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My thoughts on the Kony scenario, it's blindly contagious - group mentality?

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posted on Mar, 7 2012 @ 07:22 PM
By now anyone who has access to the internet, or uses facebook as probably heard of this Kony saga.

I must first state this thread is not about the information contained in that video.

I admit, i didn't watch the whole video, i just skimmed through, i already had a bit of knowledge about what goes on with child armies and all the strings that are attached.

I don't use facebook that much apart from posting the occasional news article that, otherwise, most people would not get to see. I feel, if people spend all their day scrolling up and down their feed, maybe if they just saw one article, a light may switch on and they will think 'hey, something is not right here'.

Less then 24 hours after i first came across the the Krony video, people were already complaining they felt they had been scammed after other links and articles arose contradicting the original video, or saying that the donations they gave went to a false cause. There were a lot of people getting worked up about this, from all possible angles.

I saw people actually start insulting, ridiculing and despising, those who felt they were helping a cause. I couldn't believe it, people actually got upset that others felt like they were helping? What sort of society do we live in when we attack those who try to help? It's an insult to everything humanity should stand for.

The most ridiculously counter productive thing you could potentially do in a caring society is criticise those are trying to make a difference, regardless of how little they know about a subject.

But what surprised me most is that people actually cared. They actually cared about people they didn't know, from a country they probably know nothing about, about a scenario they probably never even heard of before. This was utterly amazing. I expected a lot of things to come from facebook, but people actually joining together to consider a cause was not one of them.


What made me happy though was that people wanted to change something, even if they never even saw the video and just reposted it because they saw others doing the same. They got the idea that something was wrong and it should be made right and decided to take time out of their incredibly important lives to repost the video.

They may have done absolutely NOTHING to help the cause, but the video might have reached someone who actually can, or will do something about it, meaning they have played a very important part in the chain, they might not have been the hook on the end, but they actually helped.

I guess people only care, when they see that others care. Is that what we have become? Even when we try to care, we are still blind sheep who just follow the leader without actually researching the topic for themselves? I guess there will always be sheep, at least in this day and age. But it's a good start, knowing that people have some underlying intent to help the planet and people on it, it's very surprising on a mainstream level.

This actually gave me hope for a better world, and i don't feel hope that often, seeing as most things are just turning to sh*t these days. The Kony scenario is not something i intend to become active for/against, but one day, when its time for the people to rise up against the endless list of injustices of our race, maybe, just maybe, the power will return to the people, where it belongs.



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