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TVShack website: Petition in support of Richard O'Dwyer

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posted on Mar, 5 2012 @ 04:21 AM
From the article
"A petition against the extradition of a Sheffield student to face trial in the US has topped 20,000 signatures.

Richard O'Dwyer, 23, faces being sent to America over copyright infringement allegations after he lost his case earlier this year.

Mr O'Dwyer set up a website called TVShack providing links to pirated copyrighted films and television programmes, claim US authorities.

The petition is expected to be submitted in the next few months."

This is a global petition which I think we should all sign otherwise we are setting a dangerous precedence, if they can extradite someone for copyright offences will they start extraditing for "having a negative opinion of government, inciting others to have an opinion?

This madness needs to stop. If they extradite this boy I will personally wage a social media campaign against the majority of the Tory front bench (they have dirty secrets and some of us know their dirt, there is proof enough to bring down the government) I will bring their crimes and lies to the attention of millions.

Crimes committed in the UK must be tried in the UK.

The petition itself can be found here, please find the time to sign it

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posted on Mar, 6 2012 @ 08:51 AM

Crimes committed in the UK must be tried in the UK.

Well said, and that is absolutely true. Foreign policy should regard the fact that connecting to a computer over the internet is in no way the same as committing a crime on another nations soil.

The very same case can be made against Gary McKinnon. If NASA or the pentagon doesn;t want british people accessing their unsecured computer networks, they should block access. Same goes for TVShack, at the very least the US should consider blocking the domain if it's "illegal" to US law. I'm not encouraging censorship but i think they are using extradition for "crime" as a scapegoat to shutdown a website they don't like without looking like censorship tools.

The problem here is that the "crime" the TVShack owner is accused of, is perfectly legal in the UK at this moment in time. There is nothing wrong with sharing/posting links via a website.

It's disgusting to think that this poor guy may end up in the US for breakinga US law.... in the united kingdom.

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