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The Abyss and The Real Locusts of Revelation:

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posted on May, 29 2013 @ 09:16 PM
reply to post by estimatedprophet

Hey Guestimated--

Lots of cool images on this thread discussion, but....the fact is that the LOCUSTS imagery in the Apocalypse of Yohanon the Levite (c. 69 CE) aka 'The Book of Revelation' is a Messianic End of Days adaptation stolen from various patches from the Hebrew Scriptures having to do with swams of invading gentiles/goyim (often quoted and reworked from earlier Aramaic Targum paraphrases of the Text Traditions, rather than the Masoretic text or the Septuaginta LXX Greek version and sometimes quoting Theodotion's Greek of Daniel or Deuteronomy etc.) to fit the new situation of the 1st failed Jewish War against Rome (66-72 CE) probably c. 69 CE when there was a lull in the fighting but more Roman troops on their fact the entire 'Booik of Revelation' was a recasting of 'old testament' prophecies for the Messianic Jewish Community who were at the time in open Revolt against Rome...and were eventually destroyed.

Rev 9: 7-11

And lo, the star-Angel opened the Pit of the Abyss
And lo, from its depths arose smoke like unto a great Furnace,
And behold, both the Sun and the [moon? Air?] were darkened
Even by reason of the smoke coming out of the Pit –
And I looked, and behold, I saw Locusts flying out of the Smoke
And lo, they all began to cover the ground in a swarm !

And I saw that each had the Power of Scorpions in their Tails
In order to sting men with them - but without killing them…
And lo, the Appearance of the Locusts was like unto War Horses
Even soldiers prepared for a Battle Charge,
And upon their heads were golden [Helmets? Wreaths? Crowns?]
And tho’ their faces were like those of men, they wore their hair long like women !

And behold, they all had the Fangs of Lions in their Mouths
And their Breastplates were made of iron Scales,
The Beating of their Shields sounding like the wings of Swarming Locusts,
Even like unto the Clamour of many chariots and horses
All running at once into the midst of the Fray of Battle –
And though they swarmed like locusts, they nevertheless had a King set over them

(see: Proverbs 30:27 – Like swarming Locusts who have no King set over them, yet they seem to advance all together in ordered Ranks…’)

Whose name [in the Hebrews' tongue] was Abba-Doq’on (lit. ‘the Father of Consumption’)
And whose Title was ‘The Angel of She’ol…’

Compare the above 'oracle' from the 'Book of Revelation' with the Targum of Joel

Joel 1:6 & 2: 1-11

A Nation has invaded the Land
Even a mighty Army without number;
Having the Teeth of a Lion & the Fangs of a lioness….

Therefore, blow the trumpet in Zion;
Sound the alarm on my Holy Hill.
Let all who live in the land of Yisro’el tremble…
For the day of YHWH is coming near—
Even a Day of Darkness and gloom,
A day of Clouds and Blackness.

Like the Dawn spreading across the face[s] of the mountains
Behold, a Large & Mighty Army comes,
The appearance of their Troops (Aram. ‘Hargallah’) was as Locusts (Heb. ‘Hargolot’)
Behold, they charge ahead as War Horses,
Their roar like the Rumbling of many Chariots,
Lo, how they stream over the mountain tops in a swarm !

The Sound of their Approach is as the Thunder of War
Even like the crackling of Flames,
Or like fire as it devours the stubble fields
Yea, like a giant Army readied for Battle -
Lo, how they charge forward in line without jostling each other
Even like unto prepared Soldiers thoroughly trained in the arts of War !

How quickly they rush upon the city scaling over the walls
And leap down and break through the Windows like thieves !
Before their face[s] the Land quakes,
And the Heavens tremble,
The sun is darkened, the Moon does not give her light,
And all the stars stop their shining –

For YHWH utters his Voice
Even before the face[s] of his mighty Army,
Lo, his Warriors are innumerable,
And they who execute his commands are numberless –
Yea, the Day of YHWH is Great and Terrible,
And Who shall be able to stand?

This is just more evidence that what we are dealing here is in fact a ‘literary’ Apocalypse cobbled together from old scraps, and not a ‘real Vision’ of the future –

For further discussion see this thread which outlines a lot of the 'literary & imagery borrowings' from the Hebrew scriptures (including some Dead Sea Scroll material like the Scroll of the Book of the Words of Henoch son of Jared to all the Sons of Light in the Last Days' and the Scroll of the Book of the Testament of the 12 Patriarchs being the Sons of Yakkov and also the 'Rule of War of all the Sons of Light against the Sons of Darkness in the Last Days...'

posted on May, 30 2013 @ 12:25 AM
Reply to Sigismundus,

By EstimatedProphet;


No Sigismundus, you and your religion, yes even your people if they are Jews or not, are wrong and in great error because you have not followed the God of your fathers and most of all, He is God of the entire universe, including the Gentiles. . !

