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Deep Dark [CWC]

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posted on Mar, 9 2012 @ 12:39 AM
My second entry...this time a short story in prose, I suppose...

Deep in the bosom of the night he trudged on
accompanied only by the sound of
staccato static weeping in his ears.
Long ago his helmet light went out-
plunging him into bewildering darkness
he was tempted to contact the outside world
to seek out what options he had to survive.
If only the radio had not died too.
Still he could not comprehend the series of
events that culminated in this total isolation;
what alien malice worked against him and his mission?
Soon, lost in his thoughts, he stumbled upon the
discovery that would reveal all the answers…
ahead of him stood a denizen of this lonesome
worldlet—it’s body glowing in orange phosphorescence,
its teeth a white ivory gleam-

he stood there realizing the formalities of
first contact would not apply.

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