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Doesn't the legislative branch care about its' power?

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posted on Mar, 8 2012 @ 10:36 AM
In observing American politics, I've noticed something that strikes me as very strange. Although it still doesn't necessarily happen every day, when a court case comes up, a judge in the Supreme Court will occasionally rule in the public, rather than the governmental interest; and a secondary consequence of this seems to be the preservation of the judicial branch's power. The main example that immediately comes to mind, is Hamdi_v._Rumsfeld.

With the legislative branch, (although it may simply be that I do not hear about it) however, there never seems to be any attempt to defend itself from executive usurpation at all. I can't remember the last bill I saw a report about on here, whether it was promoting executive or corporate interests, which was not passed by a landslide. The Congress also seems, at least according to outside observation, to have almost entirely lost its' (Constitutional, unless I am mistaken) right to initiate wars or conflicts; and there does not seem to have been serious objection to this.

This came to mind when I noticed a recent thread here which stated that rather than the Congress making the decision, it will simply be informed by Obama, when he has come to the decision about whether or not to invade Iran.

Are Americans concerned about how thoroughly domesticated the Congress apparently is? Are the judges simply less corrupt for some reason? I know I must be missing a lot of information here; can someone else provide it?

I had thought that the entire reason for the design of the three branches of government, was specifically for the purpose of causing human ambition, to be concerned about members retaining the power of their own branch. Is it simply a case of the Congress being so awash with money, that as long as the corporations are lining their pockets, the members do not care about their power apparently being confiscated by other branches, or the corporations themselves?
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posted on Mar, 8 2012 @ 10:40 AM
Taxes are too high, it’s because Congress wants it that way.
Privacy is gone, it’s because Congress wants it that way.
The Bill of Rights is gone, it’s because Congress wants it that way.
The budget is out of control, it’s because Congress wants it that way.
People are too dependent on government, it’s because Congress wants it that way.
Small businesses are being closed, it’s because Congress wants it that way.
We have no energy plan, it’s because Congress wants it that way.
We are involved in wars all over the world, it’s because Congress wants it that way.
We are becoming a second rate nation, it’s because Congress wants it that way.
Our borders are open to anyone including terrorists, it’s because Congress wants it that way
Congress is controlled by Super Pacs and the NWO, it’s because Congress wants it that way.
Congress gets rich on insider information, it's because Congress wants it that way.
Your voice is no longer heard, it’s because Congress wants it that way.
You keep voting the same people back into office, it’s because you want it that way.

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posted on Mar, 8 2012 @ 10:55 AM
reply to post by petrus4

Yes our separate branches of power were designed to check themselves. The judiciary was supposed to actually interpret laws written by the legislative branch as they were applicable to everyday understandings. At our nations founding the legislative branch wrote very simple laws which then the courts decided how to interpret, because every situation was slightly different. It was believed that because judges are part of the local communities they serve in that they would be in a better position to interpret the law to how society believes it should be interpreted. Now the legislature writes very complex laws, and both branches get upset at judges who do anything but follow the legislatures instructions to the letter( legislating from the bench ). Judges were supposed to be a check and balance on the legislature, now they for the most part go along with anything written.

The Executive branch rarely ever challenges the legislature and the legislature rarely ever challenges the Executive branch. Remember these people are mostly career politicians. They are going along, to get along. The few that buck the system are ganged up on by others until they are removed or discredited. Meanwhile those in the legislature that do dirt and underhanded deals, get the support of those others that participate in the same mindset.

posted on Mar, 8 2012 @ 11:21 AM
The question you ask is extremely important in my opinion. To answer it; most of our legislators probably do not care because a significant portion have to be ignorant of our constitution or criminals. There can be no other explanation. Each legislator takes an oath to uphold our constitution. When he fails to do so, he violates his oath thereby violating the law. The violation makes him a criminal or an idiot.

I live in the Jacksonville, Florida area where we have a female Democrat representative which I would suggest fits into the, what I call, the ignorant category I described above. She gets reelected over and over, however, I would submit she is not capable of understanding the concepts mandated by our constitution. As much as I hate political correctness, I will be so and not state why she gets reelected.

You keep voting the same people back into office, it’s because you want it that way.

Then there are those that I submit are the criminal element and are in office for the power and material gain they receive from it such as the Congressman William Jefferson from Louisiana who was found with 90,000 dollars in his freezer and consequently convicted of corruption charges.

It is not only the legislative branch of our government that is not upholding their oaths. it seems to be pervasive throughout all three branches of our government. What do we, as individual citizens, do when it seems our political system has morphed into something so far from what our "Founding Fathers" envisioned?

posted on Mar, 8 2012 @ 11:31 AM
reply to post by Nite_wing

It cannot be articulated any better than this. TOUCHE!!!

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