Who are you and from what origin, and does it even matter where you are from, you hypocrite!

Don't you know that after the first destruction of the world, the so-called deluge, did not man came-off of the same boat, including the creatures that where saved in that ark. . !

Listen, why don't you use the proper spelling for the people to understand what you are speaking about, other than using the misspelled names of the servants and messengers, etcetera, that are mentioned in the Hebrew tongue. . !

In other words what I am trying to say to you, you proud-full and stiff-nicked person, is that these people are too slow to understanding such things and for you using names like Yohanon (which is John) and Yisro’el (which is Isreal), etcetera, please use the proper spelling because most of us are not Jewish/Hebrew/Semitic, etcetera. . !

Just because supposedly you use your scripture and/or text, etcetera, it doesn't mean that you know it because you don't know shoyt. . ! You are NOT the promised Messenger and most diffidently you are Antichrist!

So stop trolling on my thread with your ignorant crap, you hypocrite, who's destruction shall come when the asteroid strikes the Earth, only to find yourself in Hades for being stubborn and leaning only to your own understanding and false imaginations, as does of the Pharisees!

And another thing I would like to add is, are you against the creator, the God of all the universe?

Then why do you question the One He sent to bring fourth a message of repentance and for preparation of things to come?

I know why, it is because you are one of those who bend their knee(s) to the prince of this world, or should I properly say the USA, Satan/Lucifer. . !

posted on May, 30 2013 @ 12:57 AM

Originally posted by Miracula

Originally posted by estimatedprophet
post by, EstimatedProphet. . . . . . . Part One:

Now there are many theories out in the world today, as to what are the Locusts that supposedly, ascend or descend out of the Bottomless Pit, ("The Abyss") on the Book of Revelation, in chapter nine, about The Fifth Trumpet! ! ! . . . .

Some people claim that these locusts are evil entities and/or demonic physical or spiritual beings, that will rise up out of the abyss. (Gates of Hell) To torment people for a phew months, here on Earth!

Other people claim that these locusts are a rare hybrid species or humanoids, of some sort of mixed creatures, to bring fourth the plague described in the book of revelation!

This part you wrote sounds right on.

Dual representation.

1. People in service to the beast give these demonic entities access to the physical world. Ghosts can't move physical objects.

2. Locusts the insect variety are a divine judgement against these people who serve the beast by destoying crops. Along with bee disappearances due to fungus will drive food prices sky high.

this would be true if i didn't see a shapeshifter made of black energy fly its saucer over a street light.

In my display picture you can see the black dog and the craft i saw i had a couple friends from the avatar forum help me make it. I gave them an original drawing of what i saw and they made it 3D.

Anyways, point being is, all that ghosts moving from this realm to the other is a bunch of nonsense.

These beings are at the highest dimension. They are not below us and do not think anything like this for a second. Look around. the entire universe is packed with micro particals of compacted matter called darkness.

This is what these beings are made of, Compacted matter. However its done, An accension chamber which would reveal the DATA within the particals. Think of the mass of planets being sucked into a black hole. Like a straw. Its getting smaller and smaller until it gets crushed together at the same time being ripped apart.

This comes out the other side of a black hole.
This is why the universe is black. So no the universe is not empty. On the contrary. Its full. Soooo full. There's an uncountable ammount of mass waiting to be released from the darkness. At some point. Planets with life on it were absorbed into a black hole. So you have to think that life is also inside these particles.

you are lucky you are alive
take this gift of life and use it to bring creation. Anyone against creation and blackness will not survive because they will remain in blackness... just like now.

posted on May, 30 2013 @ 01:07 AM

Originally posted by estimatedprophet

Quotas by CrypticSouthpaw;

This is the celestial impact.

The towers in my vision. That are coming.

They are also the same aliens whom have been controlling the illuminati. The illuminatis greatest secret is that Their gods are alive and they actively make sacrifices to them.

confusing i know. but ^ satan did a very good job. Now you know why the owl symbolism is plastered everywhere. because of their big eyes and well.

^ because some got busy with a snake. Nephlem!. These are Pleiadians. this is why the pleiades is known for its tree referneces is because of the tree of knowldge which caused woman to bare birth to abominations (Sin) and thus ran rampent killing towns. Now, a jaguar rises from the mist. guided by Orion. to stop the owls presuit for gold and immortality.

bare whitness to the true god.

