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A Revolutionary Act on Climate Change to expose the Universal Deceit of the Military Industrial Netw

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posted on Mar, 3 2012 @ 10:53 PM
Many persons have noticed the extremes of the US weather in the last decades, as storms have become more damaging, more frequent, and causing increased rates of deaths. It may not come as any surprise that the truth behind Climate Change is being covered up covered up by the Mil/Ind Network's power.

We are seeing these type new articles more and more frequently as the damage and death tolls rise:

More inland storms and more damaging hurricanes, like Katrina, are the result of this anthropolic driven effect.

We see infamous quotes like this: "Nick Rockefeller bragged to Aaron Russo that one day the world would wake up and find out that they were lied to about EVERYTHING."

Most know they have been lied to by the US Govt on the issues of the JFK assassination, and the nation has been taken over from within and no longer works for the benefit of the people. Most are seeing that religion's truth have been misappropriated by those interested in greed and power, over giving the truth to the people. America is posessed of Satan in place of Freedom and Prosperity.

It is not much of a strech to find out that even the issues of religion linked to weather have also been cloaked from the truth being told to the masses. Anthropologic Climate Change has become a reality from several factors ranging from fossil fuel emissions of hygroscopic acids, to the damage of the Ozone Hole's UV-b effects on the Ocean's surface biota that changes the cloud forming systems over the oceans and the IR heat reflection into space.

Why lie about these issues is simple, the damage factors and deaths were predicted to become extreme. So, the US Military Industrial Network does what it does best and that is lie in the interest of profits and let the citizens suffer along without the truth ever being told. They lie with National Laboratories political lap dogs like Al Gore tossing out lots of Hockey Science to suggest Global Warming stems only from CO2's rise in the atmosphere, pretending it is a dominate warming gas. If the truth be known, the effects of water vapor in the atmosphere easily dominate the atmospheric heating effects. They also use the excuse of slightly increased solar radiance, but these higher energy absorption factors are much higher than the increased radiance effects.

The reality is the rise in the UV-b over the Southern Oceans has damaged a process called the Sulfur Cycle that produces DMS from phytoplankon that no longer produce at the rates they did before the Ozone Hole damage effects, due to radiation damages on this ocean biota. So, now the water vapor stays water vapor and clouds don't form at the rates they did before from the effects of hygroscopic DMSO effects on water vapor's conversion to water aerosols. Now the Southern Ocean's surface temperatures warm and they can no longer take up atmospheric CO2 at the former rates, so the levels in the atmospher rise. What one finds is Al Gore is a song and dance man for National Laboratories that designed the cover up and used agencies like FEMA to help them pass of the lies. The truth is the last thing these political science types want exposed, and they don't do science for these issues, only propaganda presentations.

The real story is the most important temperature regulation method of the oceans has been harmed from Freon releases that made a huge ozone hole that damaged the Sulfur Cycle, and the damage costs and blame against the US Military Industrial Network is huge. So, they lie and spin the truth about the actual anthropologiocal proceses involved. It has become a time of universal deceit and the Earth has arrived in a Hell where people have been lied to about everything. Some have become schozophreitc from these conflicts of truth in their minds and the knowing that they are being sold a propaganda line that supports total deceit and corrupting of the US Government.

Many can see the results of El Nino, where the Ocean's Southern heating has risen and the welling up of these increased temperatures around the Equitorial Areas of the Pacific is driving off huge levels of water vapor into the atmosphere that does not change to aerosols, but lingers as the most dominate of global warming IR absorbing gases, water vapor, that pick up more heat energy in the atmosphere that brews up more energetic and damging storms that produce the problems seen in the news article above.

The problem has become so severe that there are secret research projects using systems like HAARP to change the reaction rates of chemicals in the upper atmosphere, and even more secret projects that dump aluminum into the upper atmosphere to react with fluorine from the decomposition of Freon into free chlorine and fluorine in the upper atmosphere. CO2 isn't the big problem, and the political showmen are feeding the America people, who are illiterate in sciences, a line of Horse Hockey.

