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Fearmongering on

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posted on Mar, 5 2012 @ 02:05 AM
Marshall Masters concluding lines:

"Nonetheless, those who are offended and feel the need to spout a similar blödmann rant as Lucas Sebastian of Germany, that's fine by me. The future could use one less moron.

Otherwise, get off your butts and get to it folks. We have less than a year and that means dying time is near."

Read the rest here.

I've never seen someone use such obvious fear tactics to try and push some kind of an agend. He claims the government is the one, but thats the pot calling the kettle black ya know. I mean he claims the worlds ending and we need to be stocking up on supplies like it'd stop Nibiru or whatever he claims.

Anyways, take a look let me know what you think....

That idk if I put this in the right spot so move it if you got to.
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