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Pirates' Folley

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posted on Mar, 4 2012 @ 06:03 PM
It was the light breeze off the harbor that made him relax. The sounds of the gulls echoing off the hilltops, the wind carrying gentle sounds of the lagoon lapping on the sandy beach.

Jackson stood in the morning salty air, overlooking his ship bobbing up and down in the harbour. The creaking of the sails calming his nerves for the trip to come. He could see his first mate barking orders to the crew, making sure everything is in order. An occasional "aye aye sir" coming from the crew mates acknowledging the orders being handed out.

"Jackson, Sir. The dock-hands are almost done loading the ship, could you sign here please?" the dockmaster said as he pointed to a sheet of paper he had with the list of things to be transported.

The captain took the sheet of paper, looked over the contents and mumbled something under his breath as he signed the bottom.

"Thank yee sir, the rest of the cargo will be done within the hour" the dockmaster responded before he sauntered back to his cabin overlooking the docks.

With the shipment almost finished loading, Jackson started to walk towards his ship, taking in the air and smell of the ocean that was to be his home for the next few months. He passed the blacksmith and could hear the high pitched bangs as he struck his hammer on the anvil, the smithy nodded to the captain as he walked past. Next came the musty smell of the tavern, smelled of rum mostly, but he could also make out the subtle scent of the previous nights activities from the open windows upstairs, he couldn't help but chuckle remembering his crews exploits of the women. He had no problem drinking, in fact he could drink his crew under the table in one sitting, it was women he had problems with. It's not to say he wasn't attracted to them, he was. In his thirty five years of living he had yet to come across one that could keep his attention.

He had his fair share of women, younger and older, but he could never find the one that could actually make him stop in his tracks. Well that was until the other day, just after he docked and unloaded his cargo to make room for the next trip. She was all of maybe thirty years, but so unlike the others. Her strawberry blonde hair matched his own, save for one thing, hers was much longer. The clothes she wore were unlike the others, in their white dresses and parasols and high class attitudes, she stood out. To the other women she was more of an eye sore, but to Jackson she was eternity defined. From her leather shoes to her dark blue form fitting slacks with pockets on the legs, front and rear. For a jacket it was grey leather patchwork all open front, save for a pin the held the neckline together at the top. The features of her face could put any governers' daughter to shame if she so chose to do so. It was but a few minutes that he caught sight of her that day, and since then he has not seen her since, and no matter how hard he tried he couldn't shake the image of her from his mind.

Jackson steeled himself, for he knew the trip ahead was going to be fraught with some dangers, and he couldn't allow himself to be distracted by such things. He padded along to his ship, passing the hungering smell of the bakery, the fresh bread smell wafting on the breeze. As the morning opened up the skies, he could hear the kids starting to come out for their daily chores, and to get the daily foods for the breakfasts. The men sauntering to their places of employ to earn their wages to keep their family fed and housed. He turned to his right and he grinned to himself as his soft footfalls on the dirt roads in town, gave way to the clapping of boots on wooden planks.

The first mate leaned over the edge of the ship looking down on the captain, grinning his less then threatening display of teeth he said,

" Cap'n we almost be ready to sail, any last orders to be given?"

" Is everyone on board ?" he asked as he looked up at the first mate from the bottom of the plank leading to the ship.

Just then he heard running footfalls on the docks, sounding like they were heading right toward him, as he turned to see who they were, he caught a glimpse of sailor colours rushing past him and up the plank.

"Aye" said the first mate with a grin, "now they are all accounted for"

Jackson walked the length of the plank-board and looked at his first mate.

"Then set the sails and hoist the anchor, we leave, now", he said with a straight face.

Within a few minutes he could hear the sails being unfurled, and the anchor being brought onboard. The sails catching the light breeze and filling themselves up. As the ship creaked and groaned with the movement of getting under way, Jackson walked up to the bow and looked ahead out over the horizon. He could see the sun starting to rise, the red and orange hues of the morning light reflecting off of the clouds, and the shimmering of the refection off of the water. Out of the corner of his eye he spotted another galleon disappearing over the horizon, sails in full girth.

"Probably another trade ship or cargo vessel" he thought to himself.

The ship shuddered to life as it left the bay, sails being let out to catch all the wind, the ocean clawing up the front of the ship as it cut its path out into the wide open space.

Jackson turned a bit and decided that it would be a good time to go and catch some much needed rest. On his way to his cabin he passed crew mates, making sure the decks were clean, a couple were tending to ripped sails. A few were climbing up to the riggings to make sure everything was secure and tight. The first mate was behind the wheel, keeping it straight on the course, amazingly whistling to himself, a soft tune he heard at the tavern last night. He walked up to the captains quarters door and opened them, smiling to himself he closed his eyes as he spotted his bed. Oh how he missed it. Kicking off his boots, and throwing his jacket on his desk full of charts and memorabilia he aquired on his journeys, he plopped himself uncerimoniously onto the bed and promptly fell asleep. The dreams he had could have torn a sleeping soul from its slumber and make it tremble, but to him these were calm. Two women haunted his dreams, the wild spirited blonde at the harbour, and one other woman, he couldn't really make out. All he could visualize was cliffs over looking the sea, the sea spray coming up and almost reaching her bare feet. The red hair blowing in the wind, the light freckles on her face and bare shoulders belaying her soft nature. A shawl wrapped around her keeping her warm. She turned her head and glanced at him, without her lips moving she said to him, "In time you will know me, now is not the time".

