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I dont believe in Conspiracy Theory so much as Im a purveyor of Factual Unethical Collusion

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posted on Mar, 8 2012 @ 11:40 AM
I feel like this should be like a AA introduction. Long time lurker, first time poster. I say Factual Unethical Collusion becaused I like to say we're *snip*. I tried to make a website using *snip* but its a porn site, who'd of thought, porn on the net. Im in whats left of the good ol US of A. Charmcity native, desert dweller at the moment. I couldn't lurk any more after I had my 12yr old cousins and tons of other people who could care less about politics (local or global) hopped on the Kony propaganda wagon. I had found a man lecturing to the University of Phoenix on Youtube by the name of Gary Hamel just the other day, before Kony went viral. His lectures frightened me, very devisive, psychologially manipulitive, preaching the same structure we have now but repackaged. He used the same images and exact upside down pyramid, including the showing of the structure to explain his "future management technique". When i saw Kony it hit me like a ton of bricks. Out of respect for this site Im going to get my # of posts before I start a thread and dig into it. Something is not right with this at all. If anyone reading this want to youtube this guy and see what im saying you should. It seems like the real deal "ingsoc" style propaganda. I was always an observer of the NWO/Illuminatesque possibility but this Kony & Hamel situation really solidified it for me....something real is happening now, right now.

On the topic of Introduction. My real interest in this site happened about 6/7 yrs ago. Im a huge fan of Lost Civilizations/Cryptid/Paranormal. Im fascinated by the Pre-Deluvian possibilities and seemingly fact of many pre- iceage civilizations. Ive found a "Big Foot" print back in MD, a bare foot print 4 inches longer than my buddys size 14 shoe. Ive been all about it ever since ( I was 17 when I saw that (29 now)). Ive had issues my whole life with "ghosts", 2 in particular I encounter frequently that have aged with me since I was about 7. I have had dozens of sleep paralysis problem and people who say its an issue with REM sleep or waking, or imagination are incorrect but thats a whole topic in itself.

Im on top of the topic of 9/11/war on terror/politics but really, it cant end well for the US or the world. I was on post on 9/11 and for months before we started going through terrorist training out of the blue after almost 2 years of nothing like that. About 6 months before 9/11 they put up baracade and started with the "preparedness" training. I skipped to CA 3 months after 9/11 my classified clearence went to sensative but de-classified...I was done. Nothing was right about that day. Getting the Ameropean empire to act like humans not tyrannts is almost impossible, even if we did, how can we get China, African warlords, scummy middle east dictator...the list goes on, to act like humans?

There is alot more about myself I could share, both about my character and standing on the many topics of this site. I think Ill let my future posts give insight to my person, a little mystery is a good thing. We'll ill work on sharing my opinion and prettying up my profile some day, until then....

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posted on Mar, 8 2012 @ 11:41 AM
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