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Christianality: no logic #mythoughts no peace in da heavon.

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posted on Mar, 6 2012 @ 06:50 PM

Originally posted by diputserauoy
Hey guys. I am afraid that this will not be a quality thread because I am too tired from work to get deep in ze story (have I ever done a quality thread?? no).
yet i am still interested in what your opinions are on the thoughts in the brain of this body.
I am unsure if the things what I say are correct, i just remember the source vaguely because the bible is boring.

Let's pretend that this book the bible was real.
Heaven should be the the most fun, entertaining, favorable,graceful, beautiful, pretty, clean, place to be...then why the heck would one third of the Angels leave that place? shouldn't be angels be wise?. I mean com'on you can't become an angel with only the so called "blind faith" they must know thy self and study/know a lot. So the Angels should at least be wise enough to know what kind of consequences they would get if they would piss off a omnipotent god that the bible claims it to be? In heaven there would still be cool rebels/ wouldn't the new shipment of Christians becoming Angels also become rebellious like the one third of the older angels were?

If you fail in knowing and understanding that men DO NOT become angels what can be used from the rest of your strawman?
The angels rebeled following their leader in knowing that man, though created as less than the angels was/can be elevated to higher than the angels in the kingdom age and beyond. Angels do not have use of the body and brain as man does and thinks differently, being created as servant/messengers of Yah. Man was created to choose to love God after He first chose to love us. It's a study in love and in the fallen angels, jealousy that has lead to betrayal and sabotage of this relationship we are offered to

posted on Mar, 6 2012 @ 08:50 PM

Originally posted by Starchild23

Originally posted by DarkKnight21

Originally posted by Starchild23

Originally posted by DarkKnight21
reply to post by Starchild23

I'm not talking about Revelations, I'm talking about Ezekiel 36-38. It indicates that Jews will be brought together from around the world back to the land of their ancestors, following right up to today with Gog/Magog, in which we are seeing nations like Persia (Iran), Russia (Rosh) and others conspiring against Israel.

Also, although Revelations is vague in some of its interpretations, some of it is very specific (and accurate), such as the One World Government/Religion currently forming as well as the persecution of Christians. Comparing Revelations with other scripture also helps. Read up on Matthew 24 to get a better idea of what I'm talking about. The words of Jesus, describing the future destruction of the temple (which happened in 70 AD) and the end times, are incredibly specific.

That's because Christians are arrogant enough to believe they can even begin to understand the concept known as "God" this day, no one can agree on a definition as to what exactly "God" is. What makes you guys so special, that you think you know God so well?

Also, the Bible is incredibly incomplete...go figure. (power-grubbing Vaticans)

I am not trying to be arrogant my friend. I am only passionately curious about God, so I actively seek Him out. No Vatican, preacher, pride or funny hats required.
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Who says you know how to seek him out? Who says anyone does?

How do you seek out that which is inhuman and supernatural?

I'll keep it simple for you, and avoid the argument you seek.
Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to our Fathers love for us.
Your troubles come from not listening to Him.
Less talk. You have two ears and one mouth.
Try listening twice as much as you talk.
If you listen you can hear Him. If you do all the talking you simply are not listening.
Your presuppositions lead you down blind alleys where all you see is blind faith.
Pride is the banner carrier on the path to destruction.
It leads the charge and blows the bugle.
Humility is the state of mind and being required to be in His presence for us dirt eating worms.

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