It was then that he woke in a cold sweat, unsure of where he was. He quickly looked around him, his rapid breathing finally slowing as he took in his surroundings. The boots flung without care on the floor, his jacket laying on the desk, the lantern above him swaying back and forth to the rhythm of the ocean. Laying back down onto his bed, he breathed a sigh of relief, his sea green eyes darting over the ceiling.

He was just about to close his eyes, when his first mate banged loudly on his door.

posted on Mar, 4 2012 @ 06:04 PM
He was just about to close his eyes, when his first mate banged loudly on his door.

"Cap'n we need up on deck sir."

Sighing to himself he pulled himself out of bed and got dressed. He could hear some commotion outside as if something had seriously startled the crew into a panic. As he opened the doors to his cabin, he could tell right away that the sun was setting, the clouds had a deep orange and red to them, and there was a slight chill in the air. Looking around the deck, everyone was looking over to the east on the horizon with gapped mouths and wide eyes. Shirting his head towards the commotion he could see two ships in combat, one being of colonial origin judging from the flag, and the other had cannons blazing on it. Searching the attacking ship he could make out the flag of a skull and crossbones along with many of the crew waiting on deck for the right moment to jump over.

"Hunter!!." he called out to his first mate.

"Aye sir." Hunter called out from behind him.

" Get the crew ready for battle, bring out the forward cannons and line up the starboard for a line of fire" Jackson hollered out.

Climbing up to the helm, the captain adjusted the ship for an intercept course on the pirates, his focus only taken away when the covers to the forward cannons opened and set into place. The ship lurched as the sails unfurled and caught the wind, increasing their speed. As the distance decreased he could see more commotion aboard the pirate ship and some of the attackers had successfully boarded the defenceless colony ship. Keeping his hands on the wheel he kept his course straight and true.

"Cap'n we be within firing range" Hunter called out.

Jackson nodded his head at his first mate signaling to commence firing on the pirates. From below deck he could hear the cannoneers yell out to each other. The only words he heard were "FIRE!!!" and then the ship lurched a bit under the power of the cannons. His ears picked up that word three times, but over the deafening roar of four shots being let go, he didn't make out the last one. One of his shots took out the pirate captains chambers, and along with it, the helm fell under its own weight, with nothing under to support it. Wood splinters, glass and metal shot everywhere. The second shot he noticed took a direct hit to the cargo hold just at sea level, opening a huge gapping hole and allowing water to rush in. Smiling to himself, he thought "Well that's one less pirate on the seas". The third shot ended up taking out the bow of the ship, more splintered wood the size of two by fours flew everywhere. With panic aboard the pirate ship at its peak he took the opportunity to call out to his alpha crew.

"ALPHA CREW!!!!, Get over there and salvage anything you can find, food, water, gun powder, anything worthwhile before she sinks, and while you are over there, make SURE she sinks"

Four of the life rafts were lowered with the meanest and toughest members of his crew, they were his top men, willing to do what it takes to live and protect the captain and live by his orders. Three other rafts were lowered on the other side. they were down to save any survivors of the other ship and to make sure they were alright.

While the four rafts were being lowered the cannons roared again, this time from the side, doing direct damage and hull breaches to the pirate ship. Having no time to react and all of its attention on the unarmed ship, the pirates had no clue what was going on, by the time they did get a grip on to what was happening, the Alpha crew was up on their deck making short work of anyone left. Swords clashing together, in parries and chops, guns firing off their single shots, hitting their marks with deadly accuracy. Shortly after their arrival, the deck was littered with pirates, and they were out of sight below decks doing what they were told. Any food stores and water reserves were brought up and ferried across to Jacksons ship. The last raft came back with two crew members in it and five chests, slowly but surely it was all brought up on board. As the last member climbed up from the waters and jumped over the rail, the captain looked at him.

" Will it sink this time?" he asked.

"Aye", the crewmate said, "she'll sink for sure." as he grinned and pulled out some dynamite from one of his many pockets. "t'was placed in the powder keg"

By this time the other ship was far enough out of range from any further damage that may happen as a result of the upcoming explosion. Jackson turned the helm to intercept the other galleon, with sails hauled in for less speed he cruised up along side of it just as the pirate vessel exploded in a wrath of wood chips and metal slivers. His rescue crew was hard at work putting out any remaining fires and trying their best to repair the damage that was sustained from the pirate attack.

posted on Mar, 4 2012 @ 06:05 PM
By this time the other ship was far enough out of range from any further damage that may happen as a result of the upcoming explosion. Jackson turned the helm to intercept the other galleon, with sails hauled in for less speed he cruised up along side of it just as the pirate vessel exploded in a wrath of wood chips and metal slivers. His rescue crew was hard at work putting out any remaining fires and trying their best to repair the damage that was sustained from the pirate attack.