Many have come to call the automatic regulation of the Ocean's Temperature as the Gaia effect. This is just the sulfur cycle of the oceans in action, before the anthropologic damage due to man's carelessness with Freon dumped into the atmosphere in huge quanties because they claimed Freon was inert. The truth turns out that Freon was not inert and human stupidity is causing huge levels of property damages and increased death rates for which those that did this harm wish to lie to the public to avoid accountabilty to the public.

America has arrived into a proverbial Hell, that fits well the predictions from Revelations, and if one studies carefully all the factors one finds the US Govt and the US religions are both engaged in hiding the truth and telling massive lies to the public to cover up these serious problems.

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posted on Mar, 3 2012 @ 11:39 PM
I am a fluoride generation.
Can you sum it up in thess than 2,000 words, I started reading but got lost

posted on Mar, 4 2012 @ 07:28 AM
I can tell that you have a dry wit for humor. Certainly, the fluoride in the tap water was not put there for the express purpose of benevolence toward children's teeth, but principlally for the dulling of the American Mind's power of deductive reason and making them into blind followers of authority. I think that was your drift.

Here is more detail on the Ocean's Sulfur Cycle, as too many people have been left in the dark about this principal ocean dynamic temperature regulation process:


Trace concentrations of a sulfurous gas were discovered in the Earth's atmosphere about three decades ago. The gas was also found to occur in ocean surface waters. Scientists have identified the sulfurous gas as dimethylsulfide (DMS). While it may sound like a noxious pollutant, dimethylsulfide is a naturally produced biogenic gas essential for the Earth's biogeochemical cycles. Learning more about this crucial gas will enhance our understanding of food chains and global scale climate processes, and allow for more intelligent environmental management.


It is imperative to understand the chemical reactions involving dimethylsulfide on a global scale, from polar to tropical waters, so that models can be developed to accurately estimate the natural and human impacts on atmospheric chemistry and climate. To be better stewards of our planet we need to understand its natural cycles, and the environmental consequences of human actions. As a practical measure we need to sustain our life support system, as we are all dependent on natural systems for breathable air, clean water, dependable rainfall, and temperature and climate stability.


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posted on Mar, 4 2012 @ 10:33 AM
The rest of the sordid Climate Change story, as it relates to national labs and the Mil / Ind Network, is highly interesting and one can find the fingerprints of the Government's 1980's cover up today with a little careful looking, once one is clued into their scam. In the mid 1980's the US Dept of Energy commissioned the ORNL Environmental Sciences Division to write a report on the State of the Oceans due to Energy System effects. This report was done, in the beginning, by Dr. Joyce Dickerman of the ORNL Envionrmental Sciences Division, who began the report in the 1980s and subsequntly left ORNL for greener pastures. Dr. Dickerman gained a Phd is Environmental Sciences from one of the best evionrmental colleges in the US in Michigan. This epic energy systems effects on the Oceans report started things rolling in the 1980s. One of the problems with ORNL is they don't always care about research as much a politics, so they are dishonest in various fields of science.

This DOE report began the concepts of looking at the biota in the thin upper surface layers of the oceans and the effects of acid precipitation and CO2 on the acidification for the oceans from coal and fossile fuel burning. In this time period the effects of UVb rising were found in the antarctic regions and the issues of Freon transport into the upper atmosphere and its chemical break down by UV radiation were being discovered. This anthropologic (human induced) effect was predicted to cause species extinctions in land based plants in areas of Australia and New Zealand and problems with cataracts in animals in the wild. This started the whole craze on UVb protective sun glasses and concerns on increases in the rates of skin cancers in the Southern regions.

