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Calls for Planned Parenthood oversight hearings get louder

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posted on Mar, 6 2012 @ 06:49 AM
As Planned Parenthood continues to get a cool $1 million a day and enjoys tax-exempt, nonprofit organization status,
some people and watchdog organizations are wondering where the oversight is and has been.

Planned Parenthood has received $5.8 Billion government income from 1964 through 2010.

An article from Human Events points to some very eye opening facts that may require attention.

Questions need to be answered.

Evidence of corruption ?

by Audrey Hudson

“There is evidence that shows Planned Parenthood is not keeping a strict financial accounting or complying with the law,” says Rep. Cliff Stearns, (R-Fla.), chairman of the House Energy and Commerce subcommittee on oversight and investigations.

“There is also mounting evidence that, when dealing with young women who come in looking for abortions, if the woman was raped they are not reporting who did it to the state, which is the law,” Stearns said.

“There is ample evidence to have a hearing,” Stearns said. “The next step is to show the American taxpayers how accurate they have been with their accounting, and in many cases have not been, and bring accountability to almost half a billion dollars (in yearly federal funds) and how it is being used.”

Stearns and his committee are examining recent reports compiled by several anti-abortion groups that detail these charges, and the committee has ordered Planned Parenthood to turn over numerous internal audits, with the intention of holding the first-ever oversight hearings on the controversial organization.

Planned Parenthood is also one of President Barack Obama’s top political allies, and spent more than $1.7 million in the last election cycle to help elect Obama and support his fellow abortion rights Democrats, the Center for Responsive Politics reported.
They receive government money and at the same time spend money on elections ?? -- Is that "back door" political contributions ??

Long Story:
Sense of Entitlement ?

Is Planned Parenthood above the law ??

posted on Mar, 6 2012 @ 10:20 AM
reply to post by xuenchen

Planned Parenthood has said that they feel sympathy for Denise Fairbanks, the girl who was apparently abused by her father and recieved an abortion at the age of 16. They also said that while they will not comment on the specifics of whether or not she informed Planned Parenthood that she was being abused, that she was being being shamefully used and exploited by Pro-Life organizations, the courts have asked for and recieved all the records and documents associated with the abortion, and I am certain that when the actual trial takes place the documents and testimony will clarify the facts.

I think it is shameful that the Extremist Pro-Lifers would exploiut an abused girl, roll-out a national media campaign with her name and details of her abuse etc.

I also think it is entirely possible that this girl did not whisper a word of her father's abuse when her and her father went and requested the abortion. Eitgher way, Planned Parenthood, despite of the accusations have chosen not to respond with ugly details or rebuttals, but rather let the courts sort out the truth, while Pro-Life orgs have plastered this poor girls name all over the place before any legal examination of the facts.

Given the circumstances, I suspect this girl lied under pressure from Pro-Life organizations or was encouraged to do the same and she didn't make Planned Parenthood aware that her father had abused her for the 3 years prior and that the abortion was the product of that abuse.

Put simply the Pro-Life nutty orgs that are selling her story are asking folks to believe that because Planned Parenthood was willing to perform the abortion, that means that they also do not care and also would endorse a father sexually abusing his daughter and would ignore the please from that child for help.

Planned Prenthood is Pro-Choice, as is the law of the land....that does not equal Pro Incestual Abuse of children, despite what these nutty groups are claiming by exploiting an abused child in a national campaign.

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