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Head-On Train Crash Kills More Than 15 In Poland...

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posted on Mar, 4 2012 @ 07:02 AM

Workers in southern Poland have been bringing heavy equipment to the scene of a head-on train collision that killed 15 people and injured 56 others in the country's worst rail disaster in more than 20 years.

The two express trains, carrying an estimated 350 passengers in 10 carriages, were heading in opposite directions on the same track when they crashed at high speed in a rural area near the small town of Szczekociny on Saturday night.

Searching didn't come up with anything so I apologize if it's been posted.

Only fifteen have died so far, but many people are still in critical condition.

Here's to hoping none of the ATS'ers had anyone they knew on these trains.

After all these Internet crackdown shenanigans, I have huge respect for the Polish. Sad to see this happen anywhere though...

I still want to know how this happens in this day and age... Sad none-the-less...

Too soon for some politically incorrect jokes?

Edit: changed title to include "more than", as reports are coming in that more than fifteen have died now...

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