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Sony to launch new PSTwo

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posted on Sep, 21 2004 @ 09:52 AM
Firstly, appologies if this is in the wrong forum -

The best-selling PlayStation 2 games console has been given a makeover, with a new slimmed-down, lightweight model due to go on sale in November.
The new PS2 is about half the size of the existing model and will sell for the same price of 149 euros (£99).

Sony has launched it in an attempt to widen the console's appeal and prolong its shelf-life. Sales of the original PlayStation were boosted when Sony introduced a smaller version, dubbed the PSOne.

The redesign is part of Sony's strategy to maintain the PS2's lead over rival consoles. Some 24 million machines have been sold in the PAL territories - Europe, the Middle East and Africa - since its launch November 2000. But traditionally console sales start to slip after they have been around for a few years and the PS2 is no exception.



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