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Peter Molyneux leaves Lionhead, Microsoft

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posted on Mar, 9 2012 @ 01:31 AM

Speaking to fans via Twitter, the Fable creator said he now plans to do something "scary and brave" with his new venture.

"I have left the lovely amazing Microsoft and Lionhead," the Fable, Populous, Black & White and Syndicate designer said on Twitter. "Now for something really amazing, scary and brave a new company called 22 Cans."

Well known for his ambitious,far reaching claims of game-play mechanics that never fully came to fruition.
( ex:The original Fable ,some would say fell way short compared to what it was said to have been )

I wish him nothing but the best with his new ventures and look forward to future IP involving the great mind of Molyneux.

I have always thought Peter to be one of the better innovators in gaming,even if only in his ambitions & ideas to create thought provoking,original games & how they were experienced.

He went on to say -

"I remain extremely passionate and proud of the people, products and experiences that we created, from Black & White to Fable to our pioneering work with Milo and Kate for the Kinect platform. However, I felt the time was right to pursue a new independent venture. I'd like to thank the team at Lionhead, as well as our partners at Microsoft Studios for their support, dedication and incredible work over the years."

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posted on Mar, 9 2012 @ 02:14 AM
Whether he over hyped or not, I can't deny that he made some brilliant games. Be sad to see him go, I love Lionhead games, and loved Bullfrog before that.

posted on Mar, 9 2012 @ 03:32 PM
Regrettably the tech could never keep up with his ambitions
I still play syndicate and dungeon keeper ( keep my eye out for populus )
The original fable, as much as it fell short was still a masterpiece, fable 2 and 3 were great but in my opinion never surpassed their predecessor
I'm quite looking forward to what the new fable can do with the kinect too
Infact that's probably what he's off to do, design new games for the kinect 2.0 and next Xbox with his inside info
Go pete

posted on Mar, 11 2012 @ 11:04 PM
I'm on the fence about this. On one hand, Molyneux made good games, but on the other hand, they were often underwhelming because he kept hyping them. I'm looking forward to what his new company does, but I'm not looking forward to the false hype.

posted on Mar, 16 2012 @ 09:04 AM
his imagination was good but his actual creations kinda sucked anyway.

fable was going to be so much more but had most of the game ripped out before release. fable sucks and the kinect version will be the worst in the series.

black and white was good, i enjoyed playing god.

syndicate was better when it was a 2d game, the new one sucks. (didn't know this was one of his until now)

i was looking forward to the BC game but that was scrapped.

well let's hope the next gen of game creators do better.
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posted on Mar, 17 2012 @ 09:59 AM
Molyneux is propably the most overrated game designer of all time.
He made exactly three great games, those are Populous, Dungeon Keeper and Magic Carpet. Everything else was all hype and no substance. He has good ideas but the games always fall very short.
Fusion was a lame shooter. Theme Park was innovative but had too many flaws (always the same park layout, visitors were just NPCs without personality, the CPU-led Theme Parks were just 'there' without being actualy competition, too few things to build) . Hi-Octane is forgotten and not with good reason (what a lame, lame game). Same with Genewars (Boring). Does anyone even remember those? Black & White was one of the worst games ever, the crude mix of Populous and Tamagotchi that never really worked and never was fun to play. The Movies was interesting but ultimately was interesting for 2 hours after that you've seen everything, explored everything and all the shortcommings once again (CPU-led studios are no real competition, the actors were just 'there', you couldn't even hire the actors from enemy studios and it wasn't about creating movies but more about making your actors happy) destroyed the fun.
I'm playing Fable 2 at the moment, it's again the same. Interesting concept, a lot of shortcommings, way too easy and simple. Fable 1 was already the exact same thing, Fable 2 improved nothing, even though Molyneux hyped the game as the best thing ever and rated it himself a 9 out of 10

I for one hope he retires and doesn't fill the market more with lame, overhyped games, where he promised a billion of features that are either never included or never really work.

Originally posted by listerofsmeg
syndicate was better when it was a 2d game, the new one sucks. (didn't know this was one of his until now)

Syndicate wasn't by Molyneux. It was created by Sean Cooper, Mark Webley and Paul McLaughlin. Molyneux just slapped his name in the credits (as "Management") because Bullfrog was his company but he had no hand in designing or producing Syndicate, the add-on or Syndicate Wars (which was created by Mike Diskett and Sean Masterson)
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