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Artificial Intelligence on YouTube and Twitter

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posted on Mar, 8 2012 @ 03:02 AM
OK...... It's March 8, 2012....... and I have 2 more examples of synchronicity.

These are new ones........ Although, I will continue to post old ones from years ago, which I wrote down at the time.

OK...... I was reading an article yesterday with Jessica Simpson posing semi-nude (safe for work), while pregnant....... Then, yesterday, I got a comment on my video, "he should have ****** and impregnated them"...... Here is the screenshot (I bleeped out the cuss word)

It's possible that (1) Someone is wiretapping my Internet and/or local computer, saw that I visited that page, and decided to write that comment (2) That person saw the Jessica Simpson thing too, and wrote that comment based on it, either consciously/subconsciously (3) It was a psychic/synchronicity event.

Also, there was a story yesterday that celebrity Snooki is pregnant, so, another "pregnant" thing.


OK....... Here is the 2nd event.

Someone posted a comment on my video......

The comment is (screenshot here)

ROFL (i need bigger caps) WHOLE SOLAR SYSTEM??!? I love how he said at one point that american education sucks and then proving it by saying one of the stupidest things I have ever heard.

That's interesting, because there was a news story yesterday, "Solar storm headed toward Earth may disrupt power"

With this particular incident, it's odd, because........ this is seemingly a synchronicity on THEIR PART.... Because, I didn't read about this solar storm until this morning, and they posted the comment 6 hours ago (approx)............ In order for this person to have done this psychically/organically/in sync........ they would need to have read about the solar storm..... and then stumbled across my video...... and then heard the solar system clip, and then wrote about this............

So, this was either (1) an organic synchronicity on their part (2) someone reading my thread, and messing with me, for fun..... This person would need to have knowledge of what was in my video, so it would be a government agent or one of Alex Jones' people (3) Some sort of artificial intelligence, crawling the web for stories, finding the solar storm one, and then having a transcript of my video, and picking up the correlation between "solar storm" and "solar system", and automatically posting the comment.
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posted on Mar, 8 2012 @ 11:52 AM
ha! it happened again but this time to someone else LOL

in regards to my high-school reunion being posted on facebook...some yearbook pics were also posted as well. One of the pics is our classmate hanging out the classroom window (pretending) to skip class ...anywhoos look what someone posted in the comments:

Scott wrote: "I was in the class that he was hanging out of. Totally laughed my ass off. One the best memories of school, was actually thinking about it just a couple of days ago."

posted on Mar, 9 2012 @ 07:54 AM
OK.... It's March 9, 2012. Here's another one....

I was thinking yesterday about how Wikileaks dropped the ball on the Bank of America leaks.

And I thought... maybe I should start a new leak site, with leaks about UFOs (seeing as I saw 2 UFOs in 2011)

And.... 23 hours ago (some time late yesterday), I was followed on Twitter by...... UFOLeaks (@ufoleaks1)

Screenshot here

I did not check Twitter before this, so there's no chance that I saw this in the corner of my eye.


Also...... last night, I had a dream about someone walking into my room and opening the window. This morning, that person did that, first thing in the morning.


Also, yesterday, I went on a trip to a foreign country..... and..... yesterday, I got the following comment on my video.

Screenshot here

Notice that? He's talking about people having options in foreign countries, and how transport has become cheap etc.

Now, this could be a case of some government agent knowing who I am, and where I'm going......... and therefore, I would be hesitant to call this a synchronicity.

However, some of the things in this thread are blatantly synchronicities, and cannot be put down to human intervention.
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posted on Mar, 9 2012 @ 09:35 AM
I used to make bots on yahoo. we had commands like /talk/backwards(texthere), /talk/dots/(texthere).
so you would type these commands into chat and that would output text backwards.
I had mine setup for simple prompts like when someone enters the room it would greet them.
if someone mentioned the bots name it would talk back to them.

I know AI has been achieved since then this was early 2000. some ones done it, someone was working on it back then too.

posted on Mar, 10 2012 @ 06:27 AM
It's March 10, 2012. Here are some more examples.

Just yesterday on AboveTopSecret, I posted about having a dream about something that happened the next day.

Well... this morning.... I got PLAYBOYDREAMZ as a suggested user on Twitter (@LUVDREAM4U)

Here is the screenshot

This would indicate that Twitter has some kind of agreement with Google.... Because, AboveTopSecret has Google Analytics embedded on every page. So, when I typed "dream" yesterday, they would have copied the contents of the entire page, and then shown this to me on Twitter... as a Suggested User.

Google and Twitter have not announced this partnership.... so that's pretty weird, if you ask me..... I guess it's always possible... that Twitter archives the links people post on there..... so.... I posted a link to this thread on Twitter, so, Twitter may have taken my thing about "dream", and shown it as a Suggested User.

So, this isn't necessarily a "synchronicity", but I guess it could have been.


Also, I was posting yesterday about going on a foreign trip, on AboveTopSecret....... Well, someone posted a comment on my YouTube video, and when you click through to their channel, the first video in the feed is.... Denver airport conspiracy..... as in, taking a plane to a foreign country, which I did.

Screenshot of the comment

Screenshot of the YouTube channel


This stuff is starting to not necessarily be synchronicity anymore..... I'm going to post some of my old genuine synchronicities sometime in the future, in this thread...... I have 100s of old, good ones.
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