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Esoteric (Internal metaphysical) Science & Exoteric (Conventional Reductionist) Science.

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posted on Mar, 5 2012 @ 05:55 PM
Science has been able to monitor electromagnetic brainwave frequencies in human beings with “Electroencephalographs” (EEG) since the early 19th century, as the field of study progressed into the mid 1900's studies were conducted into the beneficial effects of meditation. Many experiments were held where experienced mediators form various faiths displayed whole brain cohesion i.e. equalised patterns between both hemispheres of the brain. Other tests showed that people with rigid rational logical mindsets had left hemispheric dominance, and those with right dominance were more artistic or imaginative/intuitive. The intuitive types could produce brainwaves that were more inclined toward equalisation when relaxing than the rational types. Among those who are intuitively oriented, the most adept of which are the indigenous peoples worldwide, all sharing a common instinctive perception of the world and devout appreciation of the earth.
The Shamanic world view has always embraced a flat earth perspective on cosmology. The primary reason being that their folk legends and methods have been passed down through oral tradition.

Interestingly it has been discovered that the heart has neurotransmitters which were previously thought to only exist in the brain. These transmitters function the same way as do the brain's, transferring electrical signals to the brain via conductive neuro-chemicals. The Egyptians believed that all of existence was comprised of mind, they also stated that the heart was the centre from which ones soul and all personal consciousness emanated. Thus it can be deduced that the Egyptians saw no differentiation between mind and emotion. This supposition is also synonymous with the discovery that the heart has an electromagnetic field 500 times stronger than the brain.

Incidentally the Egyptians believed the earth to be flat like a basin with mountains reaching up supporting the sky dome. It would seem that regardless of whether the earth is flat or not, that living beings are inherantly resonant with the immediate perceptual interpretation of the world around them.

One might therefore say that this natural program of the living psyche is built in, to serve as a threshold buffer of conscious perception, because there are many possible ways in which the cosmos can manifests itself. It is quite certain that there is always more than one way to logically explain any phenomena, however they are always tertiary extensions of the built in perceptual recognitions of the living psyche. Thus it cannot be guaranteed that any given tertiary perception will always be congruent with all individuals at all times in their life.

Seeing the sum total of notions herein paralleled with the phenomenal inconsistencies of the quantum measurement problem. One can deduce that if a consciousness believes its reality to be a certain way, it will then experience it's reality that way.


Akashic records

Video Interview with Bohm at the Nils Bohr Institute in Copenhagen, 1989.


posted on Mar, 6 2012 @ 12:21 AM
reply to post by Spiratio

Ok there was a key word missing here.... Psychedelics and/or meditation... Christ was purist he didn't need psychedelics but many others who were considered holy men did. And when I say mediation I don't strictly mean sitting in a lotus position and chanting but merely quieting the mind and listening to the inner space. Also there are different aspects to infinity so psychedelics don't unveil it all , and I do not advocate them either.

Thanks for the clarification. I was just making sure i understood you correctly.

posted on Mar, 6 2012 @ 03:09 AM
Form my own personal experiences of esoteric mystical states and dreaming, I can say at the very least, that experiencing the alteration of ones internalised mapping of the earth's shape is possible as it produces very divergent sensations of orientation awareness that are in a 6th sense sort of way, tangible to the psyche.

If one has only ever entertained a convex-earth Copernicanised world-view, then they do not have any reference of contrast as to how the psyche internally maps non-physical feelings derived from logistic understandings of the earth's shape - assumed to be absolute and unchanging.

In other words the way one views the earth determines the kind of internalised/projected information one feels/perceives as orientational boundaries and/or non-boundaries in a non-physical manner of mental sensations - akin to walking around with eyes shut... one will begin to get nonphysical sensations of intuited boundaries or knee-jerk reactions - mental sensations regarding fabricated assumptions of borders which do not exist.

Even if one does not believe that alternate cosmologies/world views exist – as realities unto themselves -- such as the concave or flat earth ones... this does not mean that they are not a valid perception to seek the experience of... In my own experiences of entertaining these world views the worth of the implications of freeing the self from Copernicanism perception as an absolute became known to me. Thereby in allowing boundaries to become flexible and changing the understanding that connections to alternate selves in realities where these cosmologies are entertained by the masses became know to me. The dream state became richer in lucidity once understanding that the degrees of separation that prevent one form becoming lucid in full swing are more or less due to the inability to maintain resonance with the worldview of the cosmos visited.

This is no to be taken lightly however... there are levels of intensity that come with lucidity that is not otherwise experienced by the average dreamer, such as vividity of sensations both good and bad... sometimes one may feel pain as real as it exists in their waking life reality.

It also enables one to access the Akashic record of their past lives/alternate parallel lives in which these other world views were expeirinced... this can occur both during meditation and even full blown internally perceived visions whilst awake, sort of like a portal in ones minds eye which sees another world/timespace continuum akin to remote viewing. So there is lesser emphasis on these alt realities than the everyday perception that one seeing it from. Thus operating machinery or driving a car is still possible and if one has to focus on other daily tasks the clairvoyant sensations fall to the back with less emphasis but if one stops and focuses they will get tremendous insights about themselves as a soul.

there are some interesting variations of each as overlapping cosmologies that also parallel other ancient philosophers – some where the earth is seen as a bowl and others where the earth is flat but with an underworld or hollow earth beneath.

When you start to dream about places and receive visions of past lives the relation to them as having been experienced can be unmistakable as well as unbelievably novel, like nothing one would have ever been able to imagine based solely on what is known in their current everyday waking life.

If one understands the mathematics and alternate interpretation of alternate world-views and why they are mathematically irrefutable, and therefore entangled in a macro equivalent of the quantum measurement particle/wave problem... then there exists the same consensus reality in all three prime models of the cosmos...

If infinity is infinite, surely it is infinite in every possible way imaginable, thus these notions fall under such a category of probables that all three models are operating simultaneously and enmeshed to various degrees.

In the words of an anonymous poster:

"this earth reality exists in a hyperdimensional simulation that is flexible enough to model an earth/horizon/atmosphere/space system that can shift between concave, flat, and convex -- as apparent to any simulant (us). it is also flexible enough to simultaneously convey different models to different individuals. and it is not a question of whether an individual can choose a particular parameter (concave, convex) at a given time.. rather the individual IS the system he/she experiences. if you have [recall having] experienced ONLY convexity during your existence, then the simulation is "playing dumb" with a simple, fixed world model. think "the matrix". physical reality (and the natural laws that SEEM to govern its behaviour and evolution) is as dreamlike and vaporous as the changing ZEROS and ONES in your favourite first person video game."

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