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What it be like, ATSers?

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posted on Mar, 9 2012 @ 10:43 PM
I've been reading posts and replies for about two years, and feel its about time to contribute. I doubt I'll start an astonishing thread, as I am very busy in real life running the rat race. I mean too occupied to report breaking news, unless by chance . Nonetheless, I can now add my two cents here and there because there are those times where I want to call someone out or give another a flag.

About my views... I am open minded, but not naive. I evolve my thoughts daily, so I cant really label myself. I believe in the Creator, in Jesus, ETs and Science. I don't believe in politicians or organized religions. I hate (well, really really don't like) the way our country and society has evolved.

About me... I am a family man, I work hard and live paycheck to paycheck. I used to be free and roam wildy, but am glad I have a reason to live now. I have a dry sense of humor and express myself in sarcastic, cheese laced rants and through photoshopped images. Ill prob make fun of you, too. Just dont be stupid, or at least make sure you can take a joke.

Anyway, sorry to ramble, thanks for reading my intro. and I look forward to chewing the cud with those of you kindred spirits. I wonder how many words in this intro are on the t 3 r r 0 r watch list.

Oh ya, Im thinking of obtaining a license to carry and pack a BOB. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Im not some paranoid anti anything, I just want to have a decent chance if SHTF.

What the * is OP? original poster?

See you around.

posted on Mar, 9 2012 @ 11:02 PM
reply to post by CivilSheppard

Welcome to ATS! As you correctly guessed OP = Original Post and/or Original Poster so it could refer to the thread itself or the person who started it depending on context. It took me a while to get that one too.

As for breaking news, I don't do much of that either, people here are too fast. A well placed comment is just as good though offering insight or personal opinions on a subject. It's about all I do due to the fast posting rate here.

You will do just fine I think. Enjoy your time here and I look forward to seeing you on the boards before the SHTF.

posted on Mar, 9 2012 @ 11:11 PM
Welcome to the funny honor of your arrival, I'm happy to present you, with your very own custom made,

*Official* ATS Straight Jacket. Wear it in good health.......

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posted on Mar, 9 2012 @ 11:12 PM
Thanks '___'! I've been trying to reply to some threads, but didn't have the option until you welcomed me. I wonder when my avatar will show up. I know I did it correctly, because it was confusing as h4ll.

Anyway I appreciate the nod, see you around speed.

posted on Mar, 9 2012 @ 11:20 PM
reply to post by Destinyone

Thanks for the site warming gift Destiny. I'll have to stuff that one in my BOB, it definitely fits the occasion. I enjoyed your reply, and most def give you a star for originality. I have to look up the meaning of the numbers and acronyms in peoples avatars, pretty intriguing.

posted on Mar, 9 2012 @ 11:20 PM
What it c like? Happy to have you! I don't have a thread starting bone. But I'm working on 2 ideas lol. Either way I love the opinions more!!

posted on Mar, 10 2012 @ 01:54 AM
Hi there, thanks for joining the community. Here's a small presentation tour to help you onto the right path.

Welcome CivilSheppard

For now you can reply to any thread in any forum you wish. Once you have achieved 20 post replies, you will be able to start your own threads in the appropriate areas & additionally send/receive messages to fellow ATS members. You are now able to send & receive (PM's) Private Messages to Staff only, (but after the 20 post minimum, you'll have full access).

To save a lot of searching and even possible future heartache & frustration, please review the below.

Some handy links to get you started in becoming an informed and valued member of ATS.

Reaffirming ATS Policies ( Please Read First

Terms & Conditions Of Use (Please read second)

Visit here next - ATS Freshmans Forum

Index of Important ATS Related Threads

Starting a New Thread ?... Look Here First

Hey New Members!! Come here if you need advice

Easy Way to Upload Your Pics & Avatar Graphics

Rules for Avatars and Mini-Profile Background images

Avatar and Signature Guidelines

Be sure to try out our Ask ATS with the "search words" of your choice. I'm sure you will find many threads to pick from to add your thoughts and opinions too. We encourage everyone to please contribute to existing threads rather than start a new one. This will also help guarantee that your thread won't end up as a duplicate located elsewhere. The ATS Search feature is your friend!

AboveTopSecret is much like a theme park with many, many rides, so with that said...
Here's a few thoughts before getting onto any one of the 1000's of topical rides at Above Top Secret, also known as ATS, the world's largest Civil & Unique Discussion Community.

*** Please be sure to be at least this tall to get on any of the rides, (Johnny stretches his arm outward), and act like an 'civil' adult. This will save you a lot of future stress, frustration and possible action by one of your friendly neighborhood Mods!

*** Please remember that some members are very passionate and vocal depending on what ride your all on. You should be mentally fit, stable and have a strong stomach for theories, conjecture, research and evidence presented that may be contrary to your own.

*** Please be "open-minded" enough to understand that sometimes the ride isn't always what you might think or expect. Be aware you also might end up learning something new and 'out-of-the-box' before you get off the ride.

*** Please note that at times the ride gets overly-heated and "it's strongly suggested" to get off the ride to regroup one's thoughts before continuing. This will also help guarantee that the ride will move forward without getting derailed or explode into a fiery trashbin.

*** Please have fun! Be aware if you act in an uncivil-like manner, use profanity, intentionally spread a hoax and/or get verbally abusive, you will be removed off the ride by a Moderator. This is for your safety, & also for those both young and old on the ride with you.

So buckle up, keep your arms within the ride's comfort zone, have fun and "Deny Ignorance"...!

posted on Mar, 11 2012 @ 06:01 AM
reply to post by CivilSheppard

What the * is OP? original poster?


OP if one says it like "owe-pee", then OP was Sheriff Andy Griffiths son on the TV series "Mayberry", with Barney & Ant Bee as regular co-stars

or if one says the Letter sounds "OH-Pee" could be txt for: original post/ opening post/ only post/ ornery person...

adjective, -ner·i·er, -ner·i·est. Dialect.
1.ugly and unpleasant in disposition or temper: No one can get along with my ornery cousin.
2.stubborn: I can't do a thing with that ornery mule.
4.inferior or common; ordinary.

the worlds an oyster

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