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The kettle is black.

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posted on Mar, 6 2012 @ 01:14 AM

WASHINGTON -- The United States has urged the Russian government to conduct "an independent, credible investigation of all reported electoral violations" stemming from the March 4 presidential vote that saw Vladimir Putin sweep to victory.

It goes on to quote the state department (i couldn't help but laugh when i seen a headline about this statement scroll across a few news channels last night):

"We also say very clearly that the OSCE, whose report we endorse, had concerns about the conditions under which the campaign was conducted -- that it wasn't a level playing field to begin with; the partisan use of government resources, including resources dedicated to media coverage; and the procedural irregularities on the day of the election," Nuland said. "So we're very clear in calling out the issues that we see."

Essentially they are claiming that vladimir putin is not fit to be elected because his opponents may have not received as much media coverage among over irregularities which could also involve lobbying for campaign funds.

Just thought i would point this out.

There are obvious media issues related to ron paul in the USA election campaigns. The election hasn't happened over there yet, however when it does and if ron paul isn't the president at the outcome of the US elections, does this mean world leaders, such as russia, will be asking for fraud investigation into the US election? It's not only that, but there are irregularities in some of the caucus votes, namely iowa, where a whole precinct was not counted for unknown/bizzare reasons. This can be said on the basis of what the US is claiming "foul play" in the russian elections.

Will the US state department issue a similar quote at the end of the US election in regards to ron paul if he isn't elected as potus?Will there be an immediate announcement for an investigation? Their statement fits the current play of the media and irregularities relating to media coverage and/or bias against ron paul.

It's one thing to call another nations election system "rigged" or being part of foul play. But they should look home where the irregularities and media bias is right in the open at their own upcoming elections.

I'm not a ron paul fanatic (although if i were american he would most likely be my vote), ad you don't have to be a ron paul supporter to spot the obvious hypocrisy of this statement by the state department. It is hilarious.

Is this another example that "Do as we say, but not as we do" is a factual statement regarding the US foreign policy?


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