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Diseased Seals in Alaska: Radiation Ruled Out

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posted on Mar, 7 2012 @ 09:12 PM
I've been following the Fukushima threads and the alarmists over the "dying seals" -- attributing their sickness to radiation from the nuclear disaster in Japan.

I live here. It's not radiation.

Radiation is also not suspected. "Last month, preliminary radiation testing results were announced which indicate radiation exposure is likely not a factor,” Burek-Huntington said. “Further … testing is occurring this spring. Results will be made publicly available as soon as the analyses are completed."

Diseased seal shows up in Southeast Alaska, far from normal range

Really people. I'm starting to doubt quite a bit of what I read here as sensational and "spun". I thought this place was to "deny ignorance" and present factual, logical arguments.

Well, we'll have our anwsers as to why the seals are dying pretty soon -- and the answer is looking pretty mundane compared to the alarmist trolls.

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posted on Mar, 8 2012 @ 12:39 AM
Looking forward to your answer on the cause.
It's just a natural occurrence,not attributed to a man made cause,right?

posted on Mar, 8 2012 @ 07:51 AM
reply to post by MystikMushroom

Not sure if I fall into your category of "alarmist troll," but I have been updating my thread, Scientist test sick Alaskan seals for radiation, as I have been able to find new information. I even emailed the doctor quoted in the article from my OP and got a response from him, generic though it is.

The most recent few posts indicate the lessening possibility of the cause being radiation, beginning with this post and the following one also.

Within the linked post is the following:

"Part of the reason it doesn't rule it out is we need to do more in-depth tests for Cesium 137 and Cesium 134," Speegle said.

And even the snippet you posted includes the phrase:

...likely not a factor,”

"likely not a factor" is NOT the same as "ruled out"

rule out
1. To prevent; preclude: The snowstorm ruled out their weekly meeting.
2. To remove from consideration; exclude: The option of starting over has been ruled out.

The Free Dictionary

I would be relieved to no end if the cause could be determined with no uncertainty whatsoever, but until a specific diagnosis is reached and published, the issue remains open.

The fact remains that unknown amounts of radioactive contamination has been, and continues to be, released from Fukushima Daiichi and it is established that Chernobyl had far reaching effects in areas removed in distance by a large margin.

It will be decades before the full consequences of the Japanese nuclear disaster are known.

That's not alarmism or fear mongering just fact, uncomfortable though it may be.

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