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Korea, The hidden War

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posted on Mar, 6 2012 @ 08:55 AM
Ok, so I have been reading...or trying to read upon the Korean war. It is hard to find any good real info on this. I went to the book store, and while there was a whole book case on the vietnam war(most of it garbage), there were only 3 books on the Korean war. Whats up with that?

Anyhow, from what i have found, it seems that after japan surrendered in WWII, the koreans were united in rejoicing for the independence after 40 brutal years of japanese rule. But.....america and russia and agreed to divide korea in half, with the US owning from the 38th parallel down, and russia the rest.

It seems the americans did not like the democratic republic that the koreans were quickly and excitedly trying to set up, and so they reinstated the japanese police force, and installed a dictator. There were several periods where leaks seemed to surface of american massacres of the southern koreans that they were ruling over, and it also seems that the south was very aggressive towards the north, with the CIA planning and executing raids across the border, and the dictator hungry for northern conquest.

All in all it seems like a cookie cutter of vietnam, down to massive bombing and massacres, except that in THIS story, the north did not win.

Does anyone have any more real sources or info on this shadowy period of history? No one i meet seems to know anything about the korean war, there are very few movies about it, and also, as I found, very few books. Why is this so hidden and unexplored? Even more so than vietnam.....despite the fact that almost no americans know the causes and events of that war either. Why is american history so hidden from americans? How do so many not know the details about these very important events, if its not an intentional attempt to miseducate?

posted on Mar, 6 2012 @ 09:14 AM
I knew an old guy that fought in Korea.. I never talked to him about really but I know that he resented that it is glossed over so much and that it was not recogised as a 'war'. I have seen it described as the 'The Forgotten War'. They really are not honoured. I dont think it was fully recognized as war or something.

I have never thought about it much other than it being a proxy between America and Russia. But the whole 'cold war' thing seems alot like how Spain and Portugal divided the globe at one time and took half each. Only when America and Russia did it after WW2 they divided certain coutries. Its like the Portugal/Spain thing in stealth. The proxy wars just an excuse to play with toys distract citizens.

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posted on Mar, 6 2012 @ 09:47 AM
Something to consider.

The History Channel had a show called Japan's Atomic Bomb, which you can purchase on Amazon.

In the show, it details the Japanese were in a race to develop their own atomic bomb. And apparently, they were
able to test the device, which was a success, just off the coast of what is now North Korea. At the time, Korea had the facilities, such as industrial electric infrastructure for instance, that were untouched by the war, so it helped the Japanese get their bomb done. So in other words, without saying it, there must have been a large complex there in Korea dedicated to building atomic bombs. They didn't reach the weapon stage where they could use it on someone such as the US, but they had all the developmental work done and they needed more time to weaponize it, but by that time Japan had already conceded the war.

This isn't in the show because of its inflammatory suggestion...
So I'm sure it didn't take the US long to figure out the Japanese had their own nuke program and where it was, so I'm sure they had to come up with a way to contain it. Enter reason to concoct Korean War without telling anybody that the Japanese were smart enough to create their own bomb, and the Russians wanted it badly.
This is how I figure the Russians caught up so quickly in the nuclear race. They didn't steal from us, they didn't capture super secret German nuke scientists, they went in and captured a ready made nuke facility on a silver platter. I'm quite sure the fighting stopped sometime after the Americans found out the Russians made off with the trophy. So they drew a line in the sand, kept what they killed for, and left it in a perpetual state of war. Because really, would could they do? They couldn't admit at the time what they came for, and they probably still can't. That's what happens when you lie for all the wrong reasons.

posted on Mar, 6 2012 @ 09:52 AM
reply to post by CAPT PROTON

There is a ring of truth to the story you have told.

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