partly from shock, literally. Luckily whatever caused me to hear these things stopped shortly after.

I finally went to sleep when the sun came up for a couple hours then I had to be up finding medication making food and stuff, that was yucky.

I have so may more, but I have to save the rest for a rainy day.

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posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 10:03 AM
I guess I'll post a few of mine.

I've had 3 unidentified light in the sky events.

1. This happened in my early 20's (mid 90's). It was really late on a summer night and I was going from my house to a friend's and she was in the car with me. As we were going up my road toward the highway, up a hill, we saw a light in the sky very low, very bright headed straight on toward us. I made some comment about "headlights in the sky" and she replied it would have to be a helicopter since it was a single light. We got to the intersection with the highway & I noticed there was no sound. If it was a helicopter flying that low, we should have heard it. We both rolled down our windows and listened, nothing. We both just said weird and I made the left turn on to the highway. When I did, the light turn too and started paralleling the road we were on. That freaked us out a bit. I checked my rear view and there was not any traffic behind us so I slowed down and watched the light. It then started to cut across over top of the car. At this point I was stopped dead in the road and we were both leaned over waiting to see it emerge of the other side. It never did. It was gone.

2. My brother and I were headed into Knoxville (same highway as above, just opposite direction) and we saw a very bright red light right above a ridge line. After a few seconds it turned green and shot off diagonally into the sky and was gone. This happened a few weeks after the first "sighting". I told my friend's mother about it and she said she had seen the same thing near sunset near their house a few times.

3. Now this one is weird. My husband and I (he was my boyfriend at the time) was traveling late at night to see his grandmother in middle Tennessee. We where traveling thru the area near McMinnville/Manchester, the area has many tree nurseries. As we were going doing the highway we saw a fireball streak across the sky. We both commented about how big and bright it was. A few minutes later we saw a forest fire. A huge forest fire. The area the fire was in was behind a field, but within a tree line and the flames where shooting up above the trees. We talked about and decided that the fire ball could have been a plane, so we turned around to go back to a convince store to call it in (we didn't have cell phones at the time). I placed the call to 911, told the operator about the fireball, the forest fire and closest cross road to the highway. She put me on hold to check for other reports and controlled burn notices. When she came back on the line she instructed us to go to the cross road and wait for emergency personal so we could direct them to the fire. When we got back to the road, the emergency response was already pulling in (it was obvious where the fire was!), so we drove back to see what was going on. There was already firetrucks at the tree line maybe 2-3 and 2 more headed out. The road was lined with SUVs, police cars and other emergency vehicles. We parked and waited to talk to someone. Finally a man approached us and I explained I had called it in. He told me that the land belonged to a county official's brother and it was a controlled burn, nothing to worry about. He thanked us for our concern and told us to have a safe trip. As we left more SUVs were pulling in.

I'll be honest and say I think that we saw some sort of government tech meet a fireball end. Arnold Air Force Base is located in Manchester and I just can't help but think the two are tied in together. The weirdest thing for me about this incident is a can't remember it too clear and that is unusual for me. I didn't even remembered it happened until last summer when something on ATS triggered the memory and I asked my husband about it. He said it was the weirdest thing he had ever experienced. Just something about the whole thing seems off.


posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 10:11 AM
I have had two encounters with beings not of this world.

Here's my story.

posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 10:40 AM
I'll recount a few events that happened to me involving UFOs. I've shared these stories with my wife and friends, but I've never posted them online primarily because I have no proof that they occurred. I remember them, however, as clearly as I remember any other events.

The first occurred around 1988. I was 8-years-old and was riding in the backseat of my parents' car. Dad was driving; mom was in the passenger seat. We were headed back to Robeline, La (home at the time) from Shreveport, La. (about an hour away) on Interstate 49 around midnight. As we drove, we all noticed two or three "stars" that seemed to be changing position, disappearing and changing color. After trying to keep an eye on them for about 15 minutes, my dad pulled off at an exit--not sure exactly where. We sat in the car and watched these lights in the sky as they slowly moved up and down along a somewhat vertical axis. Sometimes only one was visible, then another would appear, then a another (never more than 3 at a time). They would remain stationary or move slightly up or down, then disappear again. Sometimes, when a light reappeared, it would be red or gold. We watched these very far away lights for about 20 minutes before letting them be and heading home.

The second incident occurred when I was around the same age, maybe a year or two older. I was in the passenger seat of the car, mom was driving, and we were headed to church in Provencal, La. along Hwy. 117 from Hagewood. It was twilight outside (must've been a Wednesday evening church service we were on our way to). Along the sides of the highway are gentle rolling hills with large swaths of pine forests. In some places you could see for 10 miles over rolling hills because the closer trees had been clear-cut, and other areas were obscured by mature trees right up against the road. We were passing one of the clear areas when a flickering in the sky caught my eye. I turned toward it and saw what I can only describe as a string of roman candle balls connected by a visible string or filament snaking through the sky. I can only guess that the string of lights were about a half-mile from us over hills and trees (but it was difficult to tell their actual size). There were no houses in the immediate area. I was only able to watch the string of lights for about 4 seconds, if that, before they disappeared. I asked my mom if she'd seen it, but she hadn't. It just happened too fast. That sighting stayed with me for a long time. It bugged me because I could never make sense of it and no one else saw it.

