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Ancient Civilizations in Australia

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posted on Mar, 11 2012 @ 09:04 PM
Okay, after spending hour looking for sources regarding aboriginals using masonic signs, I found out all I need was right here in the ATS achives.
Have you got any link for the story of captain Cook communicating with masonic signs? I havent heard that one and cant find anything on it...

One story comes from John Mcdouall Stuart's fourth experdition in 1860. Here is a bit from his Journal...

He was very talkative, but I could make nothing of him. I have endeavoured, by signs, to get information from him as to where the next water is, but we cannot understand each other. After some time, and having conferred with his two sons, he turned round, and surprised me by giving me one of the Masonic signs. I looked at him steadily; he repeated it, and so did his two sons. I then returned it, which seemed to please them much, the old man patting me on the shoulder and stroking down my beard. They then took their departure, making friendly signs until they were out of sight.

Excerpt from Stuart's journal
John Mcdouall Stuart's bio

This story is also told by les hiddins in his series bush tucker man stories of survival, episode 3: the great missadventure, about 10 miutes in. He also tells of what happened two days later. During an incident at a watering hole, the same tribe ambushed them. What is curious is they did not use their deadly spears but opted to use their less lethal boomarangs. Their were no fatalities so it seems they where just trying to send a message, 'you can travel through our land, but this is our water and their isnt enough to share.'
Hiddins seems genuinly baffled by these accounts. He breifly touches on aboriginals use of masonic signs again in episode 4. He also discusses in depth the stories of dutch settlement in the kimberly region, worth a watch for anyone interested.

The only other account I know of comes 70 years later from Adolphus Peter Elkin...

In 1931 in the N.W. Kimberley's, Prof. A. P. Elkin, Professor of Anthropology at Sydney University came upon a tribe of Aborigines who had not met a white man before. The professor was astounded when tribal elders greeted him with Ancient Secret masonic hand signs. He was struck by the startling sematic features present in the natives. He discovered the Aborigines worshipped the sun. They also had an earth mother and Rainbow Serpent Cult. Later he discovered many of the words spoken were of Egyptian origin. This is the area of the famous Wandjina Cave Art. According to legend the Wanjina came from across the Indian Ocean in great vessels.

Prof A.P.Elkins account
Prof A.P.Elkin

I find these stories interesting because they are a bit more tangible. I dont think the natives learnt masonic signs from ancient egyptions, (though I wouldnt rule out contact beween the two civilisations in the ancient past). I think its most likly learnt from early dutch settlers, or maybe English, American masons that didnt publish their expeditions/ exploits for some reason or another. Obviously to recognise a masonic sign you generaly need to be a mason, which Stuart and Elkin appear to be. So their seems to be a conflict of interest, but I cant see any angle from a freemasons point of view. This may also explain the gaps in Aboriginal culture. Their may have been a secret 'crusade' before the first fleet, to rid the land of any heretical cultures. Or maybe they just wiped out all of the strongest contries to make settlment easier. The interesting thing to me is, if such a things did occure, their would likly have been oral stories handed down by the few Aboriginals that were left...

Here is a forum i came across, I havent read it all yet, but at a glance it looks interesting. its obviously written by a freemason but it seems quite unbias and reliable (sources, links given etc.) Also a must read for anyone who still considers Aboriginal culture "Primitive".
Australian Aboriginal Traditions

posted on Mar, 11 2012 @ 09:07 PM
I find the number of similarities between aboriginal culture and many other ancient cultures quight striking.
when early aboriginal were asked where their dead went, they would point to the sky. why not point to the ground where the bones are buried? or the waters where ones ashes might have been skattered?
Some authentic rock art shows people with "auras" around their heads (some would say astranout helmets). It Is said by experts that they represent spirits, a large part of aboriginal culture. To me they are very similar to a halo, used to depict an enligtned/ holy ones. They also worship the sun. This is probably coincidental, worshiping something that can be seen and felt every day makes sense to me....

posted on Sep, 24 2012 @ 09:28 PM
want to come back to this thread
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