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NASA Crushes 2012 Mayan Apocalypse Claims

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posted on Mar, 11 2012 @ 03:06 PM

I see nothing that hasn't always been said.


posted on Mar, 11 2012 @ 03:25 PM
reply to post by LedaOhio

1) The Mayans did not say it was the end of the world. Just that it was an apocalypse. I'm sure people are saying that but it wasn't them. So let's not confuse the two. Just because an object is simple to use doesn't mean the technology behind it is. For instance, a calculator is simple to use and therefore the average person can operate it. However, the average person would have a hard time replicating a new functioning calculator. I feel the same way about the calendar. We know the Mayans were one of the most advanced civilizations at the time. This included knowledge of the universe and mathematics. Acknowledging this it's obvious this wasn't something they just tossed together for splits and giggles. These time scales aren't just for amusement. A day is one complete spin on our axis. A month(most of the time anyways) is the end of a lunar cycle. A year is how long it takes us to orbit the sun. Etc.

2) I'm not sure how "easily visible" a brown dwarf would be and the position of it's approach matters. While we may have thousands of people watching the sky that doesn't mean we see everything.

3) This isn't the first prediction NASA has made regarding the intensity of the next solar maximum. My point is...this is a hypothesis not fact. They've changed their mind before and even admitted that it is hard to predict such a thing at this time

4) It is pretty hard to align with a planet you are saying doesn't exist.

5) While I'm not a believer of this theory, it's my understanding that the outer crust is supposed to detach itself from the core allowing it to move..."freely". Not an actual flip of the Earth's rotational axis. Basically...what happened in the movie.

6) This is my favorite one. "...the last time it did was 740,000 years doesn't do that sort of shift but every 1/2 a million years....there's no evidence to believe it might shift in December." What about not in December? Isn't the fact that we are 250,000 years "overdue" for a shift not evidence that it could occur soon? Is the fact that the magnetosphere has holes in it not evidence of this as well? NASA honestly has no idea what a magnetic or physical shift would do because we don't have any scientific records of what happens to us and the planet when this occurs.

Oh and I almost forgot! Screw this guy! He killed Pluto! Destroyer of worlds!

I guess the most important thing is that NASA has never lied about ANYTHING and has been right about EVERYTHING. Right....?
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posted on Mar, 11 2012 @ 04:17 PM
You can see in the video that there are 2 things that are most often said to try to "disprove" things: 1) They try to say it is against chance, i.e. "this hasn't happened in X number of years, therefore the likelihood of this happening is very slight." 2) They say it isn't against chance, in fact, this happens ALL the time, therefore it's absolutely no big deal and is unimportant. So now just forget about it so that you don't look into this any further. This happens again and again when someones trying to calm someone. Its psychological manipulation. It's the same thing when someone is trying to talk to someone upset about something and they say things like "its going to be fine" (the likelyhood is slight that it won't be)-even if they know its not- and "There are people who are worse off and less fortunate than you. Be grateful" (bad things happen all the time, so its no big deal. Quit worrying about it.)
The sun nearing the black hole, which is the basis of the Mayan, Aztec, Hindu, and Egyptian calenders (who all studied the stars, and although it was merged with superstition, did have some basis of fact and logic, the same way that without alchemy there wouldn't have been the discovery of chemistry) is not complete evidence that it will be "the end of the world." But it WILL change things on earth, whether these changes will destroy us, no one can know with 100% assurance. I don't know exactly when NASA released this video, but a lot of the claims he said were false have came to pass.
The thing people need to realize is that this is a gradual progression of the movement of the sun, so its not like on December 21 it will all of a sudden take a massive leap to its December destination. The changes will happen over the course of the year, and quite possible will be kept very hushed for as long as possible.
There have been reports in the news already, which were kept very brief, of the things which according to this video wouldn't happen, and now "happen all the time" and will have no important affect.

