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Unbelievable true life happenings from ATS members

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posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 01:26 AM
Yeah i know i really didnt see anything spectacular either. Nothing out of the ordinary

posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 01:37 AM
figured I'd post mine also.

it was August 2009 about 45 minutes from Cleveland Ohio. My town had maybe 2 stop lights if that. Puts an idea on how country it was. Anyway me and my girlfriend are coming up on a 3 way stop and I happened to look over into the field to my left and notice what looked like a floating fireball roughly 100 feet from the ground. I was somewhat driving around it so I could tell it was close. I stopped and watched from the stop sign and I then turned left. at that time the fireball floated from the left side of the street over to the right side over to the other field. I continued down the street for about 1000 ft then right into a small development when I pulled over and got out. The object stopped when I got out, stayed still and then either the object went directly away from me or dimmed out but it disappeared, my girlfriend not being one that believes in UFOs and the unexplained is a pretty firm believer now because of this
the next day I saw a friend and I was just about to tell him about it when he told me about how he saw the same thing on the other side of town around that time which really added to the weirdness

kind of curious if anyone else on here has ever seen something like this personally?

thanks for reading

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posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 03:17 AM
After reading all the posts up to page 3 (I will read the rest here in a bit) I decided to post one of my own experiences. I also thought I would mention that before I could even type a word of this story, I had to go around my house and turn on all the lights because this experience still chills me to the bone. So, here goes...

Growing up I lived on a small farm, the house was on top of a hill about a 1000 ft from the main road with a long winding driveway. I'm 8 or 9 years old, its winter time, and my father gets home late from work (probably about 10pm) and he tells me that I left my snow sled at the end of the driveway and that I have to go get it. Reluctantly, I get my coat on and a flashlight and start heading down the driveway. Along the driveway there are two huge groves of large pine trees about 50 feet away from the drive itself.

As I am walking down the drive way, in complete darkness except for my flashlight, I start to hear this heavy breathing sound coming from the direction of the first grove of trees. I freeze and listen, then turn my head in the direction of the sound. In the grove of trees, I see this massive shadow, and, it terror at this point, I shine my flashlight on the thing. The creature was bipedal, very tall, around 8 ft high. I could only see from about the waist up, but I could see the face very clearly and its what I remember the best.

The face was blood red, with huge yellow eyes that seemed to bulge from its face and reflected the light like a animals eyes. Its nose was bulbousy and looked human-like. Its mouth was a maw of large jagged teeth that protruded from its lips. In the brief moments that we locked eyes, it cocked its head to the side and gargled something at me in the most bizarre voice I ever hope to hear. That was enough for me, I turned around and bolted for the house as fast as I could. From the time I heard the breathing to the time I ran it may have been all of 15 seconds, if that.

So, what was it? To this day I have no idea. I have speculated that it could, maybe (big maybe) have been a bigfoot, but what the heck was up with its face, I just don't know. I've told this story to a few people over the years in the hope that someone has seen something like it but I have never found another. I post this story only in the hopes that maybe someone has seen something like it and will share.

Thank you, randyvs, for an interesting thread. Sorry if this story was't what you were looking for, but I thought I'd share.

posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 03:36 AM
I have had a lot of unusual things happen in my life. I've had precognitive dreams, moments of clarity where I would say stuff and adults would look at me like I was an alien and the like. But the strange occurances I found most interesting and entertaining were the haunts when I attended Coker College in Hartsville, SC.
Poor Madeline
She haunts the third floor...
Let's meet Madeline shall we? I can tell you that it was very interesting.
My friends and I freshmann year were very interested in her after a few freshmenn left campus within the first week. One guy in our new student group (no frat/Sors on Coker for some reason) who played a mean guitar joked about paranoid people & left by the end of the week when his guitar wouldn't stop playing one nite. He was in Memorial Dorms. I was in Belk (freshmann) at the time. The new dorms were called Granis and I'll get to them later - Maddy didn't go there cuz the guys who got killed building Grannis and her didn't get along.
Well, we got a group together and asked the dean of students if we could be allowed to dig up some stuff on Madeline and he told us that the old art building was due to be torn down (early 80's) and there was stuff still there if we wanted to do some research. I was with a group of 5 others exploring the place and finding stuff in old files and having fun going through old pictures and the like when my friend V screamed. I ran upstairs and as I rounded the corner I saw her face, snow white, and her hair was being pulled from behind but no one was there. My other friend A grabbed what was in her hand and her hair released and she fell on us. We ran like hell was after us. Outside we realized we had a group picture of women from what looked like the 20's. We gave all of what we had to the dean who promised to give it to the historical society and pretty much just left it at that.
Well my roommates boyfriend and his 'mini me' came by while we all were discussing events and hoping Madeline was in that picture. He was the cocky type, self important and very smug. When told what we were discussing he said "f Madeline! Yeah I said it!" All of us in the room told him not to be disrespectful and he said it again with more colorful metaphors. The room went still and our attention turned to the window near the bathroom which had a desk in front of it. A drinking glass levitated and then smashed into the side of the bathtub, shattering into very small pieces. It went from levitation to flight so fast you didn't see it move! And to top it off, the angle in which it had to be thrown coudn't be done by a pro ball player with the best curve ball! We looked at J, whose mouth was on the floor, then he ran out the room.
Madeline did have compassion though showing it terrified the daylights out of students. You never wanted to be in the dorms crying alone or someone would comfort you. Many claim that Madeline hangs out on the 3rd floor of Memorial but that's now a dorm for guys (in the 80's it was), but she mainly hung out on Spivey Porch which is between Memorial and Belk Hall. Spivey Porch had a very old chapel that we'd sometimes go into to pray, meditate or just get away from pesky friends. Sophomore year, second week, a student found out her fiancee who attended college in Florence, was killed in a weight lifting accident. She went to the chapel to pray and we just happened to be drinking and studying on the other side which had a small library when we heard a blood curdling scream. We ran to the door and she ran into us still screaming, not wanting to be touched. We got her calmed down enough for her to tell us that she was in the chapel praying and crying and someone said "there there it will be alright" and hugged her. Her eyes were closed and she welcomed the hug - until she opened her eyes to thank the person and there was no one there. We had to walk her over to the hospital, for many reasons, after that.
Which brings me to Grannis:
Grannis at that time were the only dorms with central air. People killed to be in the drawings to get rooms in Grannis - unless they would be left without a suitemate, then they would sweat it out in the old dorms. My junior yr, I was tossed out of my precious New Central dorm room (it had the old big iron tubs u could float in and it was a corner room so no suite mates to share my big tub
: ) by a mistake made by housing and the only ones left were Grannis. My friend B was overjoyed because she was in Grannis and the suite next to her was vacant and she wanted someone in there bad. I'll have to go back to the sophomore Spivey incident to explain why. See, after the young lady left school her Grannis dorm room was left vacant. My friend V was her suitemate. More sorry: See Hartsville

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posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 03:53 AM
If you were in a suite w/o a suitemate then the ghost of Grannis moved in next door and would party all semester. These were the workers who were supposedly killed when Grannis was being built. So what did we do? Play spoons on the wall to tunes and hear them played back to us. Well one night, me, B, V and A were up there with our boyfriends and V never stayed in her room alone so she gave my boyfriend her keys and they left us alone. Yeah we were supposed to have had sex, but for some reason got into a fight and decided to go to bed. Later, the rapping on the walls turned to knocking on the suite door which then sounded like it opened. Then the bathroom door on our side opened and you could hear the step drag of someone walking across the room. When it felt like someone was standing directly over me I started shaking M saying 'wake up, something's in the room'. He was miffed, turned on the light said "see, no one" and laid down. I then made him change sides with me. After I turned off the light and tried to settle down I heard the step drag down the side of the bed then across to my side. This time it sat on the bed! I bolted grabbing my jeans and shirt and was putting them on running through the dorm. Grannis had 4 floors while the walk way to the other dorms was between the third and second floors. Chile I dove out the 4th floor window on the roof of the walk way throug the third floor window of New Central and down to my room and under my bed. I did have a roommate and she was in there with her boyfriend. I slid under the bed like I was stealing home plate. No matter what they said I wasn't coming out. Then the phone rang and my roomie gave it to me under the bed. It was M. He was shook. He said "I'm going home. I'm sorry I didn't believe you." I asked him if it was because I left and he said "no, I rolled over and was holding you and telling you I was sorry and you wouldn't budge. I reached over and turned on the light and the covers were raised but no one was there." We broke up later that year and I still can't help but wonder if someone was trying to tell me something then!
There are hundreds more stories like this that have happened. Their favorite prank (the Grannies that is) was to lock you out of the bathroom and leave the shower running. That happened to me and B.
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posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 04:06 AM
Here is my story that I posted up on ATS a few months back.

