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When Are You To Old To Make New Friends?

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posted on Mar, 9 2012 @ 04:51 PM
Ive been wondering this for a while. I began researching in my early 30's and was still... some might say not "awake" yet. Not until I moved to a rural area, and was less consumed with lots of hanging out, and partying with friends, did I have the time to look into other things, that well, lead me hear to ATS.

I have since not been able to really connect with the people that I used to. We no longer have similar interests, and sometimes just have nothing to talk about. I am sure that its has mostly to do with the amount of changes that I have made, and coming from NYC (The South Bronx) and then moving to a gravel road, well there isnt much we can catch up on.

So Im wondering can I really try to find new friends at my age ( I am now in my mid 30's)? Its not just an age thing, but a interest thing too. I mostly connect with people that well to be honest would be other members from ATS, (not everyone of course), but there isnt really a cool place to make new friends that have similar interest that aren't on the internet.

Im sure that when the SHTF, and we are living a much different life, that there will be some ATS members that I would later realize live right around the corner (not literally of course, population in my area, is about 20), I feel that the more time passes I am getting more comfortable with being alone, but I think thats to me knowing that I have about the same chances of making long terms friends in my state of mind, as a group of people on a Tuesday night have of bring mugged, by a gang of sharks, that have infiltrated the sewer systems, and now run the underground water scene, and are silently fighting against the alligators from the 80's that were flushed down toilets!

I am the only one that feels this way? Have any of you had to go through something similar? And if so what did you do?

Thanks in advance, NRE.
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posted on Mar, 9 2012 @ 05:01 PM
Friendship has no age restrictions. I've acquired many new acquaintances and several true friends over the years, many of whom are as young or younger than my own kids.

posted on Mar, 9 2012 @ 05:04 PM
reply to post by NoRegretsEver

I moved across the world from City life in UK to rural - very rural countryside in New Zealand and I'm not young - I have son's older than you. I've never had so many friends and they're real friends - you know people you can turn to.
But there's a real culture where I am of helping eachother out from cooking something when someones ill - mucking in in someones garden because it's too big a job for them - helping someone move house or whatever, just think of your needs and you can be sure that others have the same needs and will also respect your space - it does work both way.

Hope this helps.

posted on Mar, 9 2012 @ 05:07 PM
It's never too late to make new friends! I always thought going into high school that if you didn't know anybody, it would be a lonely 4 years. That is how high school stayed for me. Now as an adult, I make new friends all the time although the scope of friendship has changed. It's more a casual hi and friendly chit chatting to make the time go by. I've recently started going to college; a freshman at 32 years old! Most of the "kids" in my Freshman English class are around 18-20. I've made a few acquaintances there as well.

I suppose close friendships develop over time, and all the very close friendships that I cherish the most, started by being acquaintances. Good luck on your quest! And remember, sometimes it's when we STOP looking that we find what we were looking for to begin with.


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