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TPTB Work, Because People Refuse To Learn The Workings Of The System!

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posted on Mar, 8 2012 @ 03:59 PM
I have written many threads concerning the knowledge of getting out of the system that we so enjoy debating. There are rules that apply to ALL. By knowing these things we can live better and safer lives.

We hear of people that think they are following the "rules" set out for your protection, just to find out that the nice trap layed out, is only for those that dont know any better, or think its to hard to learn how to remain vigilant, happy, within the law, and keeping in mind that your rights, are yours if you choose to learn what they are!

I can happily admit that though the rules are hard to understand that the technological age that we live in today, makes things much easier. We no longer live in the times of rampant illiteracy, as even the hardest information can be "dumbed" down if needed.

The only difference that there is today, is that people have been taught at a very early ages that without a college education, or ivy school admission, the workings of the system, are completely unintelligible. This is by all means false, and the worst of the disinfo of mankind!!

There isn't a book/site/video that cannot be learned as long as you have the motivation to make a difference.

People are constantly railroaded in life due to the workings of those in the already prepared system. We have a tendency to be upset with the person, as opposed to the system that gave that person the supposed right to take what is rightfully yours!

Your parents, teachers, religious leaders, do not have to reassure you of what you already know is yours. Though having someone to help guide is a great thing, needing a leader is a notion that is man made. Our instincts, minds, and hearts, can make all the difference in the world.

Acknowledging that we have a broken system, and not following through in order to make it different is more important.

I have been taking countless hours to try to learn what my rights are from things as small as getting a receipt at the store and what it really means, to understanding my right to remain silent in case of an interaction with a police officer, what the 14 amendment means, and how it effects my life, understanding debt, and knowing that the system has taken hundreds of years to prepare, and I dont have that long to understand it.

Though its a ton of info, dissecting whats important and not drowning in one area has indeed made things easier.

If you have read this so far, my next posts will be what I have learned and what I would like to share with you all. I am fully aware that we will not all agree, and I will not fall for the same ole thing that gets many of the threads to collapse and fall into an abyss of derailment, and arguments.

I hope that what I will present below will help to further understand the system, as I have learned it. Some of them will be newer info, and some even added links to other threads that I feel have been scattered, due to me trying to get approval on what I have learned and allowed myself to be distracted.

Before I add the info I would like to add a link to an add-on for FF user which has helped me to be able to read things offline and turn any site into a PDF. If I add to much, and you just dont have the time to look through it now, you can save if later.

Print pages to Pdf

Peace, NRE.

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posted on Mar, 8 2012 @ 04:12 PM
Here is thread that I wrote concerning the large amount of incidents with police officers, and how to keep yourself safe, and ensure your rights, politely, efficiently, and thoroughly.

10 Rules For Dealing With The Police... The RIGHT Way!

Please watch the following videos that explain in detail how to treat an officer, how to assert your rights, how to get home safely, and how to understand that police work is dangerous for them too!

The following videos have a "reenactment" scene for each scenario. In order to understand I advise you to at least watch the first 2, and then the rest if you choose.

Each persons right is to remain silence, safe, and smart!!

Peace, NRE.

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posted on Mar, 8 2012 @ 04:14 PM
This is a detailed way to deal with debt collectors, and help to remain afloat in these very hard economic times.

***Overwhelming Debt? Here Are A Few Steps To Help!!***

In these hard economic times there are thousands of people being harassed by debt collectors. Many times people will ignore the calls, or letters, or simply get used to it.

This doesn't have to happen if you know what to do. Who they are, and how to make your life easier.

Many people are unaware that this is one of the few things that law is on your side about. When people are hurting financially there are always people out there that look to feed off of you.

One of the simplest things to do, if you dont want to go through the more detailed steps, is let the debt collector know that you can only pay a certain amount. There is room for haggling in this area. There primary objective is to get money... even if its not the full amount.

Ever wonder why you see commercials where the IRS will lower your payments by thousands, well thats because they rather get some.. then none. Its easier to settle the debt, then to go through hours of paperwork.

Now for those that want to fight the charges, then the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act debt VERIFICATION is your friend. Many are unaware that debt collectors have to follow rules, and many of the break them, because they figure you know no better. But come back with valid information, and you can stop them in their tracks!!

Peace, NRE.

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posted on Mar, 8 2012 @ 04:18 PM
This is a short documentary concerning what we see in the news today, and how the inner workings are not what the end result is.

SPIN- How The Media Lies To Manipulate Us. (Documentary).

This documentary is composed of 100% unauthorized satellite footage.

Documentary on how the media lies to manipulate us

Peace, NRE.

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posted on Mar, 8 2012 @ 04:20 PM
This is one my favs from the Survival Forum.

Simple, Practical Idea to Reflect Free Sunlight into Dark Interior Spaces Using Plastic Water Bottle

This technique is being used and is a huge business in the Philippines. This is really resourceful for those that choose to stay well hidden in the SHTF scenario, and have no natural light that can enter the area in which you will need it the most.

This can also eliminate the use of candles and battery powered flashlights, which will eventually go out, or run out.

BTW, I can also see how this can be used in a home for light if you have a one floor home, or can get someone the install one on your roof, and can use it ti light your home during the day. This is also very good for those that live in rural areas, and mobile homes.

Peace, NRE.

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posted on Mar, 8 2012 @ 04:23 PM
This is an extremely moving speech done by a valedictorian on graduation day, telling the truth behind otdays education "system"

A Video That Parents and Children Alike Must See! There May Be Hope After All!