Some people on here say it was Sleep Paralysis but it wasn't.
I know what i saw and what I experienced. It was real and it was a being that was not of this world.

I was in some sort of trauma for weeks after seeing this thing. Always on edge and jittery.
I don't get that from bad dreams and have never felt like that ever before.
I can shake things like that off really easy when it is just a bad dream.
This was a real life event that happened. I know this in my heart and in my mind.
I am not crazy either or on drugs.

I would never lie on here just to draw attention. I speak the truth.

If you don't or do believe my story then it is entirely up to you.
Just thought i would share it again as I feel it is important to speak out about these things as too many people fear of speaking out cause they may get ridiculed.

Everyday I ask myself why it visited me. I have also spent almost every second day searching the internet to see if anyone has seen this same being and so far I have found nothing. Been checking all the Alien abduction sites too and forums, stories etc. Nothing comes close.

My search continues.

Much love and light to you all.

Light Soul

posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 04:23 AM

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posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 04:34 AM
reply to post by Arrowmancer

While harriers could most definitly hover like that, they rarely do outside their vertical take off and landing since it's very inefficient for fuel usage while having little tactical value.

By the sounds of it, this is likely a smaller cousin of the TR-3B, like the TR-3A, perhaps another sophisticated black project.

posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 05:07 AM
reply to post by Light soul

Hi Lighted soul. I believe you.
You may have seen a Moovian. They are linked to our Earth's past and:

The Blue Moovians fit the description of the biblical angels, described as very tall, thin, with extremely large heads. They possessed all manners of powers of the mind: teleportation, telekinesis and ESP. According to some ancient texts, one day , for reasons known only to them, they conveyed to the humans of earth that they had, through their powers of astral projection, located a planet more suitable to their needs in a far distant solar system or galaxy and departed Earth. Miller believes that each and everyone disappeared from the face of the earth, teleporting themselves to this far away planet.

Found here.
Outside of Eastern religions and blue gods & goddesses, the Dogon said they got their information about Sirius B from the Nommo who were blue and aquatic. Not sure if they are to be feared, but in most of Ufology and end times lore, it is said that many in the cosmos will come to witness the events unfolding now.

posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 05:46 AM
Nice thread so i might as well share my story. Let me just add i am a very rational person and i have never had any encounter, ufo related or paranormal experience ever in my life except this strange 'event' i was never able to forget.

I was born on a small island with only about 800 old people living there during the winter. In the summer there are a lot of visitors, tourists, family members etc and this particular thing happened to me in summer of '87 or '88 while visiting my grandmother, i was 6 or 7 years old. It was very hot that day and after lunch i went to my girlfriend's house to play like i did many times before and after that day. Her grandparents house stands on a very small hill just 2 min walking from my place, if anything you get a bit out of breath but that day i felt extremely tired on my way there. I was sweating, my legs felt heavy and it felt like hours walking up to that hill.

When i arrived in front of her door i knocked and an old strange lady opened the door. She grabbed my arm, pulled me in and closed the door. Immediately she yelled to someone 'we are gonna suffocate this one, bring me a blanket'
I was baffled at this point, didn't say anything just thinking who is she and where are all the people who are supposed to be in this house (girlfriend, her older brother, both parents and both grandparents)
It was very surreal but somehow it was happening to me right then and there. I could smell this old woman and i still remember her voice and her crazy ugly eyes.

