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S.P, Me, a dark one & an angel. No pictures sorry just the truth in words.

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posted on Mar, 3 2012 @ 03:40 PM
Hi all,

I wrote a thread a while back about a crystal ball as I have always known I have had some psychic abilities (please do not ask me to prove this as I can't) but sometimes they seem to be more of a curse than a blessing.

Anyway to the point of why I am writing this thread, for a few years now I have lived at a cross roads, the local shops, there is a lot of history here. The flat I occupy above one of these shops has a very jaded history...from tattooists, parties, drugs, bands, the lot have lived in this flat. Only one family has lived here and they moved out as they felt uncomfortable & a relative moved in. After some time he started to lose his mind, he tried taking his own life on more than a few occasions, despised all and himself. Eventually he was sectioned under the mental health act and relocated upon release. I never knew any of this before I took up post here but over time I have learnt THE HARD WAY!

With a Grandmother considered a white witch, a mother who said she could hex people, a father who was...a nasty, evil, cruel person I began to wonder if I could use any of my ancestors abilities myself as I was of their blood lines. I bought myself books on the occult, read as much on line as I could, invested in crystals, a crystal ball, oils, incense the job lot I went all out on Spiritualism. I went for late night walks in the Cem's, haunted places, murder scenes & practice'd with my ball after charging it under every full moon.

One night in January I decided to use the ball, focused, used all the ways taught to me by the books and a few like minded people I had met & sure enough I saw mist in the ball, it was a psychedelic mist though. I tried to see something, make something out only to see a friend who had died recently in a dark place with what I can only describe as a hooded torment'r tormenting him. He got one message across though that my daughter needed my guidance & help then was gone as fast as they had manifested. Just as the ball became clear there was a bang from the shop downstairs that had been closed for around 5 hours, then footsteps up my stairs to the room I was in. I tried to communicate to this spirit but it did not want to communicate at all, it just made the atmosphere cold and breathed heavily, I felt its stare cold & dark upon me so I asked it to leave, cleared the ball and flat to the best of my abilities then slept.

I kept the ball far away from me, stopped using it & thought that whatever had entered the flat that night had left...until three nights ago that is! I was sat watching a DVD (no TV ever for me haha) in the early hours when there was a tapping noise from the empty flat next door, this flat has been empty for over a decade and I am unable to find out the history behind it. I thought darn rats as may be in an empty property but no after those tapping's the noise moved above yet in front of me, in my attic to be precise. I spoke out aloud to it (huge mistake) asking it to give one tap yes, two taps for no to which it didn't reply the only noise it made was to throw a small rock (maybe) at the wall above me in the attic. I then thought its presence had left and continued watching the films until it was time for sleep in the very early hours. Going to sleep was as normal, I had the usual dreams as one does but at some point that old menace I had been rid of for some time 'sleep paralysis' kicked in & I was awake. It began as other episodes have over the years with me being pinned to the bed with a presence upon me holding me down and almost sucking the life from me. This is where it gets strange...if you's are still with me, I called out for an angel to save me, most times I have called out in Jesus name but this time I was specific and cried out for an angel. What happened next I am unable to put into writing (I write quite a lot too) I have no description for what I witnessed other than a battle for my soul between a shadow being & an angel. When I write angel you see a pretty picture with wings don't you, well some angels are not all that, this angel was dark, menacing even, hard as nails & tough as bricks. I was wide awake during this whole episode, eyes open, sweat rolling down my face but almost cross realms, I could feel my body & see the room but I could also see another realm too. When the angel banished the dark one back to whence it came I remember it communicating with me a bit. It told me its name (I'm not allowed to give that sorry) & that I had a purpose on the planet, things left to do only then could I join my family in safety. After those few words I was awake & crying my eyes out, reaching for a bible I have & reading from it.

I have suffered S.P, as I have said for years but got over it almost with faith in good, a greater, higher being, a spirit & Jesus. I am not a devout Christian but I do believe in him, all the saints, angels and the family, I am a spiritualist & asked people I know and trust about this episode. They told me that the ball can't open a portal or invite a negative being in if I have protected myself (which I thought I had), I must have done it unknowingly invited something in.

