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Strange Times to be Alive (reformatted for ease of reading all accounts) [CWC]

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posted on Mar, 8 2012 @ 05:58 PM
My submissions were in different threads and were getting out of order. It seemed to be getting confusing so when I added the ending, I opted to just combine them all into one. I hope you enjoy my short story. thanks for reading.

Strange Times to be Alive (reformatted for ease of reading all accounts)

Strange times to be alive. Soon after they arrived, all hell broke loose. News reporters were trying to control the information, but the sheer volume of witnesses made that task impossible. The country just shut down and soon after, the world did as well. In a strange twist of fate, I was there when the ship landed. We were all just going about our daily lives when the fireballs streaked across the sky. It at first appeared like a meteor storm in daylight, but soon after the smoke cleared and the meteors were ships. From what I hear there were six total and they were spread over a hundred or so miles after they entered the atmosphere. I saw two streaks but only one ship inside the tree line. I ran towards the crash site, but oddly there was no impact sound, just a loud hum that was felt more than heard.
I’ve decided to log my experiences as they happen. This will either serve as my testimony or my dying words, depending on how things play out. You see, they saw me as I ran away. One of them gestured toward me as I stood there frozen in fear. I panicked and ran off. They didn’t follow me but I heard them in my head tagging me as interesting. I am currently holed up in a store. There are many people here and they are pretty scared. I too am pretty scared but at the same time curious. I’ll keep my tablet with me and keep writing what I see. What is bothering me is the link I feel with them. It is like they have a radio tuned to my thoughts but regard me as a simple animal. They seem to want something and are going to take it away soon, but I cannot know what it is. The fear we are feeling is being numbed somehow. I feel sluggish and know I should be running, but for some reason none of us are leaving.

I just tried talking to this guy near me but he just looked at me and shook his head. He seems to be slipping into a trance or falling under some control. I don’t know what’s wrong, but there is a buzzing hum in my head now that is putting pressure behind my eyes. I just can’t seem to focus on too much. They are close they are buzzing fight dewqk dc ffffffffffffffffffffffffff’ ffd dddddd

I saw them too
I saw them today. They landed yesterday and seemed to have subdued all people near them. It was like they were hypnotized or drugged. I was out of sight and stayed far enough away to not be noticed. No one has been able to communicate with them. If you got close enough, you were rendered helpless. They are not humanoid at all. They aren’t bugs either. It is hard to compare them to anything on Earth. I guess I’ll start with their height. They are about eight feet tall, maybe three hundred and fifty pounds, all solid but no human shape to them. They seem to move like a gorilla I guess? Long arms with round claws grab ahead and pull the body forward. Their feet are more snail like, a blob of flattened muscle attached directly to the bottom of the body. There is no head to speak of, but the chest area has flaps on the front and back. Given their shape, they are very fast and strong. My guess is they are scouts of some sort. They don’t appear very intelligent, but that could easily be because they don’t desire to communicate with us. They seem to be looking for something. They probe the ground and then move on to repeat in another place.
I don’t understand why the military hasn’t been present yet. There is no satellite feeds anywhere nearby and communication has been rendered useless. Some thought it was an emp, but we still have power. Many have fled the area, but some of us stayed behind, hiding and moving when we can. I was in a store yesterday and got out of there when some of the people started looking drugged. They weren’t making sense and then went silent. I got out of there with another guy, but we parted ways after he decided to head home. I don’t blame him; if I had a place to call home I too would head there. I moved out of a friend’s house yesterday before the aliens landed and now I’m kind of homeless. I’m hoping to find out more about the rest of the world. Can I go somewhere or are we all in the same boat?

No one knows how many aliens are here or what they are doing. All we do know is that we are in their way. We are easily cast aside by just being noticed and focused upon. Weapons are useless against them and they won’t communicate with us. The best I can hope for is to avoid them and hide until they move on. I will keep posting my encounters for as long as I can. The probing has been their only concern so far. They use these lighted staffs and just stick them into the ground for a minute then they move a few hundred yards and repeat the process. If I can, I will report what they do once they find what they seek. It is just too scary to get too close to them. I saw one woman get knocked down from around a corner. She wasn’t even in their line of sight (not that they have eyes). I am fearful that those fallen will never recover or starve to death without help. As it stands now, I won’t be approaching bodies until they have moved on. My hope is that whatever happened to them is temporary and will subside when the aliens have left the area.

