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Dennis Kucinich is voted out of congress!!!

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posted on Mar, 8 2012 @ 07:01 AM

Originally posted by bknapple32
And it wasn't even close. He lost by something like 15 -20 points if I remember correctly

Largely because Kaptur won outside of Cuyahoga County which was already her district before the redistricting. Kucinich won Cuyahoga County which was his district before redistricting and was also cut in half for this race. She won based on name recognition in her home district. In the final analysis it is probably for the best she did. Not that Kucinich is deeply flawed but given how handily Santorum won those counties her name recognition in those counties will probably mean more than Kucinich against Joe the plumber.

Plus Kucinich will have other political opportunities. He could run for Governor of Ohio in two years, perhaps try for a seat in the other half of his district at the midterm elections or perhaps Portman's senate seat in 2016.
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posted on Mar, 8 2012 @ 08:32 AM
Dennis's legacy is that he fought hard until obama needed his vote for the latest scam known as the Health-Care bill in which he was squashed under pressure

TBTB used him like a spent tampon, yes he kicked a bit when he did his job, but never the less, he voted on most if not all bills against the American citizen, and now is useless, and can now be easily discarded, with the use of Gerry-Mandering

posted on Mar, 8 2012 @ 08:43 AM

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posted on Mar, 8 2012 @ 09:31 AM

Originally posted by navy_vet_stg3

Originally posted by bknapple32
Im still in shock. Why would democrats in that district want Marcy Kaptur over a guy who made more sense than most have in government??

Probably because he couldn't be purchased. He's the Ron Paul of the Democratic party.

I didn't think about this before, but wasn't Texas redistricted? Could that have been a factor in Ron Paul's decision to not seek reelection. I get that he is all-in for the Presidential race, but there is no doubt TPTB would have done everything in their power to split up Paul's district to make him lose in the primary, thus making him "irrelevant".

posted on Mar, 8 2012 @ 10:33 AM
reply to post by bknapple32

most folks are familiar with Machiavelli's "The Prince"

what they don't know is that "The Prince" is just the cliff notes/for idiots version

of his DISCOURSES Upon The First Ten (Books) of Titus Livy
which among other many other things shows how the roman senate used redistricting to keep the plebs down
very instructive indeed in how republics can be subverted

posted on Mar, 8 2012 @ 10:39 AM
reply to post by allprowolfy

First he didn't get squashed by the President at least the President alone. His constituents were also pressuring him into changing his vote. Second it wasn't the President that redrew Ohio's districts. It was Ohio's Republican controlled legislature. That being said 9 and 10 were redrawn to give the Republican Party much better odds in that district and the surrounding districts. It happens and both parties do it. But make no mistake this one was done with getting Dennis out in mind because a strong healthy Cuyahoga county is a threat to Republican controlled rural areas and the conservative agenda.

posted on Mar, 8 2012 @ 11:48 AM
This is great news!

It frees up his schedule to make a run as VP on a two-party ticket with Ron Paul.

Dr. No and Dennis the Menace 2012!!!!!

ooops I'm sorry...

Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich 2012 !!

posted on Mar, 8 2012 @ 03:03 PM
reply to post by KeliOnyx

The sad truth about the matter keli, is the man stood for nothing, and thus ultimately he was used-abused- then released like a spent tampon.

He is just one of many whom twisted and shivered at this new American OLIGARCHY policy, HOWEVER, his track record shows that other than having a few twisted moments from time to time, the man voted against the populous.

So why so gloomy, you will get either by way of Republican or Democrat, more of the same, a representitive questioning,BUT when push comes to shove, this new legislator will do the same as Kucinich and that was vote against his better judgement

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posted on Mar, 8 2012 @ 05:04 PM
reply to post by Blaine91555

I don't have a party. I'm sorry you get caught up in political parties. Divide and conquer.

posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 06:37 AM

He's the Ron Paul of the Democratic party.

He's also freemasonic controlled opposition?

posted on Mar, 13 2012 @ 04:17 AM
Has he said anything since losing??

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