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The hidden history leading up to WWII

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posted on Mar, 7 2012 @ 07:33 PM

Originally posted by babybunnies

Originally posted by Shred

Originally posted by nightbringr

Originally posted by Shred

Adolf Hitler:

"...insults over months a nationstate, and threatens it, to beat it up, to fight battles in berlin, to chop germany´s armies, to displace the frontier to the Oder-river or the Elbe- river, and so on and so forth. And this nationstate- germany- patiently watches these on-goings. Solely the english and french warmongers needed this war but not peace. "We need a long war" as Mr. Chamberlain put it, "at least 3 years long". because of my peace offer I have been abused, personally insulted- in front of the world public Mr. Chamberlain literally spat into my face and refuses to even talk about peace. I hear but one cry from London: That now even more this war has to continue, that they continue this war, even if it meant england to perish. It´s not my ambition to be at war, but to create a new social nation state of highest culture, EVERY YEAR OF THIS WAR LOOTS ME OF THAT WORK.

Chamberlin spat in Hitlers face and demanded war? How very droll.

Chamberlin was the patsy who stood by as Hitler annexed and threatened his way across Europe. Thank god Churchill was in charge when Poland was attacked, or we could have all been goose-stepping around right now. Well, those of us who are caucasian. The rest of you would be dead.

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Chamberlain was still the PM when the war started.

Yes, which is what the person writing the response said "Chamberlin was the patsy who stood by as Hitler annexed and threatened his way across Europe"

Churchill took over shortly after the war started. Churchill had actually been a DISASTER in previous roles in Government, but made some crucial decisions early on (such as destroying the French fleet when it looked like they would be captured by the German Navy) that cemented his leadership style for the rest of the war.

He said Churchill was in power when Poland was attacked, I pointed out that wasn't right. Chamberlain resigned after the epic Norway phail.

posted on Mar, 9 2012 @ 06:16 PM

Originally posted by nightbringr

Originally posted by TeslaandLyne
reply to post by pexx421

Germany was in the forefront of many developments and perhaps by the end of
the 1930s there was an effort to capture these many patents that the US kept
as spoils of war eventually. So the strict security and outward hostilities given
whatever reasons were lied about. Sure rockets and jets were looming right behind
their most advanced planes and devices that were not kept up to date in real time
while America made better same technology advances in their wasted time.
So I'd say leading up to WWII the German technological developments had to
be stopped or acquired by people other than those who invested. Like the internet
bubble with many investors that lost out because there were others that brought in
more controlling factors and took over sinking many stocks. So of those we hear
invested in Germany were most likely losers by the bigger players. your logic, since the West wanted German technology and know-how, they somehow convinced the Germans to embark upon a campaign of world domination in order for the Allies to be justified in attacking them?

Odd. I thought the West appeased the Germans time and time again as they took Danzig, annexed Czechoslovakia and Austria and then invaded Poland? But your saying that had nothing to do with WW2 right? And the USA, who you say wanted their technology didnt join the war until the Japanese attacked at Pearl Harbor. So the Japanese were in on this too? Maybe the US and Japan made a deal to have Pearl Harbor attacked so the USA would have justification to join the war?

Actually that logic is not so stupid as it sounds... The West was not one big cohesive bloc as we think today. There was the British colonial empire which only traded amongst itself and mainly supplying raw materials to mother England and England in turn supplying manufactured goods back. The French operated their own replica system as did the Dutch and Portugese etc, whereas USA could not break into their closed trade systems.

The Nazis came up with a concept about the portability of money across trade barriers which employed the use of patent rights.

Indeed during the shuttle diplomacy of Sumner Welles between Nazi Germany, Italy, France and Britain in early 1940 trying to avert war a whole new world order for trade and capital was proposed by USA and Germany which eventually became the blueprint for today's global free trade.

During WW2 recognition of Krupp owned patent rights for Tungsten Carbide and licensed production by Carballoy a company owned by General Electric saw massive royalties for Tungsten Carbide being paid to the Nazis throughout WW2.

General Electric through it's ownership of AEG owned production and patent rights for the V-2 rocket which were transferred to USA in 1943.

In the pre-war days patents were inter-changable assets which could get past trade protectionism in old colonial systems. At the end of WW2 US forces made a bee line for Nazi patent repositories and viewed these as capital assets.

No USA was not in on Pearl Harbour.... USA was doing a good little business sitting on the sidelines profiteering as war raged in Europe.

USA however was involved with the Joint ABDA naval task force which blockaded Japan's oil supplies from July 1941. There has always been some suggestion that FDR was tipped off by Churchill about an attack on Pearl way before it happened. Certainly a non specific threat of war by Japan was expected in 1941 and it is perhaps on the cards that Roosevelt wanted in on the War in Europe to be at the table for the spoils?

posted on Mar, 16 2012 @ 02:38 PM
reply to post by nightbringr

Good point which did not point out. The waring was simple, so much money was available evil had a field day. Not much to elaborate there. I tend to be concerned with the technological advance and not the waring advance that every one else is concerned about. Some of the killing and enslavement tightened security and built the rockets and armaments. Invasions of other countries cleaned out their banks of gold and put gold into the investors pockets in the short term. Much of the technology was taken as spoils of war and some stayed in Germany. Bad things go on every day but lots of money backing some evil plan has been the legacy of WWII.

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