There was also no furniture in the house that normally stands there and all of a sudden a young lady comes in from the back of the house with a blanket. She was dirty with ragged clothes, like a slave child or something, about 17 - 18 years old.
At that point i was petrified, extremely afraid and i shouted a couple of times 'don't kill me please' and tried to hit the old woman's legs. Then she said to the young girl 'hold her i have to get a rope'. This part is a bit blurry because i still don't understand what happened but when the young girl tried to hold me i was able to push her, reach the door and i just ran

I remember running really really fast, down the hill all the way to my house and shaking, thinking wtf just happened to me. It took another 3 or 4 years until i got enough courage to walk up that hill again on my own. I never told anyone about this because i knew the place i was in was not really her house, the old lady was not my friend's grandmother and most important i knew every single one of the elderly people in the area and have visited their homes since the day i was born. This was something else, but what, that sh## puzzles me even today, almost 25 years later.

It could have been my imagination, the heat got to me somehow but even now it feels like a very real 'event'.
It could have been an OOBE but i never had a similar experience to compare and when i read other people story's they are all aware of being out of body, i was definitely not.
It also could have been a time split, something i read about here on ATS, but i will never know for sure i think. It does make a nice ATS story so thank you for listening.

posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 05:54 AM
you know, that has to be one of the strangest things i've ever read on ats.

I mean that is totally weird.

posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 06:04 AM
I've had three BIG 'unbelievable' things happen to me that I won't be sharing.
They were 'other worldly - spiritual' and so big that they surprised even me when they happened.
To post them here would be like inviting people to throw mud on a white wedding dress.
I only told ONE PERSON here about them ... privately .. in an email.

Just know ... God is real. He knows even what you are thinking at every minute.
Same with those who have already died. Even what you are thinking. And they ARE involved.
Absolutely 100% true.

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posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 06:08 AM
reply to post by bts821

What color was it?

posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 06:12 AM
Well your story is very interesting. And Surely something as well thought out and detailed must have some truth to it. So I am willing to take your account into consideration. All I wish to say is that if what you say is not accurate, then your actions stifle progress of discovery. I cannot see why someone would really attempt to achieve fame by hoaxing a story if they are a person of science and progression. I also find it difficult to believe someone hasn't taken the time to collect all information we know to be accurate on matters like these in one simple and easy to understand place. All pieces of evidence should be gone through one by one, and through the process of elimination get to the bottom of Ufos, ancient aliens, conspiracies, and things of that nature. Not saying that you are being fraudulent, Im just making a statement.

posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 06:15 AM

Originally posted by FlyersFan
I've had three BIG 'unbelievable' things happen to me that I won't be sharing.
They were 'other worldly - spiritual' and so big that they surprised even me when they happened.
To post them here would be like inviting people to throw mud on a white wedding dress.
I only told ONE PERSON here about them ... privately .. in an email.

Just know ... God is real. He knows even what you are thinking at every minute.
Same with those who have already died. Even what you are thinking. And they ARE involved.
Absolutely 100% true.

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Why tease us!?

Why!? Come on share at least one story.

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posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 06:54 AM

Here's my strange experience.

posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 07:11 AM
Loving this thread so far, here's my contribution.

It goes back to late november 2008 when me and a buddy decided to take off from Quebec to go live in Banff, Alberta for a while. On the second day of our roadtrip we were deep into Ontario, in the national parks area northwest of Lake Superior. Anyone who's driven through there knows there's barely anything for miles and miles exept the occasional out of business gas station.

As it was getting pretty late on that day and the road pretty damn dangerous due to a snow storm that just seemed to get stronger by the minute, we were on the lookout for the first place where we could crash for the night. When finally we spot a motel which is absolutely in the middle of nowhere...luckily for us. The front lobby was located in the owner's house where a kind old lady greeted us and welcomed us to an impressive collection of VHS movies as we checked in.

After unloading our luggages and settling in our room we started to analyse the room which was bizarre to say the least. It felt like no one had been in there for a while as that old stale air smell was filling the place. It also seemed like the furniture hadn't changed since the 70's, every drawer we opened we were finding earlier issues of Reader's Digest magasines lol.

