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Barack Obama raised by a transvestite :-)

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posted on Mar, 9 2012 @ 10:55 AM
This is translated from Slovenian to English with google translate so don't blame me for the mistakes...

American journalists have found in one of the slums of Jakarta the person who took care to present the most influential U.S. man, when he was a little boy and he lived in Indonesia. U.S. President Barack Obama, according to the foreign media at the time when he lived in Indonesia, during his eighth and 10 ages,was raised by Evie. American journalists have retrieved an object data that now 66-year-old Evie is a transvestite, who is living among others with prostitution.

Barack Obama in Jakarta with his mother lived on the end of the 60s years until the beginning of the 70th years, a total of 4 years. In 1969, his mother Ann at a party met Evie. After having tried the steak and fried rice, which was prepared by Evie, has decided that it will employ. Evie soon no longer just a cook and take care of household chores, but also keeping an eye on little Barack, who appointed him as Barry, ga monitored in school and out. Evie is supposedly always felt that after the female heart. Obama is still a house left dressed in women's clothing, a watch is supposed that Barack did not see it. "Barry was a really little kid and I've never been before him dressed in women's clothing," said Evie. "He saw it when I make up with mom's lipstick Ann Dunham, and that it is really smile," he added. Obama's former neighbors remember that they often saw Evie, when Obama was leaving the house, only that they were then convinced that the house every night has left a woman and not men.

Proud to be keeping an eye on Obama

Evie said that he had no idea that it is keeping an eye on the boy, who in 2008 won the presidential elections in the U.S.. That this is Barry, with whom he spent two years, he found only after the publication of his photographs from his childhood. Although the first of many he just laughed, saying that he invented the story, a few neighbors confirmed that Barack Obama is really Barry, on which the watch, and that the story is true. "Many I still zmerjajo with izmečkom ... But now they can proudly replies that I at least watch the U.S. president," he said Evie.

Often the victims of violence

Now the 66-year-old Evie told that since childhood he felt that the woman, although he was born as a man. After leaving Obama in Indonesia in 1971, his life had changed significantly. Evie was still dressed as a woman, then moved with their partners in a common housing. Association, after three years apart, Evie has started to support prostitution. "I tried to get a job as a housekeeper, but nobody wanted me to work," he explained. Often the victims of physical attacks and insults. Security guards and soldiers gays and transvestites often persecuted, loaded on trucks, drove in more remote places, and there are kicked, beaten and verbally abused. Due to death threats in the year 1985, when after a big raid disfigured body was found a friend, decided to spent the rest of their lives rather than men. "Although I felt like a woman, I did not want to die. So I tried and accepted the fact that I have to live like men," he said. Evie, who has a child's father often beat her, because he did not want to have both 'mevžastega' son, now lives in a small hut in a slum in Jakarta, where the survival of washed linen and character. "My father wanted to be a good boy, that would behave like other boys. I could, I felt equal to him." The school made fun of him, so he left school and learned a great cook and the cook in the teenage years, many renowned restaurants.

Unforgiving to transvestites

In Indonesia, where the population was 240 million, according to certain estimates, 7 million were living as transvestites. Although it is numerically large, and even have their own award, the release from them is still often mocked. Even in films, especially comedies, are transvestites often the butt of jokes and the person from whom the jokes. As reported by the media, should have been in recent years frequently has attacked Muslim extremists. The local representatives of Islam and advocate that all people should grow up as they were born, and to meet obligations arising from their gender, are reported in the British media. "They need to learn to accept their nature," said Ichwan Syam, sworn Muslim priest. "If you are not ready to medical treatment on religious or medical treatment, then to take their destiny to be ridiculed and harassed by others."

Source : Raised by a transvestite

posted on Mar, 9 2012 @ 03:36 PM
Don't tell me, you all knew that ??

posted on Jun, 26 2012 @ 10:05 PM
reply to post by LordDrakula

Trudi otherwise known as Evie state "Barack never saw me dress as a woman but he would sometimes see me put on his mothers lipstick, That would crack him up".


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