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The Biggest False Flag of All

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posted on Mar, 9 2012 @ 11:41 AM
Now, I would mention that I actually think religion is the biggest false flag of all...panicking people with ideas of hell then offering salvation by knowing a single name and devoting all of your life to his "cause"...which, of course, is defined by the will of the Church. Never once suspect it's a giant controlling mechanism.

Regardless...this idea was presented to me by a friend of mine, after I mentioned my ideas on the fallacy of the human reliance on animal instinct. He corrected me, and his amendment to my theory is as follows.

This HUGE false flag is based on human instinct. I was wrong, I admit it. He proved it to me. I believed that the animal instincts every human possesses, were no longer necessary. They actually a certain point. Mainly, in infants. But I was on the right track. The answer was further along.

You see, it's all in the corporations (big shocker). They are deliberately putting our animal instincts on overdrive. How? Deprivation. When you are trained to want everything, your instincts will immediately want more, more, more. And so when you don't have as much as you think you should, you begin to feel "deprived". Through deprivation, our system has tricked us into buying everything they want us to.

It's similar to a dog you are trying to teach to sit on a chair (in our case, we taught to become sheeple, chattel they harvest for money). It sits every way but on the chair with legs on the ground. So eventually, you start feeding it. This would be the government convincing us that we need a bunch of extra stuff, or forcing us to buy into things through fear. Either enticement, or coercion. That's how they operate. So that dog eats and eats, feeding into all of the bull. Eventually, it becomes overweight through all of the gluttony, and it gets tired of resisting. It finally collapses...only to find itself sitting exactly as you wanted it to.

This is what we are doing. We've stopped resisting, and we feed into everything the government is doing, making money just to cough it up with interest. We are chattel...we are born to make money, we are raised to make money, we grow old making money, and we pay money even after we die (coffin, cremation, funeral, burial plot, etc.). We are neither hated nor loved by the leaders sworn to protect us, because just as we are simply assets to the officials and politicians, we are also the source of their funds. We are the reason they stay afloat, and we have no other purpose.

And because of this, the government has used our instincts, which were initially for the barest of survival, and turned them against us. We are being made to believe that we need more for the satisfaction of our instincts than we really do...all in order to make money for the government. This is one of the biggest false flags in the history of our nation (except for religion).

Stop buying into the corporate message, stop living just to keep them afloat in their paradise...make them work to serve the people. Don't become like farm animals, alive only to make the kingpins happy.

Don't just survive on the propaganda. Live by your own will.


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posted on Mar, 9 2012 @ 12:05 PM
I completely understand what your saying. I have been on a mission to rid my self and my family of all corporate needs. Trying to convince teenagers the difference between wants and needs in these times is nearly impossible. Excessiveness and greed will be te collapse of the world as we know it, as it has in the past.... We are at the tipping point....

posted on Mar, 9 2012 @ 12:12 PM
I strongly agree with this, we are like the governments little puppets. Made only to please them, all of the social media and propaganda brainwashes our fellow citizens, they dont believe our government is capable of doing the evil things they do... And when people open their eyes and see whats truely happening, they speak out, trying desperately to open the eyes of others. But then the government classifies those people as terrorists, so if your not their little sheeple or puppets then your a terrorist... Land of the free, haha that makes me laugh...

posted on Mar, 9 2012 @ 12:31 PM
reply to post by nolongerblind

You unfortunately have to start young and untether children from unimportant so called "needs". We need food, water, shelter, clothing and companionship.

Everything and I mean everything else is secondary.

At the root of all of this is the underlying false belief we all need to work and that by doing so need to let daycare or someone else raise our children. Or that we don’t need a mother and a father or at least a two person parenting system (one to provide a social structure with dedicated time to help raise the child) and this is not sexist.

Then in turn they get little parental time other then media events (school shows, Movies, fun and games). No real world instruction takes place between parent and child. They develop values and desires from the Television or worse someone who is not their family. The system is designed this way to further the NEED that becomes unfulfilled by material objects.

We are also slowly being trained to loosen our personal freedoms and identities through social media. We deem how many virtual friends we have more important than real world ones. We believe (falsely) that we are our own personal stars online because of our NEED to be famous through the trapping of the Entertainment industry or corporation Religions.

We are told we are too fat, ugly, stupid by the media Entertainment industry and that only a select few are worthy of adoration. That because they are special maybe somehow we could be too and have that dream when in reality they take care of their “family” and very few outsiders “Make it Big”. Or that we are unworthy and must be saved from our sins by only special people.

When children understand that everything else that actual needs is a luxury (something most adults don't even know), and that the media and Entertainment Industry is a lie, which provides us with mental equivalent of junk food. Then they are more likely to easily part with material trappings of this hyper-capitalist society.

Either spouse or partner could do this regardless of sex or orientation, be there as even a mentor to instruct that there is more to life then material or status gain...

But some people would argue they don't have the time to do this and well that leads to a perception of what is truly important to you. But they choose this by their own selfish wants and desires, instead of choosing what is truly important. Raising your children or letting someone else do it and living your own life without control.
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posted on Mar, 9 2012 @ 12:37 PM
My friend, who inspired this thread, said that the first action in removing corporate control is by attacking the banks.

He actually wants me to put some "Occupy by Proxy" threads up...ideas he has about Occupying without actually being there. Essentially, tying the bank's time up for hours so they get no service. Doesn't require anyone's presence...just distracting the bank by whatever means.

posted on Mar, 9 2012 @ 04:41 PM
In order to solve this problem, we must detach ourselves from material desires. We must curb our learned addiction, and break away from the infection of social greed.

We must learn that everything we need today, can be produced in labs with no trouble...we no longer need to fight to survive. But if we continue rampaging in a two way race: one, the power-hungry money-grubbers intent to keep a fist squeezed around our necks until we bleed dry; and two, the desperate people frantically amassing treasures because they fear they will be trampled if they become poor.

Politicians and officials and those sitting at the top of the tree will continue to grope our pockets until we have to beg them for resources. Then they dump resources upon us, and raise the prices of everything, knowing we'll buy their stuff anyway.

We, as the desperate, unthinking sheep of this nation, simply buy everything because we are afraid of having nothing. The four things we grow addicted to: air, water, food, and warmth. Why? Because we need these addictions. They keep us alive.

But the government has noticed these addictions, these things we rely, and has learned how to use those addictions to squeeze extra juice out of us. All they want is money from us. Our lives no longer matter. The state of the streets and cities and homeless prove that much. Insurance rates and stuff.

All of this is proven. So will you rely on materialism, or learn to survive by spirit alone. Do what is needed for your body, and leave the rest to the love and godliness within.


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