After watching our movies we went to bed at probably 2 am. You know that feeling you get when you sense someone is staring at you, then you turn your head to check only to cross eyes with someone that was indeed staring?.Well listening to this.... I was starting to fall asleep when I felt that sensation so intuitively propped myself up to look around the room which was complete darkness. At the end of my bed there was this little girl with long blond hair dressed in what I can describe as a night gown staring at me. I could see her very well because she had a glowy figure, I was freaked out and sat on my bed my back against the wall. My friend's bed was perpenticularly placed to mine across the room and I tried to call his name twice to wake him the F up. First time I turn my head to see if Phil is waking up...nothing and as I turn back to the little girl she starts to move around the bed towards me. I turn again to Phil ''Dude wake the # up!''...he moves around under his covers but finally never anwsers. When I turned back the girl in white had disappeared.

I had a hard time falling asleep that night but still managed to get a good night sleep. The next morning when my buddy woke up I told him that something happened during the night. He said he noticed I freaked out during the night but was too out of it to react. Funny thing is, I was sure my buddy Phil wouldn't believe me and laugh because thats the type of guy he is...but he didn't. He sat down and stared at me looking creeped out, I could see that he believed me...we just stared at each others wondering what the F it could have been.

I have always been a big skeptic and a rational thinker but to this day I know what I saw and I can't explain it. Every time I tell that story I can see her in my mind as clear as I saw her that night. The only thing I regret is not going in the lobby the next day to tell the owner of my experience to see if there was any other story to back this up.

posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 07:47 AM
reply to post by Renegade2283

I'm not sure you were replying to me or someone else but i'm gonna answer anyway and say i agree with you 100%. It would be awesome if we somehow could investigate these things. I often read something thinking there's no way this story can be real, even related to my own 'experience' i often think it must have been the usual child imagination combined with extreme heat, but it felt so real and i was never a child who could see ghosts or had imaginary friends and such.

posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 07:51 AM
Here is my account of what I saw in 2009.
It was a July Summers evening and I was on my own in my garden after the sun had set I must add that I poured myself a beer ready for a couple of hours looking through my cheap telescope at the moon but was completely sober at this point & I point this out in case anyone accuses me of being intoxicated I certainly was not.

Anyway that out of the way I need to explain in my garden I built a structure out of wood and decking etc for enjoying the summer evenings here in the UK (when we get good ones LOL) and it doubles as a small viewing platform and is where I placed my telescope for the evening.

I was checking the moon out which was not quite full but almost and was just generally admiring the craters and features of the moon etc....

This is when it happened and what follows here changed my whole view of the world we live in......

I had been set up for about half an hour and was checking out the moon and trying to get a good look at the moons features I had a 20mm standard lens in the eyepiece of my telescope and started to fish about in my box of bits on the patio table next to me.
In my box of bits are other lenses/eyepieces, extensions, barlow lens and filters along with other telescope bits and pieces.
Fishing around in my box I picked up a small coloured filter nothing special but instead of taking everything apart and putting the filter in properly I simply placed the filter with my fingers over the end of the eyepiece and looked through it.
The moon pretty much filled the view through my telescope but not completely and what I saw next actually made me jump out of my skin resulting in me dropping the small filter I had just peered through on to my deck.

This is what I witnessed..... Two Large Black boxes flying across the sky in a downward direction right across the face of the moon (if the moon was a clock they started at the 2 o'clock poistion and flew to roughly
7 o'clock poisition) so in a diagonal fashion top right towards bottom left and they were diverging like watching two jets peeling off from formation).
The best way I can describe these craft Is they are like the shorter type steel shipping containers you see for shipping goods on ships and trucks etc and painted them stealth black then made them fly they had no lights no markings etc... that I could detect.
Seeing these flying boxes literally made me jump out of my skin once what I saw had sunk in I really do not care who believes me or not I know what I saw.
I am not claiming they were alien either, I have absolutely no Idea what they were, where they come from or who was controlling them all I know is we have stuff flying around above us and we are clueless.

When I gathered myself I immediately picked up the filter and searched in vain using the same method for quite a while after but nothing. So also went into the house for a stiffer drink (at this point I needed one) and a cigarrette and realised no one would believe what I saw but I know what I saw and I think it was completely by accident, maybe my filter allowed me to see stuff I wasn't supposed to see.
It was this experience that got me further interested in what others have seen and why I frequent ATS these days.
This is not a fantasy or a story I made up this actually happened to me and it changed the way I look at the world ever since.
Thanks for taking the time to read through my account it is a bit long but is the best way I can put down what I saw.

posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 07:52 AM
1)One time I was about to go to bed. I was laying there and decided to change which side I was laying on. I was half way through my turn when I hear "my name." (whisper) and the MY NAME!! I tried to move but I was stuck. And there were all these explosions going off in my head, along with a very loud vibrating hum. I kept struggling to get up, just to move or something. I couldn't go anywhere. Then I thought I had gotten out of it and was going towards my door, still weighing about 1000 pounds.

