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Brian Mulroney: I owe you an apology (Some Real Journalism..)

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posted on Mar, 8 2012 @ 03:05 PM
The truth my fellow Canucks, is sometimes hard to swallow.

I owe former prime minister Brian Mulroney an apology.

Several years ago, I wrote that Mulroney, more than any politician in modern history, is responsible for the current level of disdain and lack of interest that Canadians have for politicians and politics in general.

I based that claim on the fact that during his winning 1984 election Mulroney pledged to wipe out corruption and political patronage and bring new openness to government, but he ultimately failed voters badly.

Under his leadership, corruption, patronage, secrecy and government arrogance actually grew. The result was that, unlike any time before, Canadians in droves gave up on politicians of all parties, writing them off as simply “more of the same.”

I am apologizing because I now realize it’s Stephen Harper, not Mulroney, who has set the standard for how far — and how low — a government and a party will go to win.

If there are any ATS members who consider themselves part of the Harper Conservative party, please explain to me how you feel about him and how, if you do, can support him in his ruining of Canada.


posted on Mar, 11 2012 @ 03:17 PM
Harper is the worst prime minister I think canada has ever had and I honestly believe his cronies are guilty of mass voter fraud/manipulation. Mulroney was an idiot as well just like pretty much all politicians but at least the world didnt seem so bleak back then.

Most people I know voted NDP so how he managed to win beats me? Oh wait he CHEATED!

There is a website called "things Harper did" I think and it tells alot of what that corporate crook stands for.

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