Of which consists of 3 primal aspects. This is trinity.

Of which we live within this god universe, etcetera.

Response by EstimatedProphet, the true servant of the Most High;

You know nothing about the Tetragrammaton, which is the Holy Trinity. . !

Your beliefs are the same as what the stiff-nicked (stubborn and ignorant) people in history used too believe in. They are the same foolish believes of what the Egyptians, Babylonians, Greeks and even some Jews, etcetera used to believe in before God Almighty striked their land and turned most of it into a desolate waste because of the works and iniquities of the people and worship of false gods and deities etcetera, either made-up from their own imaginations and of material things that have no life, yet they are abominations of man because of such sin. . !

They clearly rejected God and followed after Demons who are those fallen angels also known as your alien beings, etcetera. . . Your conclusions have really nothing to do with the LOCUSTS but its O.K. because I can turn these theories of yours around to shine some light of truth upon it, or them lies of nothingness and oblivion. . !

Anyways, nice try in trying to teach the simple-minded people about your ideas and/or theories of such human imagination(s) and NO, none of these things that you are mentioning about did I have dreams or visions of. . !

So make yourselves a favor and write about your own damn topic in another thread because these conclusions are wrong and sooo stupid, that people like yourself really believe that E.T. will come-on down and give you the finger. . . You are freakin weirdo’s, even more than me!

We shall see who holds the true creative force of this universe. Your vampire cult worshippers. Neiling to the Greys.

Or the lions of the lord. His hounds of hell. The greys will most certainly meet their fate. A black hole that will devour their consiousness entirely through the process of matter transfiguration.

I'm aware of matter transfiguration and how it works. And the lies about darkness will be lifted like the veil itself.

And upon people will begin walking though the veil as sons and daughters of the night.
We are the children of the night. And we are ancient. You cannot Deny prophecy.
Yahweh will be the end of all lies here on earth.

posted on May, 30 2013 @ 01:38 PM
reply to post by estimatedprophet

Hi Guessy

Methinks the lady doth protest waaaaaaaaay TOO much.

You wrote:


“…What I am trying to say to you, you proud-full and stiff-nicked person, is that these people are too slow to understanding such things and for you using names like Yohanon (which is John) and Yisro’el (which is Isreal) [sic] , etcetera, please use the proper spelling because most of us are not Jewish/Hebrew/Semitic, etcetera. . ! “

I take it your paleoHebrew and Galilean Aramaic are not up to snuff like a lot of persons on this threadlet. I’m not sure what you mean by ‘proper spelling’?

Where in the world did you get your own weird spelling as [sic] ‘ISREAL’? when most English speaking persons would tend to spell it ‘Israel’ (even though in a Hebrew transliteration it would be best rendered something like Yisro’el)

As for ‘Yohanon’, (expressed in modern English as, ‘John’) the name can also be rendered as Yonah (as in Shimeon bar Yonah, haKephah, aka Simon Peter, meaning ‘Dove’) or Yohananon or Yochananon as well, which is transliterated as Ioannes in Greek.

There were various Aramaic forms of the name in 1st century Palestine.

As for the title ‘Lucifer’ , it actually means in Latin ‘bearer of the Light’ and was an early representation of the Messiah of the Jews and Nazorean Christian Messianists in the 1st century CE - symbolized by the planet Venus

(with its five point ‘star-like’ configurations of conjunction-connections between its own orbit and earth’s orbit throughout the solar year) which was seen just from the point of view of earth just before dawn (hence its nickname The Morning Star)

thought by the ancients to be responsible for‘drawing up the Sun’ (see Apoc. Yohan. Chapter 22:16 “ I, Iesous, am Lucifer the Bright & Morning Star”) – presumably as important to the earliest Nazorean Messianists in the 1st century CE as it was to the earlier Dead Sea Scroll Covenanters who called themselves (along with 21 other titles !) the ‘Sons of Light.’

You act as if you know absolutely nothing about 1st century Nazorean Christianity and you have added nothing useful to a discussion about the Apocalyptic imagery in the ‘Book of Revelation’ – I would advise you to check out the thread I posted a few years ago on this subject – it might open your eyes to some key facts.
Just a thought.

posted on May, 30 2013 @ 03:14 PM
Reply to CrypticSouthpaw,

By EstimatedProphet;


O.K. whatever these nut-sack’s say.