Please what I would really like is opinions as to whether or not the place I am at may in itself be a portal as it is a cross roads, has a lot of history around it, has much blood spilt upon & around it, even my own blood when I nearly lost my mind here too here some time ago, picked up a knife and sliced myself open. Could my blood spilling have helped whatever that was banished from me or the place gain strength over time and my speaking to it when it had made itself known given it yet more power to the point it almost dragged me from this life into whichever realm it had intended for me to join it in. Had my dog and I showing it fear on other occasions helped it too, I know this is an open forum but please could I have some help, answers from believers in light, angels, Jesus & Spirit.

Oh and by the way I am set to leave this place asap into another home as it is not a nice place, all who enter here say it has a depressing vibe. I'm asking my fellow ATS members for their fifty pence, cents, euro...whatever please.

Thank you for taking time to read this thread...

Peace, love & unity to all from me.

posted on Mar, 3 2012 @ 03:51 PM
I know nothing of crystal balls and how spelt blood might affect the house it got spelt in.

But I think you kind of answered your own question didn't you?

You sense the bad vibe, so why are you doubting it? From personal experience I can tell you, that opening portals into other realms can and will result in strange things coming through depending on how strong they are compared to you. If you haven't brought this thing in, it could have been brought in through someone else's behavior. And you don't need crystal balls and a whole lot of faith in the occult to do this mind you, a simple Ouija board thats worked by ignorant kids has been known to do the trick.

posted on Mar, 3 2012 @ 03:53 PM
I read as far as "don't ask me to prove this because I can't"! Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence and all that.

posted on Mar, 3 2012 @ 04:09 PM
It would also help you to educate yourself in the Occult Teachings and Fields of Thought and Practice. There are many dimensions of time and space, and many beings who live in them. The Ball itself will not open a portal, but you can, with your thoughts. This is a dangerous path, protect yourself, and learn what you are doing.

posted on Mar, 3 2012 @ 09:23 PM
reply to post by autowrench
Thank you nusnus & autowrench for taking the time to read all that I have wrote and that you's are not being stupid about this.

I understand autowrench about the plains of existence ect but would appreciate some suggested readings on plain protection please if you have any?

nusnus I would never mess with a board & I only used the ball hoping for direction. I may have opened myself up to something and was given help. I will move asap and not continue any occult doings as it is no fcuking joke this stuff.

Thank you's, I send you's my regards, best wishes, hope and above all peace & love.

posted on Mar, 4 2012 @ 12:58 AM
reply to post by theguygeeza

No problem at all.

I had similar strange happenings happen to me when I actually used something similar to a Ouija board myself, and the Tarot cards later on in life. But the thing that came in when I used the board was a completely evil entity. I could never sleep in that house afterwards, I was just a teenager. While with the tarot cards, I felt the presence of an entity that wasn't completely evil, but since I had never thought of Tarot cards as portal opening objects, the shock of it was enough to get me to throw the whole deck out. I suppose when you come from a family of people who have certain sensitivities experimenting is natural, but trust me, this comes at a high price.

Also, this is my personal opinion is that when you ask for direction from an unnamed source, you're open to suggestion from ANYONE and anything. Thus I only ask for direction from the Source, the One, or God or whatever you want to call it. It keeps me safe and hasn't failed me yet. Remember, you may ask the Source, but the answer will come from different places.

Good luck!

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posted on Mar, 4 2012 @ 10:43 AM
Totally believe you.

From the age of 5 to 11 my dad and mum and 1 sister, lived in a flat in SE London. We found out that after we moved out, three families had tried to live in our flat but each shortly moved out. It is now a rent office, as no one can live there, they say it is haunted.
While we were there, my mum and her friends would see a black cat, when her real tabby was elsewhere.
I don't remember it being haunted or spirits visiting though.
What I do know is that buildings absorb energy, negative or postive. This is why an old Gypsy tradition was to burn their caravan after their death and not to pass it on.

