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Where would you go on vacation?

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posted on Mar, 6 2012 @ 07:40 PM
So it is that time of year to begin planning our griswold family vacation.

Our family tries to do a vacation once a year even if it is a long weekend on a farm or a beach shack rental.

Something we can afford and good for the kids.

This year I have been thinking "camping"

It cheap, it's in nature, it's healthy exercise, and it does not allow for great cell phone no tech to distract us.

So, this is kind open ended, just looking for ideas, inspiration, feedback....where would ATSers go on vacation and why?

posted on Mar, 6 2012 @ 07:42 PM
China due to my history-related interests and I want to play a really expensive game of spot the Mao.

posted on Mar, 6 2012 @ 07:56 PM
reply to post by Mijamija

I've always wanted to go to Europe and travel through the countries there, they have so much history and culture its just amazing.

posted on Mar, 6 2012 @ 08:00 PM
India hands down-

Its relatively cheap, if you know how to travel. And there is such a wealth of knowledge and history to be taken from this ancient land. Idealy I would start in the south and make my way up through to the himalayas (avoiding kashmir and other potentially risky areas- then move into nepal. Take some maleria medication, grab some anti-diaretics and some water purification tablets and be on my way.

posted on Mar, 6 2012 @ 08:03 PM
reply to post by Mijamija

Camping is a great idea, I spent 6 weeks last summer driving and camping from Toronto to quebec city then off to the east coast all the way up to cape breton Island, stayed in some protected forests, nearly shat myself in fear of bears and moose camping alone with the girlfriend- it was an adventure.

The worst part of the trip was when we followed the GPS to the border of Maine (America) where I was strip searched and had my entire car emptied. They got all my camera equiptment dirty and made me feel like a terrorist.

Sorry for having a beard but we are not all terrorists you cooky police officers!

posted on Mar, 6 2012 @ 08:29 PM
Love the idea of china, but way too complicated. And so big I would not know where to start!

Ditto on India, too complicated right now, but India/Nepal is on my bucket list for sure!

Europe is a possibility but it would require extra planning and more money.....I personally have to see Romania and Brittany, wales and Finland.....Iceland and i could spend years in Russia.

posted on Mar, 6 2012 @ 08:34 PM
reply to post by el1jah

Sorry for your misfortune on the border but that is hilarious! I can see a brearded guy standing there trying to convince the border guards you are not a terrorist.....

I had a similar experience in Russia years ago.....gotta love homeland security keeping you evil Canadians out!

Stand back folks, he's got a weird accent and maple syrup in his hands!

posted on Mar, 6 2012 @ 08:39 PM
reply to post by Mijamija

Europe is beautiful but it is a different sort of trip. When I was 18 I went backpacking with $4000 each (my gf and I) we did all of western europe. In 6 weeks we were only able to see most of the major cities. If I do europe again I want to do it one country at a time and really dig into the culture, go into the country side and take in as much as I can. I think it's much more expensive to travel europe these days, train tickets and plane tickets and even hostel prices have gone wayyy up (since 2007 when I did this).

Lately I have wanted to do more of the nature thing, I suppose you live in a major city to be so interested in camping, sitting in the forest is a vacation in itself no matter where you might be. Have you considered south america? You can travel on a real shoe-string and avoid all the hassal of camping since the hotels are very very cheap, you can spend time in peru and see macchu picchu for pretty cheap and there is a lot of hiking and beautiful scenery. It's not as dangerous as most people make it out to be. I did not go there but my brother in law backpacked from venezuela to peru for nextto nothing.

posted on Mar, 6 2012 @ 08:53 PM
I would recommend coming to Playa del Carmen. It's great, and we can use the business.

Seriously, it's beautiful down here:

posted on Mar, 6 2012 @ 08:55 PM
I'd love south America, my dad goes down there and he says it is awesome for nature lovers, and yes, I am a nature lover.

I live in a suburb of a suburb of a city. Close to the countryside but not close enough to the wilderness.

I grew up in a wooded rural area and I've lived all over, cities, countryside, but I get a call every so often to go back to the woods, it is my place to regroup and ground myself.

I have kids and I do not think they are ready to go exotic a few years maybe but not quite yet.

