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Problem, Reaction, Solution

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posted on Mar, 9 2012 @ 11:07 AM
I'll start this thread as everyone else on ATS does, by saying MODs if this is in the wrong section please move it. Good now that that's out of the way, I'll get straight to my point. Many of you on this site are familiar with the concept of Problem, Reaction, Solution. I was first introduced to it by listening to David Icke. I can't say everything that comes out of his mouth is truth, but this concept definitely is. I was frivolously looking around facebook today when I stumbled upon an a conversation thread about KONY 2012 (seems everyone is all of a sudden SO interested in this) The thread talked about how military intervention is the only option. Then it dawned on me. This is problem reaction solution. Just like so many other recent event have been as well. It has become so obvious that the solution is ALWAYS military intervention. Let's list some of the many examples:

-9/11 - whether or not you believe it was a conspiracy (that's not the debate here), you can't deny that the government used this as the main catalyst for throwing us in the the wars we have been involved in for the last decade. The problem was national security, the reaction was public fear and outcry, and the reaction was military intervention in Afghanistan.

-WMD's - During the bush administration, Bush and all his staff continually preached of the weapons of mass destruction that Iraq and Saddam Hussein possessed. This was the problem. Just like 9/11, the reaction was was public outcry for something to be done about. And just like 9/11 the solution was military intervention in Iraq.

-Libya and now Syria - Over the last year or so, all you hear about on the news are the atrocities brought about by the leaders of these countries on their own citizens. Video footage and photos of the carnage are pumped into our minds 24/7. The problem is these oppressive "dictators." I'm putting dictators in quotations because being the natural skeptic that I am, I have never personally been to either country so I don't know how they actually treated their people. I don't believe everything the news says, but I am open to the idea that it may be true. The reaction was the same as before, public outcry for something to be done. And, SHOCKINGLY, the solution was military intervention. Obviously this has not occurred in Syria yet, but it will soon.

-Iran- Almost immediately after Osama Bin Laden was "killed" (again I'm a natural skeptic), media concentration shifted to the huge threat of nuclear technology in Iran. It's very interesting to me how there wasn't as much attention given to this supposed threat before Bin Laden was killed. And on top of that, watch the news and listen to how little you hear about Al Queda now. It's all about Iran and how they are going to nuke Isreal. This shift in concern literally seemed to happen over night. Anyhow, the problem is the nuclear threat that Iran possesses. The reaction, again, is the same thing: fear and a call to do something about it. And it's pretty clear what the solution will be....catch my drift?

KONY 2012- This brings me back to the beginning of my post. This video (all of a sudden) blows up online. The problem is obviously the ruthless warlord. The reaction is the same as it always was: public outcry and a call to fix it. It seems as if we have been trained to react this way. The solution will inevitably be military intervention.

So I end by asking you this, what is the end game here? Oil? More military bases to expand our global empire? Does it have to do with establishing central banks the these areas that didn't have them before these interventions? Please discuss. Thanks for reading.


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