Solar flares:

Pole Shift:

And here is something about the climate changes, which are obviously another result:

posted on Mar, 11 2012 @ 04:29 PM
There appears to be a prophesy of an asteroid hit The asteroid is supposed to be 1 mile in diameter . 2012 is clearly not the date for that event. The asteroid is associated with the beast of 616 ( or 666 ) The description of the beast is the mid atlantic ( AZORES ) The impact of the falling mountain will be enough to raise and lower continent. The asteroid will hit 3-4 years after the Apocalypse. 2012 is the activation of a poison by the sun.. The holly grail will be involved with the poison. NASA is a prime suspect . 1o'7 angels

posted on Mar, 11 2012 @ 04:42 PM

Originally posted by ProudBird
reply to post by LedaOhio

It isn't about "lies" is about facts, and science.

There are literally thousands and thousands of astronomers all over the World.

Any one of them would have "spilled the beans" by now...IF something were there.

There isn't anything "coming in".


Thought, I would like to add the word "YET" to your statement...LOL

posted on Mar, 11 2012 @ 04:57 PM

Originally posted by Mellok
Several months back I watched a video regarding 2012. I believe it was a blood relative Mayan "Elder" that said something along the lines of it being a transition, nothing end of the world.
I believe he also said something about our "star brothers" coming back to say hello.
One of his main points being; the period in which these "great changes" would come about, wouldn't be DEC 21, like often heard. He said it is more of a "window" as no one knows exactly when it would happen. The window was somewhere around 2010-2018 if I remember correctly. It was a while back, hard to remember exactly.


I dont blame people for telling tales. Been happening since the first human was able to form a sentence. In modern times we have books, movies and now....anyone can make a web site and say whatever they want. They look to past lies for verification as well.

posted on Mar, 11 2012 @ 05:07 PM
Not sure about the whole Nibiru thing, but when I read these...

Our Milky Way galaxy may be teeming with rogue planets that ramble through space instead of being locked in orbit around a star, a new study suggests. These "nomad planets" could be surprisingly common in our bustling galaxy, according to researchers at the Kavli Institute for Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology (KIPAC), a joint institute of Stanford University and the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory. The study predicts that there may be 100,000 times more of these wandering, homeless planets than stars in the Milky Way.

If the estimated number of these nomad planets is correct, the results could lead to exciting prospects about the origin and abundance of life in our Milky Way galaxy. For instance, as these homeless planets mosey through space, collisions could break apart pieces of these rogue worlds and fling bacterial life onto other celestial bodies, the researchers said.
Is it just me, or are they saying there are Nibirus out there.

posted on Mar, 11 2012 @ 05:14 PM
im not dismissing the idea of a rouge planet going by the name of Nibiru

what i can say that is that we won't be seeing it in our life time

posted on Mar, 11 2012 @ 05:37 PM

Originally posted by Malcher

Originally posted by LedaOhio
reply to post by Malcher

I do not think it is going to end at all.. But, I do believe this level of understanding is going to end for many..
I've had so many lucid dreams the past couple months and I wake up remembering them entirely.. Remembering that I knew I was dreaming and actually manipulating the dreams. I am able to see things on much larger scales with clarity..

About 6months ago I started Meditating, I installed water filter systems, I quit eating meat and anything not healthy.. I went through a complete cleansing plan of removing toxins from my system and now I stick to a strict diet and exercise every day..

Many things have changed my outlook on life and why we are here.. I feel it in my bones something big is going to occur.. Something good.. But, scary for many.. An Ex-Termination of all that is wrong with everything..

"whose winnowing fan is in his hand, and he shall thoroughly purge his threshing-floor, and shall gather his wheat into the garner, but the chaff he will burn with fire unquenchable."

I believe we were separated at the time of Adam and Eve when Anunnaki screwed with us.. That will be undone..
The carbon 666 within all will be torn from the divine..

I was reading about this same subject for hours last night and watching youtubes.

It is interesting but I just cannot figure out why the Mayan Calendar ending (if it does) tell us anything at all to think about even in the slightest way? These are the same people who sacrificed human beings to gods and, seems highly likely, a sun god. Actual sacrifices of living humans...Is this normal or enlightened? I dont think so.

Since we are already in the third month of 2012 and Nibiru is supposed to be huge then, as others have said, we would already see it. Now i agree, vigilance is good, and we ("governments") get rapped up in petty BS when there can be REAL problems coming from asteroids etc. but on the other hand we are just beginning to learn so many things, through imaging, about the universe and space in general that there is bound to be awe and even some fear. I have always looked at the stars with at least some fear because space is so powerful and just like the ocean is mysterious as well. 2012 is just going to be another Y2K. Only a day or two ago a solar storm was supposed to "wreak havoc" and what happened? Nothing.

