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The Rise [CWC]

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posted on Mar, 11 2012 @ 11:20 AM
Finally Got my 20!

The Rise [CWC]

Day 1 – The Arrival: June 13 2012 7:20 AM

I am awakened by a rumbling and the violent shaking of the very foundation of my house, I quickly gather my wife and children and exit the house cause I fear it might collapse. Upon stepping outside I am amazed how everyone is gazing up into the sky while clutching their ears and trying to stay balanced from the vibration of the ground. I know now to look at what they are all looking at, my eye’s are quick to see ships and what looks like cities appearing from out of nowhere in the sky. I stood in awe as the sound started to dissipate but the earth still vibrating as smaller ships started to appear.

Chaos happened next as I tried to calm the people who where so afraid, they fell to their knees as the masses started to flea to the safety of their homes. Knowing, that many where trampled and some children where either abandoned or separated from their families. Horror can never explain the primitive actions humans take to survive, its clear to me that this is the end of civilization. With family in check I have to get them to the safety of the hills and thick brush, I wasn’t the only family to head to the hills early.

With the first wave of ships appearing a second wave comes from what seems to be from space because they are burning up as they enter our atmosphere. These ships are different from the other ships these are more dark and ominous than the other craft that seem to glow. It’s these dark ships that started attacking people and buildings and left many fleeing the city.

A third wave has appeared and these ships are disk shaped and shinny, they seem to be landing in people’s yards and in the streets in masses and they seem to be communicating with the people. From where I am located I could see part of the city from the hills near my home. My children are afraid and wife is speechless, I think she’s worried about her parents. It looks like people are entering these ships willingly and I wonder what they where told and I wonder if I should go.

The city mother ships are realising what looks like balls of light and they are so many and they seem to be attracted to the shinny disk shaped craft. The glowing spheres are engulfing their crafts with an aura of light.” What the hell is happening that disk has disappeared before my eyes! They all are”. The darker bigger craft are starting to attack the mother ships but are having no effect.” The disks are flying away from the cities and are coming this way to the hills”, they scanning the tree line oh my god they are so close to us and so silent. “We have to be still and quiet they are over us” I said to my family. I felt so unbelievably scared but calm underneath this rocky ledge.
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posted on Mar, 11 2012 @ 06:39 PM
reply to post by WarriorOfLight96

Great story, but please tell me you're not finished!

posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 12:20 AM
Has to be a secound part to explain why they started going into the ships and others started to attack the other ships. good but left me hanging like the movie "Skyline"

posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 10:01 AM
It's almost done just took a break for about a week to go sledding man and have some fun with the kids,that was fun day.

posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 11:21 AM
Day 2 – the separation June 14 2012

It was a good fishing trip to the lake where I spent the holidays with my dad and it felt kind of strange that he was talking about how aliens would be back and I had to “wake up”, he just kept saying “wake up Leif” to the point he was screaming. I felt the pounding on my chest and final a scream that woke me to my feet. “They are gone Leif!” still dazed from my sleep,” who’s gone? “The children when I opened my eye’s they where gone!”

My heart racing my eye’s frantically search through the trees and brush, I grab my wife Alice and we head deeper into the woods because I feel that’s the only way they could have went to play. I don’t want to assume the worst but each step I take the hurt crawls to the top of my throat and dreadful thoughts linger in the shadows of my mind. “Colt, Nikita, Wyatt, Victor”, quietly calling and heading deeper into the woods and constantly the foreboding feelings fall on me like rain.

We come to a little clearing where we see a couple eating berries we call out to them, “hey you guys have you seen any children come by this way”. They quickly turn to see who it was and point a gun towards us, “no! We mean you no harm we are just looking for our kids so don’t shoot” I yelled. The man replies “you yell like that again I will put a bullet in you”, I remember thinking this guy is a dick. The woman can’t hold back anymore and breaks out crying “My children have gone too and we can’t seem to find them anywhere! The husband tells her to calm down and relax and he says “now I don’t know what happened to the kids but I feel they are not with us anymore” and just as he finished saying that there was a terrible horn sound so loud that it vibrated the ground.

We look up to see the disks are in a formation like a square and they are just sitting there waiting and then another blast and they are releasing some kind of debris from the bottom of the disks. Nothing could prepare us for the horror we about to see, “what is that…Oh my god” Alice replied. As the black masses began to take shape and the sound got closer as the black mass has taken shape of human beings by the thousands all screaming, falling to their most certain death.