What was far more important was the oceans have very abundant life on the surfaces of the Southern Oceans and the consistency there was like a pea soup appearance on the surface due to this abundant growth there. The Oceans have as much or greater abilty to absorb CO2 from the atmosphere as the plant growth on the land masses of the world. In the secret and classified world of nuclear weapons production this turned into a huge horror story as the DOE's gas diffusion plants used Freon for the cooling systems of the Uranium Gaseous Diffusion Plants. The very first gas diffusion plant converters were built by the General Motors Corporation for the K-25 gaseous diffusion plant and there were thousands of these converter tanks. This concept in Oak Ridge grew into other plants at Paducah, Ky. and Portsmouth, Oh. build to a much larger scale. Just as General Motors was very careless with the manufacture of automobile air conditioner systems with leaking O-rings that lost the Freon charge every few years, the Freon cooling systems in the Uranium Enrichment Systems also lost lots of Freon to the atmosphere due to poor practices.

The US DOE Gas Diffusion Plants ordered Freon by the train tanker car loads and the US DOE was the largest industrial users of Freon in the US and the world due to their design carelessness with Freon containment. This also mean't that nuclear weapons and nuclear power would not be considered to be so good, if the news came out that they and General Motors careless methods with Freon caused the Ozone Hole and that collective effect upset the critical balance in the Ocean's surface biota. Then that produced the effect of Climate Change due to Ocean's heating effects and energy absorption imbalances that drove up atmospheric CO2 levels to affect ocean acidity and land mass acidity that then affected toxic metals uptake into the food chain for animals. Nuclear weapons and nuclear energy had become a hughly unwelcome pariah to the world, if the truth was told on what they had done in Oak Ridge to screw up the health and environment of the planet. Thus was born the biggest cover up in American History to hide what many would consider to be the Prophecy of Revelations pertaining to the Oceans problems and Climate change so great as to loose the issues of the well defined Seasons.

It is a Global Disaster in every since of the words, but they tried to spin the disaster as Global Warming when the better term is Climate Change due to the disasterous affects on the Ocean's surface biota and that upsetting the Sulfur Cycle that produced the cooling for the oceans. In early 1987 another report appeared on the issues of Abedo effects from clouds that showed the effect and that DOE and the gaseous diffusion plant's huge mistakes were most associated with damages to the Oceans and this causing changes in weather patterns, more energy being retained in the atmosphere, and this net effect making more frequent and more damaging hurricanes, tornados, and massive storms over the US. These days, thanks to the ease of the Internet, one can read this report that set the ORNL folks into a huge panic to cover up what had started in Oak Ridge between DuPont's Freon for Uranium Enrichment, the associations with General Motors for making Freon Intercoolers for Oak Ridge and DOE, and that DOE was the largest industrial user of Freon in the world.


Oceanic phytoplankton, atmospheric sulphur, cloud albedo and climate
By Robert J. Charlson[1], James E. Lovelock[2], Meinrat O. Andreae[3] & Stephen G. Warren[1]. Published in Nature Vol. 326 No. 6114. pp. 655-661, 16 April 1987.

Nonetheless, the role of the CCN population in controlling albedo, the production of CCN in marine air by the oxidation of DMS from the biota and the sensitivity of the Earth's temperture to the CCN population seem to be established. Although we do not understand the details of the climatic feedback, it seems that CCN from biogenic DMS currently act to cool the Earth. It is possible that the Earth's climate has been mediated in the past (for instance, that this feedback has helped to counteract the increasing luminosity of the Sun and / or that it has already counteracted the influence of the recent increase in CO2, and other 'greenhouse' gases). However, the data required to demonstrate the latter effect have not been and are not now being acquired.


These environmental effects were on the table in 1987, and this association of nuclear energy to causing this massive damage to the planet set off huge cover ups and secrecy to hide what they had done to the world. At the same time, they were desperate for ways to counter the damage effects, and this is how the issues of Chemtrials and HAARP enter into the secretive ways to cover up and attempt to mediate the damages done.

Just after this time one finds this knowledge gained in Oak Ridge set off the efforts in Montreal, via the 1987 Montreal Protocol, to ban the manufacture of CFC Freons, to capture freon from disposal of refrigerators, and the shift into somewhat safer refrigerants that didn't cause such huge levels of Ozone Depletion.