The last sighting I'd like to share happened when I was 18-years-old (1998). I was riding down a country road in Minden, La. with a friend. The road is slightly rural, but pretty close to town, and there were a good number of houses, pastures, ponds, barnes, etc. down the two-mile stretch. There aren't any streetlights on the road, however, so when it's dark, it's dark. We passed an open field with a pond in it. I remember seeing the reflection of the moon in the pond as we got closer to it. Out of nowhere, a very large cigar-shaped, schoolbus-sized craft appeared about a half-mile from us and about 50-100 feet in the air. It was decked out with many colors of lights including red, orange, green, white, and blue. The craft hovered for maybe 3 seconds. I slowed down but didn't stop. We watched the craft hover and then abruptly zip off toward the horizon and out of sight. My friend and I were stunned. We excitedly recounted what we just saw, and I asked him to draw a picture of what he saw as soon as he got home. He did and I did. We compared our drawings the next day at school. We weren't crazy, lol...we had seen the same thing, and it wasn't a plane or a chopper. It had made no noise and moved faster than anything I had ever seen. We never heard about anyone else seeing it, but I've spoken to him about it since and he still remembers it the same way I do.

One more thing happened to me, but it wasn't a UFO. It was ball lightning, I think. Again, I was about 8 or 9 years old and I was attending summer camp in Minden, La. There were about 50 campers and 15 or so counselors in our large, gym-sized recreation hall. There was a strange color outside--that pinkish, orangish color that happens right before or after a rain sometimes. All the kids were sitting on the floor listening to someone speak when a pink translucent ball of light (approximately 5ft in diameter) appeared about 200 yards away near the basketball courts. There were large windows on both sides of the Rec. Hall, and as quickly as the big pink ball of light appeared, it started moving down the slope from the basketball courts toward us. I'd say it was moving about 40 mph and stayed about 4 feet off the ground. It came in right through one of the windows, went over our heads (we were all seated, below window level), and went out the window on the other side, drifted down a hill and dissipated into the lake (Caney Lake in Minden, La.).

posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 10:53 AM
The problem with threads like this is they often get taken over by people inventing stories to be 'one better' than the last person, also with out being rude ATS is a magnet (for obvious reasons) for people with mental health issues. I myself suffer from this in terms of severe depression, I make no secret of it (in my sig) and I have some sympathy with those suffering.

I've seen so many people claiming to be alien, part alien, have insider knowledge, talk to aliens, been someone else in an earlier life and so on goes the list. The problem with all these is proof is often very thin on the ground or simply not there. People who claim to be from the future refuse to divulge details that would prove it, every excuse in the book is used. People claim to have alien artifacts yet are 'not allowed to show them', people claim to have contact with ET's and have been on craft yet cannot arrange a contact for other people, people like Steven Greer arrange (at high cost) meetings with orbs etc BUT only at locations HE wants.

I'm not trying to pour scorn on peoples recollections, I'm more warning people to not get too involved with what you read, I'm sure people have had the most amazing experiences (without the use of drink and drugs nor sleep generated experiences) I myself saw an amazing craft with my wife BUT I can't prove it BUT I don't care if people believe me or not, sadly you WILL come across generated stories on here...

posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 11:02 AM
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I kind of agree which is one of the reasons i am still rather embarrassed about revealing my experience (not alien related). I have no proof and further, i can't even properly remember the incident, only patches of it. It is other members of my family who remember it properly (as they are all older than me).

For my own part, i wasn't scared, just angry at being woken up! Also, at such a young age, i had no way of knowing certain things (no internet for kids to get quick info back then) - i even got the uniform descriptions right (IX Hispana Legion).

Again, no proof. Simply an inexplicable incident.

posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 11:14 AM
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Wow, be careful around those electrical appliances... I've got a lot more stuff I could tell too.

I guess I'll just add that a bunch of things happened to me in the last bedroom I had at that house. My sister had gotten married and moved out so I got her room. I saw things move by themselves in there and when I'd come home and watch TV late at night (in the only room in the house we had TV) I'd hear footsteps walking around and around in my room overhead. The only thing was, nobody (living) in the house was up there. My younger brother who slept in the other room up there was away at college and I was the only one who slept up there. I'd sit down there and listen to those footsteps sounding like more than one person walking around up there until I couldn't stand it any more. I'd get in my car and drive up town and sit in the shopping center parking lot until daylight.

posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 11:22 AM
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Hi randyvs,

Thanks for the story.

Just out of curiosity, is Dave a lawyer by any chance? It reminds of a chapter from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by Hunter S Thompson. Something about a boot full of mesculin and various other substances

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