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A Few Things that are Making Me Angry This Week, How About You?

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posted on Mar, 6 2012 @ 12:34 PM
Do you just want the insanity to stop? If it isn't getting to know the Candidates that is getting you down, or the bad economic/jobs numbers -- there's also the lack of a shiny bright future. Every other pundit is talking about what our nation CANNOT do, and bickering about what to cut; your job or your neighbors job.

So I just want to rant about what is Making Me Angry. Here are just a few of the current annoyances;

How Executives have ramped up pension fund costs by funneling the money to themselves. Did you know that the Execs often have life insurance policies on their employees that the company pays for but the Executive Pension Fund is the beneficiary?
Daily Show: Ellen Schultz

Goldman Sacks helped Greece hide it's economic problems -- from the world and it's own people. It also shorted their currency, driving up the interest rates for Greece to settle it's debts. And it timed the market, knowing when Greece would fail. GS execs are also the ones giving advice to how the Debt reconciliation should proceed. Get the picture? There's even more to be mad about;
Two Sinners

If YOU THINK that Greece was bankrupted by Social spending, you need a refresher course on how Banks and Transnational Corporations foist debts onto nations and steel their resources -- what is called "Economic Hitmen";

You know what ELSE makes me angry? That when you bring up how our military/CIA are just working for corporations -- multinational corporations with maybe some offices and stock in the Good Ol' USA -- some people who don't get it accuse you of being unpatriotic! #1 Patriotism is an opiate for the masses. The .1% invested more in China in the past for years with their tax breaks than your future -- THEY love patriotism and the customers it can provide them. #2 When we criticize what is going on -- it doesn't mean that other countries might not do something worse -- you criticize your kids because you want the to DO BETTER -- it's the same with the country.

We are still debating about unchecked growth, and limited economic vulturism. The FACT of the matter is; the planet cannot sustain 7 billion people with ever increasing growth. Whether you worry about Climate Change or not -- it's a fact of life for ice free ocean front property in the Arctic Circle and new trade routes in the ocean, for national parks that watch as animals move a hundreds of miles north of their former regions, and tornados now can strike nearly everywhere but Alaska and Hawaii within the US. The climate is going to affect crops (they sprout earlier every year) and other than Soy Beans MOST crops are going to fair worse with warmer nights (it's a complex topic but it entails how CO2 gets converted to carbohydrates when the plant uses photosynthesis). Crops and changing borders affect people. The Oil companies who spend millions to lie about the subject, are investing Billions in hedging for a warmer tomorrow -- investing in owning fresh water supplies, grabbing "green energy" patents, and in politicians, who will let them own more of the decision process. The situation is extremely dire, or worse.

The WORLD needs an energy policy. Women need to be able to decide when they get pregnant and be empowered. The Third World needs First World technology and efficiency rather than ramping up in a carbon powered industrial revolution that will make matters worse. There is the money and resources to solve these problems, but it's busy being lavished on those who cannot spend all their money in a life time. Birth control should be preached from every pulpit -- but it's a wedge issue. WE don't need to force draconian measures; everywhere there is women's rights and judicial due process the environment gets cleaner and birth rates go down. It's magic!

ON the heels of the "military detention for anyone" act, and the "poof, you are no longer a citizen and now subject to the aforementioned policy" act, we have HR 347, the “Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act of 2011,” also known as  "First Amendment Rights Eradication Act," which was passed by the House on Tuesday. Wow -- bipartisanship CAN happen -- only when everyone but the 1% are getting screwed.
This new Bill could apply 10 years of punishment for anyone protesting where a government VIP is hanging out;

Global Economic Melt Down on the way. But the policy makers are more concerned with protecting the wealth of the status quo, rather than making choices that will benefit the most people. What else is new? I don't think I need a link here. Maybe it's time to buy canned goods and sell all the stock but Apple. Run around like a plucked chicken? If it relieves stress -- go for it.

INSTEAD of doing ANYTHING to make the future brighter or at least stave off annihilation, the USA seems to be lead by the nose from it's useless ally; Israel, to do it's bidding to attack Iran. It's either because of the new found oil fields, the huge money our nuclear fuel rod industry is going to lose to Iranian plants, or the Likud party just wants more blood -- anything but the stated purpose is possible. Maybe they think the economy will be stimulated by another war -- because they are still listening to Supply-Side economics pundits who've never been right in their entire lives about anything.
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posted on Mar, 6 2012 @ 12:46 PM
reply to post by VitriolAndAngst

A Few Things that are Making Me Angry This Week, How About You?

Politics, domestic. The GOP primary is one of the most caustic, self inflicted wounds in the history of the conservative movement. I feel like I need a roll of toilet paper every time I watch the news.

Politics, Middle East - Iran and Hizbollah now pretty much control a large portion of young and aspiring genocide specialists here in the west. Israel is all ee-ville - Iran is all good. I am going to pop my lunch into a high orbit.

Economics, energy. The cost of gas is bad enough but the apologists for the speculators making themselves and big oil rich is simply sickening. Anything can be abused... and in this case, the free market is the victim right along with the rest of us.

That's a start

posted on Mar, 7 2012 @ 08:21 PM
Moved from one side of the country to the other, and have since had to quite 2 jobs due to horrific work standards and unprofessional methods. Is it really too much to ask for the chance to go to work, do the best job you can, and finish the day fulfilled rather than be dealt insults, faulty equipment that hardly works, and leadership that exists only through small town connections regardless of the hinderance to business the mismatched selection has caused? 2012, and still it's easy to find yourself in a backwards slave role. Dear me. Without doubt an angry week!


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