Listen carefully as a product of our system tells the true story.
Valedictorian Speaks Out Against Schooling

Peace, NRE.

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posted on Mar, 8 2012 @ 04:26 PM
This was one of my scariest threads, I saw this on PBS, and had no idea that there was a difference between a coroner and a medical examiner.

Post Mortem. Who Does The Autopsy? (Video)

I feel this is a very serious issue as there are people that are offering their opinion in suicides/murders/accidental deaths/etc,. and they have no medical expertise. In the video above there is a coroner that has been fired and rehired all over the US, and has and is currently employed in the US. He has made mistakes, and even been caught on video admitting not being sure about his finding in a case over a death of a women who's husband said she accidentally drowned, but the coroner says "murder".

These individuals are elected officials, and one man was even a coroner for 40+ years, and was legally blind. This is a very large concern for those that lose families members, including the elderly in homes, and small children, that are over looked. For every mistake that is made their is either someone going to jail for a crime they didn't commit, or a murderer on the lose due to murder being wrongfully diagnosed.

Peace, NRE.

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posted on Mar, 8 2012 @ 04:27 PM

Originally posted by NoRegretsEver
having someone to help guide you is a great thing, needing a leader is a notion that is man made. Our instincts, minds, and hearts, can make all the difference in the world.

Very well put.

Between that and the part of how the way the educational system is set up to where it only helps a select few, which is what I got out of it at least, that was a very good post.

I think education is something that is best self-taught in most cases. If a child grows up loving horses and continues to show year after year that they want to know as much about them as possible, it would be in their best interest, I think, to focus on the areas of study that will help them make a career out of their passion. Isn't that what everyone wants to do? Make money doing what they enjoy?

I think we need to get back to the basics of what education should be, the 3 R's, and stop debating whether we should be handing out condoms in schools. Reading writing and arithmetic are the basics that will help you better understand and learn everything else, whether you want to be an equine veterinarian at Churchill Downs or a District Manager for a retail store like Wal-Mart. Both of these types of careers have educational programs that focus on the "task at hand" as it were so their curriculum will be tailered to help you get ahead in whatever field you choose.

There's no real need, I think, for people to be made to learn things that they're never going to utilize in real life. We all know what our strong suits are and where we can make money, so we need to focus on that first and foremost. If you end up wanting to further your eductaion to cover other areas of interest, that should be your choice. It shouldn't be mandated.

posted on Mar, 8 2012 @ 04:30 PM
Ever watch a special or news conference with military personal and wondered if there was anything that you were missing?

Well its your lucky day, you have to look through it but there are tons of phrases that we hear, and now we can listen more carefully.

DoD - Dictionary Of Military Terms. Understanding Coded Language.

I found one that was very interesting called Dictionary of Military Terms, this book has words and definitions that military personnel use, that a laymen may otherwise not comprehend its full definition. Due to the recent Dugway Base incident, many things were shared in the main stream media that may have been ignored by people due to its insignificance. But in fact can be very important codes that are being relayed, that only some can understand, in order to get "regular" people off the trail.

This book can be used to possibly decipher many incidents of the past and present to awaken the stories that were hidden, or buried due to hitting a "dead end". I will continue to look through threads, and stories that I otherwise thought were "getting" no where and use the information presented in the book, that may tell a completely different story.

I would like others to do the same, I think this can open and entirely new world to how we view and interpret important stories. Thanks.

Peace, NRE.

posted on Mar, 8 2012 @ 04:41 PM
I'm in the uk so dont know how much of it is relevant to me but S&F for a fine post.

Home schooling (assuming sensible parents) is the way to go.

Debt collecters. In the uk so long as its not a fine for a criminal offence then keep your doors locked and there's not a damned thing they can do about it.

Will spend some time reading this, thanks.

posted on Mar, 8 2012 @ 04:42 PM
Now this one is one of my favorites threads that I have written in my years here. This is one that is the reason why I started this thread, and I love this subject dearly.

Please if there is anything that you read here, let this be at least one of them.

What if I Told You That...


You were born a living soul with flesh and blood, with the responsibility to respect other life and treat your fellow man with love and kindness, and with a life-spirit provided by the Creator. Your unalienable rights are for life, liberty and property, and to respect those rights of other human beings on this planet, our home.

In an attempt to create a safe society, men elected Governments to protect and uphold your unalienable rights and your responsibilities to the Creator and your fellow man. After a while, Governments became corrupt and now we have to ask: How could Governments and other "regulatory bodies" possibly make you follow their rules and be subservient to them since your true allegiance is to your Creator? How can you serve two masters - your creator and your Government? The answer is that you cannot server two masters, therefore the Government had to create a system that tricks you into thinking you must serve them, where in fact, Governments must serve us, the people.

One of the ways Governments and other regulators have tricked you into thinking you must follow their rules, is to create for themselves an "artificial-person / corporation" who is not you, but whom the Government has fooled you into thinking is you (See Natural vs. Artificial and Trick #4). But, so as not to violate your fundamental rights, they also have provide recognition in law for another legal entity called a "natural-person" (simply meaning a human-being in the law) with which most of your fundamental rights are still intact. So when you interact with the law, you may be represented as an artificial or natural person - you choose.

In this thread there are ebooks, videos, and links.

Peace, NRE.

posted on Mar, 8 2012 @ 10:10 PM
I wanted to give this a quick bump! Lots of info here.

Peace, NRE.

posted on Mar, 10 2012 @ 11:14 AM
Bumping good info is your friend, this is my last bump, but I am fully aware that this is the type of info in one place that has a little for everyone in one way or another, thanks to those that took the time.

Peace, NRE.

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