Europe has gotten even more expensive I was there in 07 and it was rough, I left in 2010 and it was still rough, ever since the euro Europe has been hard on Americans. But I have enough friends over there I could make it work, but it would be again a logistics thing mostly.

I like to travel and I'd do the backpacking thing if it was just about me, but it is something as a family we got to agree husband says Hawaii every year.....maybe this is the year we go there......I am wanting an "off the beaten path" vacation...he likes sun, sand and drinks with little umbrellas

posted on Mar, 6 2012 @ 09:01 PM
reply to post by CaptChaos

Well that just might solve my problem......I am guessing my hubby could get those little umbrella drinks there, huh?

I love Mexican food and speak enough Spanish to get me in trouble.....I will do some more research and consider that as a happy compromise. Hubby gets drinks, I get culture. Kids get lots of swim time.

Thanks for the suggestion!

posted on Mar, 6 2012 @ 09:21 PM

I think the reason why is obvious.

posted on Mar, 6 2012 @ 10:08 PM
The Outer Banks... yes camping on this stretch of barrier islands along NC's coast is beautiful and cheap. There are a series of camp grounds, both state and private, with great facilities that run from North to South.

I would start up at Duck or Coralla and work my way south through Nag's Head, Pea Island, Rodanthe, Buxton, Hatteras, and finishing up on Ocracoke.

The sea food is always freash and plentful. There is easy and abundant access to the beaches all along the way... many are not crowded, even in summer. In fact, in many places along Hwy 12 you literally have a beach to yourself.

Be aware, there are stretches with no...NO developement and entertainment. Just the beach... and that is the beauty of being there. If you want entertainment, go to Myrtle Beach or Daytona. If you just want the salt, the sand, the waves... and conveniences within a 30 minute drive... the Outer Banks is for you.

There is a lot to do and see. Four or more of NC's famous light houses are along Hwy 12...there's Jockeys Ridge, a giant 10 story sand dune... Kitty Hawk... Roanoke Island... and Ocracoke Island, lair of BlackBeard the Pirate.

Plus on the sound side of the barrier islands... and in many places the islands are only about 1/4 mile wide to just a hundred yards... there is swimming, kayacking, bird watching, fishing and crabbing. On Ocracoke, there are restuarant/ bars that have happy hour with $2.00 bucket drafts and all you can eat steam and peel 10cent shrimp.. that's right...10 cent shrimp.

Just imagine, swimming in the shallows on the sound side of Ocracoke... then literally just pulling on a pair of cargo shorts and a T-shirt, some flip flops, riding into town and parking. There are no sidewalks, just sandy paths. Giant live oaks sweep down to the ground, white picket fences and aged brick walls surround historic homes that BlackBeard walked by.

All along the streets are little art shops, pubs and cantinas, pirate flags abound and flap in the breeze off the briney blue. As you approach a pub, a chalk board sign announces the afternoon specials...some good rock n roll and laughter teases and beckons to you. You smell steamed shrimp, hot sauce, and diesel from the boats across the street in the harbor.

Come on down... maybe I'll meet you and we can talk ATS over a cold one. Oh, and bring your shagging shoes. Beach Music is big here. Carolina Beach Music... I'm talking about the Tams, the Clovers, the Catalinas, the Embers.

posted on Mar, 6 2012 @ 10:37 PM
reply to post by AlreadyGone


Sweet baby Jesus, are you a travel agent or something?

Good god, you made that sound perfect!

In my mind I am already there!

That is a totally do able vacation......not too expensive, not hours of travel on a plane where my kids get bored, they speak English there so my husband isn't nervous, and beaches with little umbrella drinks.....And seafood, he will love it because of the beach I will love it cause it is not swamped with tourists.....

Yep, I am bringing this one up as well.

Thanks, I will be doing some research on that area's way past my bed time

I am going to go to bed thinking of sandy beaches and umbrella drinks now!

posted on Mar, 6 2012 @ 10:53 PM
reply to post by Mijamija

Oh... one thing and this is a big one. Bring mosquito repellent for the night. Day time is no problem, but at night...if you are camping, repellent will be priceless.

Also, if you sunburn easily... bring the sunblock. There is no shade along the beach, and the constant salty breeze only intensifies the sun.

However... if you are an experienced camper, you already knew this.

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