Bodies pounding the ground every where like a rain of death as the ground is being slowly painted red, “my God we got to the # out of here” the old man screams and we run like hell back to where the old man and his wife had camped inside a shallow cave. The glowing spheres are back and they are grabbing the people falling and taking them to city sized ships, I’m starting to guess the glowing spheres are the good ones and are not in league with the black ships and disk shaped ones.

Suddenly a localized rumbling from behind us got our attention and the rocks and debris started collapsing from the wall behind us exposing a circle formation and what looks like inscriptions around the circle. The circle started to turn counter clock wise and a dark mist started to turn with it and a loud boom came from the circle and what looks like a doorway has opened. The stench of sulphur filled the air and I could hear a marching sound drawing near and coming from the circle door.
“We have to leave from here” I said, “this doesn’t look good for us to be in here with a marching sound and what ever that smell is, it is coming from that door”.

We head to some fallen trees and stumps and wait for what ever is marching from the cave, closer and closer and than it stops. I remember thinking “it’s a little to quiet” and Alice whispers “I don’t want to look at what’s coming out of the cave honey”. With that the marching continued and as they started to exit the cave my eye’s paralyzed with fear as the hulking forms march out of the cave into plain view, in military formation they march out to no end. “What are they” my wife whispers as she lifts her head to see, and as she is about to scream the old man grabs her by the mouth to silence her scream.

“Babe it’s okay” the only words I could say as I could see the menacing beings just past the trees, Tall like ten feet maybe and dressed in military uniforms and what looks like a U.S. emblem on their arms. Their faces like lizards slouched like a big gorilla and they are just standing their in formation, then the one leading the mass yells out to the rest of the reptilians “feast on the cancer that lay before your feet and strengthen your selves before the battle and when the battles won we feast on the living”. The groans and bellowing are heard as the horde raise the arms and begin to eat the dead that lay on the beaten ground.

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posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 12:58 PM
Day 2 – June 14 2012 Continued……

The bones cracking and crunching as the blood flowed through their teeth and bellowing turned to laughter as the horde fed upon the dead, they moved along grabbing bodies and eating them as they slowly moved along down the hill towards the city. This was the most unbelievable act to see, the sickness I felt and what I witnessed this day has left me shaken to the point of madness. The screams of survivors witnessing the reptilian clean up has given away their position and the screams turn to agony and pain till there is no more sound as it fades into the distance.

“Christ” the old man whispers “we have to keep moving and let’s move on deeper into the bush”. I thought to myself “where are all the animals and birds?” as we walked I began to ask the old man his name. “Bill” he said “Bill Crownin and this is my wife Jill and we have two kids one is ten and the other is eight” he says. “Now I know I’m a little to old to have kids so late in life but I can’t help it if I am irresistible to my wife, she jumps me every time I sing some Johnny Cash Song”. Laughter was a welcomed feeling after a hellish scene we just witnessed. Jill replies “come on bill we both know you can’t sing and it’s the thought of Johnny that reminds me of my youth sweetie”

We’ve been moving for what seemed like hours and it was time for us to stop and catch our breath, we came to a little stream surrounded by ever greens and thick brush and it was a great spot to get some rest for the night. The group has no intentions of lighting a fire, with our thirst quenched we began to whisper plans to get food in the morning and find some sort of news. It was agreed that in the morning we would continue looking for our children and more survivors.

posted on Mar, 13 2012 @ 10:39 AM
Day 3 – Three days of darkness; June 15 2012

Morning came with little sleep, the night has a different feel to it and it was so silent that it felt like nothing existed but us. My eyes are tired and burning and I wish I had a phone or something like that; I was yearning for some information like an emergency radio broadcast or a safe haven we can go to. We all got ready and we headed out in search of our children and refuge. We must have been walking for a couple miles along the shore line just past the brush so wouldn’t be seen in the open, when we came upon a deserted log cabin.

I went inside to have a look around but it seems all there was in there was some pornographic posters and some old newspaper clippings from 85’. Maybe it was an old hunting stop, what ever it was this was going to be our hide out; covered in brush, trees and it looked natural in its place. We sat inside and discussed if we should go looking for a little town and see if we can get some food and maybe some weapons and supplies. We continued on studying the way back to the cabin, we walked along till we came to a bridge. We paused and looked both ways down the road and over the bridge and nothing just a vast open space as far as the eyes could see, the city sized mother ships still lingering above.

“What should we do” I said to bill, “we wait for a bit to see what’s going to happen” he said. “What do think is going to happen Bill” Alice whispers, “I don’t know but think it’s going to be good”. “GOOD” she cries “are children are missing and you think it’s going to be good”. “That’s not what I meant” just then he was cut off by the sound of a bombs going off in the sky miles away. You could see the flash of light,it lit up day and the ships the size of a cities where unfazed by the blast. “No mortal could have survived that” I remember thinking.