If you think that aliens or your Greys are going to come and rapture people, than its O.K. for you to believe in crap like this because its your life and your choice to believe in whatever you want, just remember this; that this was all based off a test to see what your faith and service to God are and even your deeds here on this planet are worthy to surpass you into the hereafter and longevity of life that God has granted you, but most of you don’t believe, so I am sorry, just continue-on in denying the truth and accepting ignorance as your salvation for condemnation!

And if you believe that E.T. will come down and show you what he’s all-about, then good luck!

If black matter is what you are than good for you, those are your ideas and your conclusions of what you are, the rest of the people are exempt, accept those people who have crazier ideas such as they came from monkeys and tadpoles and shoyt!

Yes, and I was placed inside a mental word and/or nut-house because of whom I am and the truth that I have brought upon the world, but I am still going through my personal shoyt and suffering in this world, but all of this that I have been through shall also be brought upon you all, when they set-up camps for you after the asteroid and man has only built for himself an institution of prison(s), during those days of trials and of wrath, when man shall hide in the crevices of the rocks and/or under the land from off the face of thee Almighty and His eternal Son of glory the Lord, and King of kings Jesus Christ!

And NO, you are not ancient, you are stupid, for believing in something that idiots long-ago have believed-in and now are dead and they even wish that they can return and/or come-back and show you the way, but they cannot BECAUSE IT IS TOO LATE FOR THEM ALL, UNTILL THEIR ETERNAL JUDGMENT!

That is why I came here to this stupid world and to show you the way because I live to serve them, the Holy and True Everlasting Spirits whom sent me and to deliver these messages, and because I don’t believe in that worldly crap that you and thee others do because in reality the Earth is only artificial, where the souls of men and creatures alike can experience life through great feelings and animate bodies of matter in-which they are born too. . !

In reality we are the ancient ones who where there before the fallen ones have disobeyed and have caused the demoralization and destruction of man here in this planet Earth, and now I am back to prepare the way for the Anointed Prince of the everlasting covenant (Jesus) of God the Almighty and Creator of all heaven and earth, who shall establish His Kingdom here on earth very soon because it rightfully belongs to us, and those who are not “with us” will find themselves in that perdition of torment forever and ever, “Amen!”

posted on May, 31 2013 @ 09:41 PM
Reply to Sigismundus

By EstimatedProphet;

You have no fear, but I shall turn it around into prudence and wisdom for those who seek true knowledge!

Listen you Big Queer, I don't care about your "thoughts and/or theories" about what you think because these are your ideas, of what you think about your ignorance. . !

Like I told other members and people is that you have the choice to believe in whatever you want too, but you cannot force anybody to believe in those things, likewise, I cannot force anyone to believe in the truth!

So please stop trying to lecture me about bull-shoyt that I may already know about and/or not interested in, because I know more than people like yourself including the religious communities and their wicked leaders who are all from those government secret societies of the "world" and of the illuminati powers combined. . !

I know more about that nothing because it is all meaningless to me and the Earth and/or world are not real but simply an illusion designed to keep its population as a slave populace and from them (the common people) knowing of this truth!

Again, don't be trying to lecture me about your stupid ignorant ideas in trying to tell me about what you think. you do your job in trying to keep these people asleep and I shall do mine in waking up the masses from this ignorant crap of yours because what you teach are simply lies and more lies, and you shall pay for your iniquities and deeds in the hereafter, in this I swear to the Most High who lives forever and ever, "Amen!"

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posted on Jun, 4 2013 @ 06:09 PM
reply to post by estimatedprophet

MODERATORS - I think it's time you put an end to this nonsense.

posted on Jun, 4 2013 @ 06:09 PM
reply to post by estimatedprophet


edit on 4-6-2013 by Sigismundus because: Request for WARNING to O/P for indecent behaviour

posted on Jun, 4 2013 @ 07:13 PM
reply to Sigismundus

"WTF" Sigismundus, the truth hurts. . !

"I think she's UPSET!"

Even if they wanted too, they cannot offered to do so because of the vast amounts of information that "I AM" posting here is crucial for their survival and preparation here on earth. . .The ELITE of the New World Order depends much upon this information because "they" are the army of the Lord, as it is written in the book of Joel and the sixth trumpet and of other verses in the holy bible which I shall add later. . !

As for you Sigismundus, just DENY IGNORANCE. . !

EstimatedProphet of the Lord


Sorry guys but I had to add that quote above in-order to spice things up a bit, if you know what I mean! Chears and hopefully no worries' ATS Moderators & Members!
edit on 4-6-2013 by estimatedprophet because: "Because I can!"-Eli

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