The new probes, we are sending into space, are really amazing and showing us things we have never seen before so there will be some anxiety.

The ancient people spent an awful lot of time looking into the sky, had nothing else to do, but they could never know more than we (present civilization) know.

Another thing that confounds me is why the belief in cycles? First there is no past cycle the mayans, or anyone else could know about, and secondly why would there even be cycles? I seriously doubt there are major cycles, only minor cycles like the weather changing.

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If you flip a coin long enough, your results will ultimately be 50% heads, 50% tales.

So to suggest that nothing happened here, or there, one time soon, the prediction will in fact happen. Its just a matter of time.

posted on Mar, 11 2012 @ 05:37 PM
reply to post by LedaOhio

If it is really the end...what difference will a underground facility make...or a seed vault...or a peronal shelter...none is the answer and I don't need some stupid you tube video tell me that...just my own common sense. Nbiru or whatever it is suppose to be called is non sense as tens of thousands of people have the means to see it and no one other than somebody attempting to make money off it ever has...

posted on Mar, 11 2012 @ 05:37 PM
reply to post by sitchin

What shade of rouge is this "Niburu"? More pinkish, or tending towards a fleshy red color?

posted on Mar, 11 2012 @ 05:40 PM

Originally posted by artistpoet

Originally posted by BlackSatinDancer
how could there not be bigger cycles as the entire galaxy is cycling... but anyway, that's not important to my point.

I'm not so sure if i believe that the day the calendar ends is the day of reckoning either, but I believe it is important in some way.


"But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, but My Father only.

Yes there are bigger cycles than our orbit around the Milky Way Galaxy - Our Galaxy is but one amongst countless others - We are part of the Virgo Cluster of Galaxy's who's orbits in relation to one another are not yet measured - Though I understand this is not your point.
Yes no one truly knows when the rift may come - like a thief in the night.

Well, here's a thought the Mayans could not have possibly calculated: The expansion of the known universe.

Given that the universe is expanding, so would the orbits of the galaxies, orbits if solar systems, etc...

Someone posed a question about Leap Year. Do we have any mathematicians here who want to try to calculate the Mayan calendar factoring in the expanding universe variable?

posted on Mar, 11 2012 @ 05:43 PM

Originally posted by Lasr1oftheJedi
December 21, 2012 = Y2K 2.0. Atleast this time they arn't selling you a bunch of crap...yet.

Are you kidding? It will be just a matter of time before the T-shirts hit the stands!

Already< I saw a commercial, i think it was an insurance company, using the December 21 date in their advertising, but they got it all wrong. They state that "supposedly on 12/21/12, the earth's poles are supposed to swap and the world is coming to an end..." Though, It was the first time I had heard anyone tying in the date with a polar shift...

Anyone else see that?

posted on Mar, 11 2012 @ 05:55 PM
reply to post by flice

I think there is something a little different about this one, though.

Y2K was a man made error.

The Mayan calendar is a very precision created tool.

However, it is the interpretation of the date 12/21/12 that has everyone in a tizzy.

I don't think combining 12/21/12 with Niburi is necessarily a smart thing to do, and I don't see the relevance between the two.

The closest that I have come on ATS in previous threads going back two years now is equating world cataclysmic in proximity to a 3600 year cycle, which, happens to correlate with the coming of the 12/21/12 date plus or minus a decade.

posted on Mar, 11 2012 @ 06:08 PM

Originally posted by ProudBird
reply to post by phantomjack

As I said, in all the immensity of the Universe, in a nearly infinite number of possibilities:

If there existed a planet, which had an elliptical orbit, which brought it through our part of space every 3600 years, and it were made of some dark composite material, unknown to us, or not understood by us, it could, theoretically sneak up on us sight unseen and only detected by other non-visual means.

That, above (^ ^ ^) is purely conjecture, and has no credibility in fact or science, in our situation.

And sorry but: The "Kolbrin Bible" is not a credible source.

