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Hello ATS (: Finally became a member! This is my Late Introduction.

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posted on Mar, 10 2012 @ 03:25 AM
Hello all, I have been lurking the boards here an ATS since 2008 and seeking for answers for hours a day every day since. Back in november i finally decided to become a member and get my experiences and thoughts out there

However, i just now in this past week got my first 20 posts and really started up on my profile. First off, I call this my late introduction because i already authored my first thread a couple days ago
It went well and I am very thankful the good people of ATS did not flame me
thread is about Sovereign citizens and how the MSM portays them if anyone is interested.
Anyways, on to my introduction. About me, I was born and raised in Colorado, United States of America
and still livehere today for the time being. I have lived in Denver, Colorado Springs, Peublo, and Fort Collins. I love this state, visitors fall in love with the mountains and the atmosphere here but I've never known anything different. Hell, without the mountains I couldn't find West or North
I will admit however this state can be very very boring. There is not much to do here outside of Denver and i say above for the time being because this summer I am moving finally. Which brings me to my first request for any advice from you fellow ATSers? Any members out there live in the New York state area? And is there any advice you could give to somebody from the midwest to help ease them into their new home? I would love to know about the area and what it's like.
Next off, what brought me to ATS in the first place was a simple google search about Out of Body Experiences. One of the results brought me here where i read a pretty interesting thread. Then it was a google search about UFO's which brought me here again, after those threads I was hooked and have stayed here ever since as my source for anything new and interesting happening.

I would be very happy to get to know some of you here on ATS pretty well and become friends. So in that pursuit, i will share some of my background and a couple experiences. First off, I used to struggle with addictions in what i call my past life but I have since beenvery far from all of my faults and im now focused on becoming a better person; and most of all in search of the truth and meaning. I have had a Near Death Experience in which my heart was dead stopped for 7 minutes but air was still going to my brain from somebody performing CPR saving me brain damage and turning my life around. During this experience is when I also had my one and only out of body experience. That is a story for a different time however but if any wish ask me questions about it feel free. I also love talking to others who have had similar experiences.
Now some background, well I have a son on the way and I currently live with my fiancee and partner for 3 years. I do not claim to have ever had any solid paranormal or spiritual experiences however my fiancee has had many of these experiences and is very giften in..inuition, she is highly perceptive, etc. That is also a story for a different time though. My uncle has experience in the Air Force and My Grandpa is retired Navy although my direct family does not have a military background.
Other than that, my beliefs. I have no religion but I will not call myself an atheist because i have never seen any more proof and evidence tpwards or against 'God' existing. I am against organized religion though as i believe it is a plague on this world and cause for 90% of world conflicts. I personally believe everybody has slightly differing opinions even within the same religion and people should just each follow what they individually have come to believe. I consider myself indepentdent; i think the Republican and Democrat parties are the stupidest thing since...welll you get the point

I consider myself a bit of a 'Sovereign Citizen' myself simply and solely because i feel that this countrys constitution has been torn down bit by bit already and it must be defended and rebuilt. I feel any true patriots of America will not stand for the Government's tyranny any longer and will try to the best of their ability to stand up and defend our Constitution. I do pay my taxes and all though etc. There is no use in going to jail because of my beliefs..
Other than that, i feel that it is mathematically impossible we are alone in this universe and there are definately without a doubt other intelligent beings or 'ET's' out there. I also believe they have visitied the Earth but i also understand that 99% of 'UFO' videos, etc are just fakes or mistaken objects in the sky.
...Now with all that being said, i can assure you I personally will not be on ATS to shove my beliefs down anybodies throat, I am simply here to read, seek the truth, post about and discuss my opinions as well as everybody elses (:
I am very open minded to new ideas and concepts so i wont be one to flame you, except for trolls of course

Anyways, that is all about me for now (: enough is enough sorry for the long post...when i get to typing it goes on and on, let's hear about any of you?
if anybody has even read this and thinks we may have some common interests or experiences. Feel free to U2U me or ask me questions, etc here anytime! I'd love to hear others thoughts and interests.

I am very open minded to new ideas and concepts so i wont be one to flame you, except for trolls of course

I'm looking forward to posting with all of you and very excited to have joined the Forums (:
I hope to make a great contribution to ATS' esteemed ranks

Thank You for reading!
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posted on Mar, 10 2012 @ 03:37 AM
Like a breath of fresh air, a living breathing human inside the virtual world.
Nice intro ,welcome to it

posted on Mar, 10 2012 @ 06:44 AM
That was a nice introduction! Welcome. I know nothing about New York state except I did live in Delaware. The east is very different from the west, you may experience culture shock. What I know of people, if you are open and warm, they will respond in kind. Good luck with the move.

Your other experiences sound interesting too. Nothing like a brush with death to turn a life around. Congratulations!

There are many answers here and more questions, hope you find plenty of both.

posted on Mar, 10 2012 @ 09:10 AM
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