"Hunter!!" Jackson called out, "man the helm while i go over and talk to them, make sure they are alright."

He left the wheel and lowered a plank across to the other ship, gliding across with ease he landed on the other side and took in the damage. A few cannonball holes in the side, some torn sails and a few lifeless bodies on the deck, most of them being the pirates that managed to get across, which in his mind was a good thing.

"Well are you just going to stand there and stare or are you here to help?, being attacked by pirates kind of leaves some devastation behind you know." Jackson startled as he heard a womans voice to his left. Turning his head to his left he saw the ruby-haired woman he saw in his dream. At a loss for words he stammered back," we, we, we are here to help in any way you need". His eyes focused intently on the female that stood before him, dressed in captains clothing and commanding such respect from someone such as him.

"Well that's all good to know, but you can't do much by standing there starin' now can yah?" she queried.

With the pirate ship ablaze and sinking behind them, the repairs to the other ship begin to get underway, Jackson helping as much as he could as well. Food and water stores shared between the two ships. On the second day, Hunter comes into Jacksons cabin and rouses him, saying that the woman captain wishes to see him. Grumbling to himself under his breath he slowly gets out of his comfortable bed and gets dressed. On his way over, he looks over the repairs to the accompanying ship and smiles at the handywork. Rubbing the last bit of sleep from his eyes he reaches the female captains chamber and knocks to announce his arrival.

"Come in" she says without lifting her head from her writings.

" Ah you must be Captain Jackson, the one who helped with the pirate attack"

He wasn't sure but he thought he saw a slight grin come from her as she said "pirate attack".

"Aye that be me." he said a bit flustered, "Might I inquire as to who you are, and how a woman came to be captain on a ship such as this?"

"You can call me Marlise." she grinned, "and as how I came to become captain?, alot of hard work and hard earned respect from the people I call friends and my crew. I do appreciate the help and timing of your arrival, I will admit to that sir. If it were not for you, me and my crew probably would not be standing here on this ship, but be down in the locker waiting for the final sentence. So for that I owe you my thanks"

"No thanks are needed, I saw a ship in need and I happen to be close by. Besides there is not many pirates who can match my ship for arms and speed", he said trying to hold down the visions of his dream.

Marlise got up from her desk and walked over to where she had some maps and scrolls stored. Looking over them she searched for one in particular, finally eyeing the one she had in mind, she reached up. took it from its hold and tossed it to Jackson. He caught it with ample dexterity and a question in his eyes. Seeing the question before he asked it, she shook her head.

"No its not what you are thinking, it's not a treasure map. Sorry to disappoint you. Those such items would not be kept in the open for nimble fingers. It's a blueprint that may help you, help others." she told him. "Also, I have went over a few things with, Hunter, is it?, your first mate, and it seems that we may be in need of each others assistance."

"Aye, Hunter is my first mate and most trusted friend, as to why he would talk to you before going through me first, I will never know."

Jackson stood there, unmoving from the spot he stopped in when he first arrived, looking around for a chance to sit down before his legs got to weak. The dream kept flashing in front of his eyes. How could such a woman make him feel so weak and unable to speak.He has been known for his commanding stance, his intent gaze from his blue eyes, and his voice. Yet here he was, standing in the presence of a woman who has brought all that to a standstill. Marlise must have seen this as she motioned for him to sit in a comfortable chair that was off to the right of him. Taking the chair, he breathed a sigh of relief and made himself comfortable. She leaned up on the front of the desk and lifted herself to sit upon it, crossing her legs. Her hazel eyes focused on Jackson and she smiled a bit.

posted on Mar, 4 2012 @ 06:05 PM
"You have a ship that is known and feared by pirates throughout this ocean, I have a ship that's known for its cargo at times, which is probably why I was targeted. At this moment I carry a load bound for an island that is unknown to me, only to be transferred to another ship once I arrive there." she stated as she took of her hat and let her crimson hair flow down over her shoulders.

"And let me guess, my presence with you on this voyage would help you arrive there safely, and without further incident that would otherwise leave you at the bottom of the ocean?" Jackson asked.

"You could say that, I'm sure we could handle ourselves, but the fact of the matter is, the pirates are becoming more aggressive and this ship is not one that can handle repeated confrontations." Marlise stated matter of factly.

Getting up off the chair he was sitting on, he walked over to her and looked her in the eyes, "Tell you what, I'll have my answer by the time your ship is completed with repairs." with that he smiled and turned to leave to his own ship.

She stopped him as his hand was on the door, "You know?, you're alot better looking in person i must say", she said as she sat back down at her desk to go over some charts and cargo lists.

Jackson stopped briefly at the door and smiled,"Aye, as are you Marlise", he said lightly. Opening the door he exited onto her ship and called for Hunter.

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