All this started in Oak Ridge at ORNL in the latter 1980s and it is the biggest cover ups in US History and it uses the same corrupted corporate methods they used to cover up the JFK assassination as well as the sordid games that religion used to cover up the real issues of the Christ Story and shape his memory into one that could be used for Empire, Economic Domination of the world, and the issues of shaping the anti-Christ. Today, these Oak Ridge National Laboratory methods for deceit and treachery cover up an important issue of prophecy linked to the Revelations issues. One finds the associations of Montreal to both these Freon cover ups and with the JFK assassination via Montreal's Louis Bloomfield.

Today, the US is ruled by lies and Al Gore is nothing but the willing lap dog for these ORNL cover ups on these Climate Change effects linked to the damages assiocated with Oak Ridge and massive Freon carelessness.

Remember, Nick Rockefeller bragged to Aaron Russo that one day the world would wake up and find out that they were lied to about EVERYTHING. This is so true that few people know the true reality due to the massivity of the US to tell lies to control the people of the US.

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posted on Mar, 4 2012 @ 11:25 AM
Other good insights can be gained here and some more insights of the research via the previous Author's research can be seen here:


Since the late 1970s, the use of CFCs has been heavily regulated because of their destructive effects on the ozone layer. After the development of his electron capture detector, James Lovelock was the first to detect the widespread presence of CFCs in the air, finding a mole fraction of 60 ppt of CFC-11 over Ireland. In a self-funded research expedition ending in 1973, Lovelock went on to measure CFC-11 in both the Arctic and Antarctic, finding the presence of the gas in each of 50 air samples collected, and concluding that CFCs are not hazardous to the environment. The experiment did however provide the first useful data on the presence of CFCs in the atmosphere. The damage caused by CFCs was discovered by Sherry Rowland and Mario Molina who, after hearing a lecture on the subject of Lovelock's work, embarked on research resulting in the first publication suggesting the connection in 1974. It turns out that one of CFCs' most attractive features—their low reactivity— is key to their most destructive effects. CFCs' lack of reactivity gives them a lifespan that can exceed 100 years, giving them time to diffuse into the upper stratosphere. Once in the stratosphere, the sun's ultraviolet radiation is strong enough to cause the homolytic cleavage of the C-Cl bond.


By 1987, in response to a dramatic seasonal depletion of the ozone layer over Antarctica, diplomats in Montreal forged a treaty, the Montreal Protocol, which called for drastic reductions in the production of CFCs. On March 2, 1989, 12 European Community nations agreed to ban the production of all CFCs by the end of the century. In 1990, diplomats met in London and voted to significantly strengthen the Montreal Protocol by calling for a complete elimination of CFCs by the year 2000. By the year 2010 CFCs should have been completely eliminated from developing countries as well.


As previously discussed, CFCs were phased out via the Montreal Protocol due to their part in ozone depletion. However, the atmospheric impacts of CFCs are not limited to its role as an active ozone reducer. This anthropogenic compound is also a greenhouse gas, with a much higher potential to enhance the greenhouse effect than CO2.

Infrared bands trap heat from escaping earth's atmosphere. In the case of CFCs, the strongest of these bands are located at the spectral region – referred to as an atmospheric window due to the relative transparency of the atmosphere within this region.[19] The strength of CFC bands and the unique susceptibility of the atmosphere, at which the compound absorbs and emits radiation, are two factors that contribute to CFC's "super" greenhouse effect.[20] Another such factor is the low concentration of the compound. Because CO2 is close to saturation with high concentrations, it takes more of the substance to enhance the greenhouse effect. Conversely, the low concentration of CFCs allow their effects to increase linearly with mass.[20]


Some of the other uses for Freon are methods against Whistleblowers, as routing Freon into an internal combusion engine makes hydrogen fluoride that combines with hydrocarbons to make an anesthetic like gas. Uses of these methods are associated with the Karen Silkwood deaths linked with Kerr McGee's losses of Plutonium in a time when Israels proliferation of nuclear materials from the US was a huge issue.

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