There simply is no archaeological evidence for a "3,600-year" cycle of destruction.

Did you realize that the person most oft-cited for having been the "creator" of the "Nibiru" myth in these modern times is Zecharia Sitchen? Based on his (severely flawed) "translations" of some Sumerian text sources.

But, even his claims have been massaged by others, to make it shoe-horn "fit" into the silly "2012 and Mayans" mumbo-jumbo.

Sitchen's "calculations", flawed as they are....they nevertheless predict the "Nibiru encounter" not in 2012...but sometime in 2900 AD!! So, using the "3,600-year cycle" and applying it to 2900 AD, simple math gives us circa 700 BCE, doesn't it?

Still, no record whatsoever in recorded Human history.......

Oh my friend. I do respect your opinion.

But you so so very wrong on these two issues:

1. That the Kolbrin Bible is not a legitimate document
2. That there is no evidence of world cataclysm of some sort every nearly 3600 years.

As much as I would like to debate you on this, I have been there, done that, in many of my previous threads over the past two years and have clearly pointed to documented world events that fit nicely into the 3600 year cycle theory,.

I am just too tired tonight to go through it all again, and instead, ask that if you do have interest in continuing this back and forth, that you search through the archives on ATS to see some of my previous writings.

Tell me, how is the Kolbrin bible any different from the Christian Bible or any other religious texts for that matter? Who makes one book legitimate over another? Who is the final arbitrator? Who decides which of them is real or not?

I take it you have not read any of the Gnostic works either, and if you did, you automatically discount them as well?

I, on the other hand, have to take into consideration ALL data available to me, fiction or non fiction, and decide which is more conceivable or not.

posted on Mar, 11 2012 @ 06:35 PM

Originally posted by WillowToadie
What is Google hiding behind these green squares from us? Is this Nibiru behind? Check out the coordinates and watch!

8 20 03, -17 53 34

8 56 11.71, -22 21 26

8 56 9, -22 22 16

I think this last coordinate is the latest position of Nibiru, because I didn’t found any other image.

I want undeniable PROOF that Nibiru is coming. Do not provide any evidence unless it has been scientifically proven 100% iron clad evidence. I dont want theories, speculation, opinions or any other form of un verifiable information.

Just truth with genuine evidence.

Don't make me come back there!!!

This type of logic is why crazy conspiracies and web-myths persist.


People, do you realize Google Sky is just a rough snapshot of the sky. Just like Google Earth, there are picture and data artifacts, anomalies, etc. IT IS NOT A LIVE VIEW! If you do indeed want a live view to research, there are plenty of online remote controllable telescopes with picture taking options. There is one in Arizona (and in New Zealand for when I want the Southern sky) that I get on and take great pics. Sometimes it's free, sometimes its only a couple of bucks. If you want to see whats behind the Mysterious Giant Google Conspiracy Box In The Sky, get on there, move it to that spot, snap a pic, THEN post it on here is proof of this fictional planet.

Whats next, "Ohhhh I see the Death Star on Google Sky...RUNNNN!!"

Sorry, amateur astronomer/photographer here....(but I am a Prepper and not a skeptic...I'm a realist).

posted on Mar, 11 2012 @ 06:37 PM
reply to post by phantomjack

When this year passes with no doomsday having taken place, you and the others will frankly deserve all the ridicule being spouted your way.

This cycle of fear-mongering is perpetuating itself behind this concept of being "awake" or "open-minded" to the point of pure fantasy.

posted on Mar, 11 2012 @ 06:54 PM
reply to post by phantomjack

None are "legitimate" in my opinion:

Tell me, how is the Kolbrin bible any different from the Christian Bible or any other religious texts for that matter? Who makes one book legitimate over another?

We will be far better off as a species once the last shred of religion is gone, consigned to the garbage heap of history, where it belongs.

posted on Mar, 11 2012 @ 06:58 PM
it really didn't need to be crushed, unless you believe men were once made of mud and amber


posted on Mar, 11 2012 @ 07:22 PM

Originally posted by ProudBird
reply to post by sitchin

What shade of rouge is this "Niburu"? More pinkish, or tending towards a fleshy red color?

A rogue Nibiru in rouge! How fetching

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