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WW3 and Star Wars.

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posted on Mar, 7 2012 @ 05:50 AM
Here we are ATS. A community that I think as a whole does incredibly today at keeping up with current events. Currents events are crucial. Its what we do. We also try to determine fact from fictions. We try to apply valid "sources" as a community to reach a probable and sometimes downright cynical assumption. I feel I'm a strong realist but a terrible cynic. We are all seem to be skeptics of "The Power's That Be".

We gather global information in an instantaneous fashion. Something never done before in human history. This form of communication has thrown us millions of years ahead in how we interact socially. In all of human evolution as a functioning civilization we have never possess the ability of instant communication.

Now if you have concerns about our own government's transparency think of what the UN must be like. Don't we already have a oligarchical New World Order so to speak. A one world government. A one world government would not have world peace no matter what. There will always be armed conflict.

Except they want to create another new world because they succeeded after WW1, WW2. Think of how the elite think. Doesn't the 1% control 90% of the world's wealth? So for how many years have "common folk" been living on 10% of the world's money. The banking techniques that were applied after the institution of the Federal Reserve are being applied again. Bankers are "experts" that have always known how to physically control an economy's stability.

The world we live in I want you to picture as if it's a movie. Let's write the script of this WW3 movie using factual current events.

I want you to picture us living in the the current. At this point in time we are the already the pinnacle of the human race. This movie is based on earth. Imagine us as aliens watching a movie about this fictional planet earth.

Michio Kaku is a world renowned physicist and he is part of the elite. He commonly shows up on CNN, FOX, etc.

He believes we as a society are making a shift into a new type of civilization. We are currently a type 0. We really on fossil fuels. So technically he believes we have reached a beginning of "the future". What imagines do you see when you picture the future. Flying cars, crazy tech stuff.

Well the elite believe the only way to reach this magical society is by having less people. This would require you to believe that the "Dark Side" of the elite would love to see the earth have way less people. Way less...."dumb" people. While owning money doesn't make you makes you powerful. There are also powerful people on the "Light Side". They will not let this happen.

Right now, The Dark Side is doing everything in they can to start World War 3 the same way WW1 and WW2 were designed. No major war of the 20th Century was for a good cause. Nations expand by stealing other nations resources. That has always been a trait of a powerful nation. But to the UN nations don't exist anymore. Resources that are responsible for the way we live today......will run out one day. The most precious resource in the 20th Century is Oil. Oil is finite. It is how we as a civilization survive in the Industrialized society. Without out it we don't function. There are new technologies to live but doing so wouldn't provide for population we have.

Let us remember how WW2 started. The global economy went down the drain. We have always had a global economy because we have always been interconnected by the use of fiat currency. Hitler was trying to take over Oil in a sense.
The paper money we have is no different than digital money. The US dollar is the one world "reserve" currency. When the US dollar is down....everything is down. We are on reserve. The main tank is empty.

So the Dark PTB need a war to start. World Wars have always offered a restructuring of how the world interacts.
But then we developed a Nuclear Bomb. This is the key to destroying ourselves. Everyone knows this. Here is a good way to picture where we are.

I am going to cite Zach Foster's article "Star Wars and the Austrian School: A Brief Overview" from the Young American's for Liberty website. It has a rather unsettling comparison of Star War's to our current events. While the whole republican democracy vs. imperial rule theme is incredibly broad and universal, there are a number of factors that tug on the heart strings of any Austrian economists. The saga begins with the Trade Federation(The Industrialized West?), involved in a dispute over taxing trade routes, launching a blockade of the planet Naboo(Iran). This is unquestionably an aggressive action inflicted on a sovereign people for the purpose of maintaining protectionist taxes and other economic interventionism—a crime not only against a sovereign people but also a violation of the free market. The Clone Wars in the Star Wars saga, part of the C.I.S. (Separatist) war effort is paid for by Trade Federation revenues, as well as profits generated by the Intergalactic Banking Clan (secretly controlled by the emperor-to-be Palpatine). Can anyone say Intergalactic Federal Reserve? At the same time, the Republic’s war effort is paid for by inflation by its own central bank, and probably also by raising taxes on Republic member worlds. The end of the Clone Wars is met the rise of the Empire and Darth Vader—warnings of what happens when great leaders and great societies sacrifice their principles under an end-justifies-the-means mentality and invariably become what they originally set out to fight against. In order to carry out the Wilsonian fantasy of “making the world [err, galaxy] safe for democracy” the Republic had to become an Empire, a threshold from which there was no return. Then comes the Rebel Alliance, a coalition resembling that of thirteen autonomous states during the American Revolutionary War, fighting the Empire so that the Republic and its Constitution could be restored. This Republic would be one that respects individual rights and the self-determination of worlds. What did the Rebels give to the galaxy? “A republic, if you can keep it” (Benjamin Franklin).

Here is the link to the Full Article.

This situation is what we as a human race are currently going through. The Dark side is trying to start a World War for their benefit. IMO the goal is to not have it go nuclear. A nuclear war leaves nothing for anyone regardless of the outcome. The outcome is the beginning of the elite ridding the world of the "human parasite". While they themselves are human they see our race as a parasite to the earth. They are greedy so they believe they should be the ones to live in "futuristic earth" where no one is poor. That requires alot less people.

So this is where I ask you to add to this movie's script. Using only current events that can be properly sourced.....lets write the script to World War 3 as we envision it coming to fruition. In all honesty I hope it doesn't happen.

Now as much as some people don't like Ron Paul.....He seems to be on the "Light Side". So with that being said who else is on the Light side? What are the The Light Side PTB trying to do to prevent it. Could good vs. evil be working against one another in the CIA?

That has always been my biggest problem with WW3 conspiracy theories. Its like we believe there is no good left in the upper power structure. Everyone who has power can't be corrupt. That's too crazy of a conspiracy for me.

So basically what I'm trying to ask the ATS community is.....let's combine all the most sound theories into one big "CONSPIRACY THEORY MOVIE". How would this movie play out? What are the possible events that can bring us to world peace or world war in a movie setting. The actor's we see on screen are playing themselves in this movie.

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posted on Mar, 7 2012 @ 05:59 AM
The "man" wins and the little
guy gets screwed over.

The End

posted on Mar, 7 2012 @ 08:24 AM
Its very nice to see people still feeding hopes of a better world. On the other hand, deep down inside, we ALL know that things are going to get BAD AS HELL. We will succumb under the claws of this elite. We are worthless as the fly landing in the dung of the horse of B western movie. We are absoultelly nothing for them and the only regret they have is to spend time exterminating us.

posted on Mar, 7 2012 @ 09:13 PM
reply to post by thecrippler

How do you efficiently eliminate 5,600,000,000 people (80% of the worlds population) without completely contaminating the world?
If you can figure that out then you've got your movie.

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