Then again the sound of marching and vibrating came into view as the plague of reptilians marched to the wide open valley just past the bridge. Millions upon millions they marched like a black tsunami of demons. What looked like men led the reptilians and behind them where giants fifteen feet tall all marching to the valley below, ships hovering above them. Then from the sky, orbs of light make their way down from the mother ships and the spheres and the bigger ships follow close behind the orbs of light.

Then suddenly from above us a light so bright it calmed every little fear and doubt I had inside and filled me with joy and from the light a silhouette came closer. I fell to my knees and cried out “children”, with a smiles on our faces we could see this was happening every where. The children said “come we must go if we are to awaken you” and I remember thinking it must be a dream. “It’s no dream dad” and we are lifted up what looks like a tunnel and as we get closer to the light I can feel the love, my eyes could see what seems to be a river flowing in a sea of memories, blissful emotions that flowed through me like wave of excitement that lasts for an eternity.

I closed my eyes and a light bathed me and it felt like I was being transformed and moulded in to a pure weightlessness and love, and I find myself standing in an oasis like environment and it’s beautiful. A voice echoes in my head and it beckons me not to worry, that Alice is in the same state as I am; in total bliss and then proceeds to ask me “Do you know who you really are, what your purpose in your life was?, For years you where left in a shadows of darkness”. “On earth the truth was bountiful and now it’s hard to come by and the act of kindness spread wide and now kindness has withered away”. The thought of who I was speaking with and I wanted to see who it was in my head and I wanted to know about my children. This time the voice came from the left of me, and said “your children are here safe with us and in time you will be together but this is not the time for you are in process of knowing the truth”. I turned to look who was speaking and all I could say was “Jesus” and he jokingly said “Christ” and then I smiled. Jesus put his hand on me and said “many of you have come here when you’ve had a near death experience and all that came have never been allowed to go past this oasis, their where boundaries that they had and where only shown what would make them feel at home”.

We proceeded down the oasis to a door and he led me to a balcony that over looked the world and he said “behold my mansion and I go prepare a place for you”. We stood there and I was looking out around and I could see that I was on the big city sized mother ship and I could see beings of light heading down into the battle below. “I would not say it if was not true, this is all yours if you would just believe that you are just like me” he said. “The world is blind and all those people have not seen what the truth is and now they are afraid and they blindly follow the lamb to the slaughter”. “In a few years their will be many earth changes and as the world begins to heal itself from years of pumping her blood and raping her resources and ripping it apart through war amongst yourselves, this where my warnings where twisted to suit the beings who where in power for thousands of years”. I said “what is to become of them”, “you” he said “you, their brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers and all who fight with truth in their hearts will show them they have the power just as I do and I am but a fellow man like they are and when they see you they will believe”. “We have many allies and you see the other ships they are all our allies of peace, I have a guest for you to meet and he is one of our allies and you know him as Greek god”. The door opens and out comes a gray bearded hulking warrior like I have never seen in my life and in my heart I know it to be Zeus. “See that we are many and many of my people have also fell to the shadows of greed and power, for thousands of years we have been watching and waiting for you to find yourselves but sadly you where brainwashed”. “Many others have come to the aid of their fellow human beings, from India to Africa to the native peoples and all the people of the world”.

Jesus once again comes to me and asks me if I wanted to join the battle and help the others find their way, and when I am ready he will make me remember. All my being said “yes I am ready”. Then he put his hand on my shoulder and I remember the energy flowing from his touch to my brain and through out my body and everything negative fell away from me and the chains that bound my soul where shattered. My skin began to glow starting from my finger tips and moving up my arms and into my whole body until I was almost transparent and I grew about four feet. Looking through my new eye’s I could see the world and the beings I could not see before like the angels that bring the fallen up from the battle to be awakened and I turned to Jesus and I could see he was being of light like me. And he said “go forth and bring victory for darkness has no place in a world of light”, and I lifted myself off the balcony over the ship. A voice whispers to me and says “my child how beautiful you’ve become and many years I have waited to see you again” and deep inside I know it’s my father. He said you have the power to destroy all that is evil and dark and make it light and even those ships they fly are nothing compared to the true power in you and now we must free the people for we are the rulers of our world”. All my thoughts turned to the people down below and I let out a cry “Free our people of earth and let no evil stand for love is what governs the universe”