National Guard
I ran into someone this afternoon who was with what’s left of the National Guard. He told me that the aliens were definitely looking for something buried. At one site the aliens excavated a hole that was about 20 meters across and about 10 meters deep. They did not find what they were looking for, but after they left the area, some scientists came out and did some testing of the soil. They suspected that the aliens were using a tool to measure energy in the soil. One spoke of radiation in the soil. They were noticing that there were elevated levels of uranium detected in the soil. One mentioned that minimal detectable activity for uranium in soil is around 1.2 pCi/g and their samples were almost 100 times that.
It was theorized that they are looking for something that is giving off a similar signature. Now if they would speak to us we could help them, but without any input from the aliens, all we can do is speculate. The fact that they are attacking anyone who approaches them and also the fact that they knocked out all electronic communication upon entry of our airspace, tells us that they are hostile and need to be eliminated. I know that those attacked have not died, but that doesn’t lessen the anxiety that is being felt worldwide. To the best of my knowledge, the north east of America was the only place they concentrated on. Any country that tried to get too close to a ship, they were instantly disabled. Those who did die, were those who approached in the air. Planes dropped out of the sky as they got near an undefined perimeter of the aliens.
There is talk of ground attacks being formed using non-conventional weapons. The direct energy weapons that the military has used had no effect on the alien bodies. Bombs did not injure their tissue in the least. They must have some sort of defensive shielding surrounding them to protect them.
It is my hope that whatever it is they are looking for will be found and they will leave.

An EMT’s encounter

Emt entry patient #10
Vitals are stable. Respiratory rate is 12/min.
Eyes are reactive to light. Blink with stimulus.
Body does not react to painful stimuli.
The eyes stay open, but there appears to be no consciousness.
The best I can do is make them comfortable and keep their airway open.
An iv could help, but there are just too many to oversee.

I feel bad leaving them behind, but I fear the aliens will return.
I see others coming out of hiding to check on those fallen. We decide to get them all indoors so they can be cared for. No one has seen a victim wake up yet. I don’t know much of what the aliens did or what they want but they pose a threat to us all and need to be dealt with. I wasn’t wrong when I said that the government would be useless in protecting us. The military hasn’t made a presence as of yet. Most likely they were disabled early on. The only people I have seen are those who hid and never approached them. From what I hear the aliens can affect you simply by noticing you and directing their will into your brain. I don’t know if it is permanent, but we have no intentions of getting in their way.

All the victims have the same signs and appear healthy for the moment. Once we get more medical people on board maybe we can figure out what to do. No one is driving on the road mostly out of fear of being seen. These aliens don’t speak; they act as though we aren’t even there. They have a mission and that’s what they focus on. We are cast aside and left behind. It is apparent that the aliens are looking for something. They are running tests on the ground and using big rods with a light on top to probe the dirt. The ones that were here have recently moved west about a half mile. They are methodically scanning and moving. I’m just glad they left.

When they first came, they appeared in the sky like fire balls. I heard the loud hum but never got close enough to see what happened next. The closest I came was looking through binoculars. They are pretty ugly and huge. They are definitely alive and not robotic. As of yet I haven’t met anyone who has been outside of town to report what is going on out there. We would sure love to know if we are isolated or if it is worldwide.

Waking up

I woke up in a strange house. Looking around, I see that I’m not alone. There are maybe fifteen of us here, but I am the only one awake. I try to sit up and collect myself. All I remember is hiding in a store and feeling a pressure in my head before losing my ability to think. I remember others in the store but not much more than that. Somebody just came in and told me that he’s an EMT and found a bunch of us unconscious in the streets. He and some others brought us here to this house. We have been asleep for three days. I’m told I awoke the same day the aliens left. Whatever hold they had over me has worn off, I suspect the others will awake soon as well.
I’m told that whatever they were looking for was found and collected. There is talk of the object and is believed to have been a recovered weapon of sorts that had crashed here a long time ago. The aliens wanted it and had no other interest. We who got in the way were treated like animals needing a tranquilizer. Luckily they weren’t in the mind to just kill us all, so there was that to be thankful for.
The others are now awake and we are trying to piece together what happened. The rumors seem to be true, the stories all say similar things. The aliens came, looked for an object, found it, packed it up and left, all in the span of three days. The ufo people are a bit conflicted, they were right about aliens, but the aliens had as much interest in us as we would a stray animal walking in a park. I guess we may never know more about them unless they choose to return.

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posted on Mar, 10 2012 @ 03:51 PM
Very Interesting........


Like "animals".........I like that sort of aspect of the story.

posted on Mar, 10 2012 @ 04:02 PM
Hey Shadow,

I really loved all your stories but maybe by splitting them up at the start it might have lessened their impact a little....

Good job anyway tho

posted on Mar, 10 2012 @ 05:02 PM

Originally posted by 1littlewolf
Hey Shadow,

I really loved all your stories but maybe by splitting them up at the start it might have lessened their impact a little....

Good job anyway tho

Yeah, I tried to submit them separately to follow the rules, but it just looked a mess and folks were reading them out of order. Sorry about the mix up. I really enjoyed writing off the cuff with no layout or plan. I appreciate all feedback!

posted on Mar, 11 2012 @ 01:10 AM
Good work, it had a nice ending I wasn't expecting.

Perhaps the only thing with it to me is as though we're reading a journal of sorts, so maybe adding some dates and times to it, even basic stuff would give it that more real world feel.

But excellent work overall

posted on Mar, 15 2012 @ 06:36 PM
Really enjoyed the diary/log book feel of this. Good luck with this, great piece.

posted on Mar, 16 2012 @ 02:56 PM
Good stuff, man. You've got my flag.

posted on Mar, 30 2012 @ 10:51 AM
Good reading here!

Flag, of course. Keep up the writing, very well done.

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