Well really I was still stuck on my bed, and I was projecting a tiny minute little piece of my consciousness. It was so weak that I kept warping back, and could hardly see. When I realized this I was in despair. I was panicked as heck. I waited a few seconds built up the idea in my head that I was going to use all my force in one moment and brake this weird state I was stuck in. This did not work.

Now I was projecting some part of me again. I could see myself still stuck on my bed, half way through my turn to get comfy. On my wall there was a movie playing. It had words that would repeat...

Those words said:

What game are they playing?
and who's playing it?

they kept appearing one then the other, and sped up till I could no longer see it.

Then I had no energy left and I was back in my body fully. I gave up, I gave in...

30 minutes later I was finally "let go"

2)Ever since I was around 4 I have been very disasociated with what most people call themselves. I would sometimes for 5 minute periods not be able to say who I was. I couldn't see a difference between me and any other person. It was a very haunting feeling for me. I could just as easilly be any other person. This stopped bothering me more recently because of meditation. I am not sure if you can understand what I am actually saying here unless it has happened to you.

I have said this before and I guess I'll say it again:

I was meditating one day and all the sudden I wasn't my body, but I was me. I also was not my thoughts. IT was very very weird. It lasted for an hour, but felt like 5 minutes. My body was acting completely on it's own. My thoughts were as well, but I also could think seperate from my mind... this is hard to explain. What I think happened is that I Identified me as consciousness. When that happened my body/mind then said "hi god." Meanwhile I am just sort of there without the ability to affect the physical world. I think my body/mind thought that I was god. I should say that my perception was based from where my body was, but I couldn't feel nor control my body in anyway. Also I can't be sure, but I think I was seeing with my eyes closed. Mabey my eyes were open I just don't know. I meditate with my eyes closed. Mabey my body opened it's eyes? I couldn't tell though, because I couldn't feel my body, so mabey that is how I was seeing.

I saw my arms raise up and my head tilt up.

When I finally snapped back to being the normal me (that is typing this right now), I felt very tired especially my arms and neck, which were soar, so I guess I had my arms raised for the whole hour.
I knew it was an hour because of the clock in my room. And o my god I jsut remembered something new. I had to open my eyes to see the clock, so they were closed...

3) I fell asleep.
I dreamed.
In my dream I got tired and all 5 of us decide to go to bed in the dream.
I then start dreaming (a dream within a dream) I am walking down a grassy area with some rocky outcroppings, grass was kinda mossy looking, like ireland or something. Then as I am walking I am supposed to go up this rocky grassy hill path, kinda like a grassy rock bridge englishy thing?? anyway.
then I notice this giant.
He is about 15 feet tall, and as I walk up the ramp my puny 6 feet height lines up to this giant "Jesus's" eyes.
we are perfectly in line and both walking and staring sideways into each others eyes.

DISCLAIMER: I have never been to church, and was only into science.

Jesus dude was wearing a white robe mostly but it may have had like a tassle or some kind of sash thingy. He also looked white colored, but not white ethnically? He was old too like maybe 67 or something. His eyes were sooooo intense kind of like that part of lord of the rings were gandolf scares Bilbo into giving up the ring... If you look into his eyes you are stuck.

He then says 4 short amazingly meaningful sentences that perfectly portray everything negative about me to my deepest core. Now I go "what the.... this isn't my BRAIN! this thing knows me... Its god its fing god jesus omg!"

He stops and his head turns golden light I can't see the edges. He then displays a glowing swirling blue and green orb/vortex in front of his light head and says: "You will be enlightened." or "You are to be enlightened."

then I got scared and messed up I guess and then I woke up. I of course told everyone and they didn't get it at all, but then I woke up again into the real real world.

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