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Time To Leave The Womb-Planet, And Join The Other Evolved Beings

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posted on Mar, 7 2012 @ 11:00 PM

In reality, we exist as one planet, a rock, in an incredibly large galaxy, which exists as one part of an unimaginably larger yet Universe. Yet we have been grounded to Earth for so long, and have developed such complex social organizations and moralistic power structures, that we really believe that we are the center of the universe. That everything revolves around our petty differences. The idea is absurd when you consider the fact that there exist hundreds of billions of stars, perhaps, in our galaxy. No matter how you do the math, in terms of figuring out figures that make logical sense, all the way down to intelligent life, there must be many, many other intelligent civilizations that exist in our galaxy, let-alone in our Universe. Then you must consider that it is possible that there are many other life-forms that exist outside of conditions that we believe define life. We are discovering more and more that life is possible outside of conditions we have generally considered, and if you consider other types of life-forms, that opens up the number of possible other life unimaginably more yet.

When you factor everything in, there must be millions of other civilizations. Given our Suns' development, that it is at the approximate half-way point of its life-cycle, it is logical that about half of them would be more developed than us. We are literally about half-way through our development, in terms of Consciousness' evolution as well as relative to a Suns' life-cycle. I doubt that this relationship between the development of consciousness and the life-cycle of the Sun is a coincidence. This evolution is what is being represented by the Eight Circuits of Consciousness. "Modern Society" represents the Fourth Circuit. This is the final stage of larval-existence, or primitive-robot existence, grounded to the womb-planet. From here we retract Larval imprints, and began to develop ways of existing that are more individual in nature, and represent Self-Empowered Post-Terrestrial existence. As we leave the planet, we will undoubtedly meet more advanced intelligences. It is important to note that these are just beings who have activated circuits of consciousness that are currently dormant in humanity; they could be looked at, then, as Us-In-The-Future.

posted on Mar, 7 2012 @ 11:11 PM
We may be far more than halfway through our survivability on Terra as we know it. Some studies suggest we might actually be more than 90% through the phase in our stars life where earth is habitable as we know it due to a shifting Goldilocks zone as the sun ages.

Before we are able to reach for the stars and leave this larval stage you describe we have to temper ourselves and figure out how to live with each other before we annihilate the species. We live at the most precarious moment in time as our fledgling type 0 civilization stands on the precipice to type 1.

posted on Mar, 7 2012 @ 11:27 PM
in star trek, man nearly destroyed itself due to world war 3 than finally unified after a scientist inventing light speed led the way for humanity.

i see where we are heading, and i am excited to be part of it. sadly, i believe there will have to be a devastating event that brings humanity together, be it post ww3, pole shift, niburi, whatever. i think after something like that, we will finally come together and move out to space. that is if that powers that be are removed.

posted on Mar, 8 2012 @ 03:25 AM
We're not being allowed to by our governments who think we are still children, that we need to be quiet, sit still and listen to their wisdom and intellect as we are too dumb and who think we will be scared of aliens or life not like us and that we would be afraid of the endless reaches of space and cower beneath the bedsheets..

They complain about resources and the lack of, but they depend on finding more, raping the planet of its treasures in the pursuit of finding yet more, but NONE of them or their scientist lackies have realised there is much to be seen and found out in the outer universe, we should stop focusing on the now and look to tomorrow and expand our horizons, they say we should better ourselves and yet they dont allow us every opportunity to do just that.

I for one feel, no even feel is too weak a word, NEED to leave this world, we need to evolve as a species or we will stagnate, and devour this world and eventually die off leaving nothing but a dead planet and a forgotten heritage, remembered by no one except the almighty.

posted on Mar, 8 2012 @ 06:12 PM
reply to post by TheJourney

Very nice post. I very much enjoyed this idea that you presented;

"We are literally about half-way through our development, in terms of Consciousness' evolution as well as relative to a Suns' life-cycle. I doubt that this relationship between the development of consciousness and the life-cycle of the Sun is a coincidence."

This correlation alone can yield great contemplations.

However, I don't believe that becoming a spacefaring civilization will be the catalyst for conscious evolution. Mankind has constantly sought to explore, chart, and conquer new and foreign lands... create empires stretching to the edge of the known world. When faced with a culture of difference, wars occur. When new animals are discovered, they soon become endangered or extinct.

It will be the same state of mind while exploring and conquering outter space. Presently, our collective actions are illustrative of a parasite or virus. In becoming spacefaring, we will simply become an air-born virus... seeking to infect the next host planet.

I think the next stage of conscious evolution occurs when/if we stop hurting our Self. Other humans, animals, plants, Earth.... it's all our Self.


posted on Mar, 8 2012 @ 08:37 PM
Many of Earth's problems stem from a limit to resources and terrestrial space. There are no limits to space. There is little to no motivation for these conflicts in space. We can create H.O.M.E.'s(High-Orbital Mini-Earths), and there is no limit to the amount of these that can be created, or the amount of space that they have to occupy. All people with all different ideas can have their own worlds, literally. All of this will coincide with the utilization of incredible knowledge and technology that have been, and will continue to be, developed.

There is a literal mutation occurring in humanity right now. It is the transition between larval/hive existence/consciousness and post-larval, post-hive, post-terrestrial consciousness/existence. Leaving of the Planet will facilitate the progression of this evolution/mutation(futation is a preferable word to mutation, here). Consider, in the evolutionary timeline, when land left the ocean for land. This allowed for the suspension of water-bound imprints, and new land-imprints were able to be imprinted. This led to a rapid mutation/evolution, as life came to land. The same will be the case as we leave Earth, and suspend land-bound gravitation imprints. This will assist in bringing about the same evolution, that is already beginning to take place. Many astronauts who have left earth have already had such mutations, with cosmic visions and the like, coming back with entirely new outlooks.


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