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posted on Mar, 13 2012 @ 04:22 PM
Day 4 – The great war of the souls
Down to the battle I fly dipping and turning and spinning around ships and I do some improvising as I crash through disks that cross my path and exploding in a fiery crash. Down I go closer to the earth, the disks try hard to attack but are not fast enough, some beings’ are being blasted by what seems like an energy beam that dissolves them but I could feel they are not destroyed. On I go crushing ships and avoiding the energy beams being blasted from the dark triangle ships. I know I must destroy the ships and I know humans are on board but I know they are beings just like me and so I have no worries in destroying the ships. Faster I go eliminating the hovering triangles and taking down any enemy in my sight.
With the ground approaching fast I weave to the masses marching to the cities left untouched by the war, bodies I grab and take up the giants to the heavens and I throw their bodies back to earth. My intentions are to destroy as many of the dark forces as possible for they will only crawl when I am done with them. I make my way down with a few friends that have gone before me, are now at my side as we head to the ground and make a stand with the little resistance of good humans left to fight the onslaught of evil intruders. Millions of beings like me in formation with humans are a sight to behold as they know now we are one.
A new enemy has emerged from the bowels of the star gates left open and these beings are dark shadow people with their league of black forces following behind them. My mind creates a sword of energy as we make are way to the final battle on the field of blood. Only those with the love shall walk tomorrow and those who are bound by darkness shall go in darkness. From above a horn blast as Jesus and the angels make there way down from the ships, Zeus and his forces join the battle for evil will not leave this place in victory.
All the forces of the world and of the spirit, from angels to fairies and to beings of light and beings of darkness all coming to head in a war of wars for existence. The great pause before the storm and the eagles above are all that sound, then with an arrow of darkness piercing the armour of light the war begins. The earth shakes as the sound of men and beasts in arms make there way towards each other, war machines move as millions of bodies are crushed by the gears of war. From the sea Poseidon swallows cities along the coastlines with waves taller than any known buildings on the planet and the earth is opened up to free Hades and all its minions. The pounding and the burning flesh ignite a world wind of doom that burns all that are not protected. From the heavens Jesus summons the stars to fall as fleet of angel release the onslaught of space rocks to the earth bellow.
Fire is released to the masses as the rushing flames come, we are stead fast and on we march in to the fire and the humans still alive drop in fear, Quickly I create an aura of light to protect them and tell them you “will survive this day”. Amazed at the sight of fire surrounding them but are safe inside the light. Each step closer the alliance of darkness, till the final step is reached as armies of the world collided with each other in blinding light.
Through streams of black spirits I flow, my blade withering away the souls of the dead that are in league with the legion. The breath of the dragon, are felt by the mortal humans and are consumed. For each human that dies is born into battle as a being of light, the first to fall is Hades as he is cast from surface of the land and thrown back into the bowels of the earth.
I see before me the reptilian horde and they leave this planet in pieces and not in peace, before me they fall as I eliminate the fiends of the damned. Jesus and the angels make quick work of the shadow beings and push them back into their star gates. The angels move along to the giants and they cut and weave their swords through the armour of the giants and they fall and they too are cast into the star gates.
The little demon grays try to retreat to the stars but are cut off by Zeus and their ships are left powerless and they plummet to earth. Zeus than turns his attention to Poseidon and the feud of the titans is finally at hand, the brutal truth to Poseidon is that Zeus is far too powerful and Poseidon’s body is crushed and broken and thrown to the sea for beasts of the sea will feast tonight. Zeus than dares his father to come to the battle but alas there was no response.

posted on Mar, 13 2012 @ 04:23 PM
DAY 4 Continued

All is lost for the forces of darkness and all that is left is the ashes of a world scared by war, from Italy a rumble envelopes the earth and we are drawn to the Vatican. From the ruins the pope appears and is followed by what looks like a man and he then grabs the pope and rips off his head and says to the world. “Let all those people who are still alive be warned that I will swallow you whole and I will feast on the fear you give me, your souls will quench my thirst I am SATAN!”
We where told to hold back by Jesus as he said “Stop I got this” than Jesus went down to meet the prince of darkness. Transformed did Satan that he became a giant and he was ready for the fight. They met with such force that the four corner of the earth moved 180 degrees and their was much destruction and it almost looked as if Jesus was losing but he called upon god which was the true light and blasted Satan into submission he was cast into nothingness.
With victory close at hand the light beings all gathered their forces an assembled along the city sized mother ships and the angels finished off the pockets of resistance and the war is won. After the war each person is given a chance to stay on earth or go on a journey with the stars. The evil governments that once ruled the world are sent to the old world where they will remain till they learn from there ways. The new earth is born and all its glory and peace for those who seek it go forth and never will you never weep again and sickness will cease to exist.
The End.

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