Also I asked Jesus into my life at 5yrs with my mum and sister.
What we didn't know, until I had a prophecy, was that our bloodline was saturated with Gypsies, witches and warlocks. I have recently done a geneaology and proved the Gypsy connection but not the others.

So it is a combination of your bloodline and the house's absorbed energy.
Which means you can cleanse the house, with faith and lots of psychic strength, in Jesus name.

It took me two years while driving though a well known demon-filled area, with my praise and worship tape on in my car. SO it would take less time if you are there longer.

I have seen angels and demons and the mind parasites, so I believe you.

The problem I had when I was growing up was the Church's total lack of trust in anything psychic. The amount of times I had a clumsy christian trying to cast out innate abilities. Scared Fools.
Then I had others prophecying over me which I also discounted as my path had already been set as a baby, and they were trying to push me to their way.
They can't help it as they have been infiltrated centuries ago to dumb them down. If only christians realised the power Christ has given, in His name and by His living blood here on Earth.

It has taken me a long time to realise power is power, it is up to you how it is used, negatively or postively. Just like electricity can kill or start hearts.

My hubby recently won a second hand unused notebooks of the Twilight series and a demon found a way into my house. It brought a smell of Sh1t and it took two goes to get rid of it. Then my eldest was led to the bag where my absent minded hubby had left them. I had told him to get rid of them, as we are very senstive to negative energies, he isn't.
The books were the portal.
As soon as we chucked them and did a cleansing-spraying holy water everywhere, we felt calmer and the smell didn't come back. And I pray over the house everynight!!!!
(Holy water is made by asking God, the Holy spirit and Jesus to bless the water and cast out any demons etc that should't be there, wherever the water touches.)
You need to find the demon's portal-it will be 'buzzing'. Chuck it out. Just ask for the ability if you don't already have it.

And spilt blood is nectar to them, any blood. The life is in the blood! SO bleach any blood and ask Jesus' blood to cover the spilt blood in your house and your neighbourhood.

Two years ago I started to cover the blood of Jesus over my neighbourhood and I found out the local allotment wasn't getting vandalised and robbed, since then. So it works.

We will get home soon. But not until our job has been done.

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posted on Mar, 5 2012 @ 11:56 AM
reply to post by AriesJedi
Thank you so much AriesJedi,

I will write a much more in depth reply later to your reply, it has give our faith a boost, the reply I am about to write later or tomorrow may be deserving of a thread of its own though as I realized a lot last night but I think I will just condense things and reply to you. Either way I will U2U you to let you know that I have wrote a reply or a thread after much soul searching and friends giving faith, love and believing me on a social networking site I need to get things out on here too. My story has touched a lot of people I never thought it would, there are more out there with faith than I knew in my private social circle.

Blessings, peace, love & all things good to you, our fellow solider for the cause of light.

posted on Mar, 6 2012 @ 09:55 AM

Originally posted by theguygeeza
reply to post by autowrench
Thank you nusnus & autowrench for taking the time to read all that I have wrote and that you's are not being stupid about this.

I understand autowrench about the plains of existence ect but would appreciate some suggested readings on plain protection please if you have any?

nusnus I would never mess with a board & I only used the ball hoping for direction. I may have opened myself up to something and was given help. I will move asap and not continue any occult doings as it is no fcuking joke this stuff.

Thank you's, I send you's my regards, best wishes, hope and above all peace & love.

Happy to friend. I do several things for protection. The main thing is something I have done, and that is prepared myself for this with much deep meditation, and much ritual, and much prayer. I use a charged Amulet in the shape of two pentacles I wear about my neck, and have a selection of Crystals to enhance my vibrations.
The first, and main thing to conquer here is Fear. Define to yourself what Fear is, and what it is you fear most of all, then face it down. For most people, Death is a great Equalizer, and Humanity probably fears death above all other things. Once that Fear is accepted at Face Value, and you come to realize that in the big picture very few people actually matter, so you can walk with impunity in some of the Higher Levels. Another thing to learn, and hold dear to is Respect. If you hold a High Respect for others, then Respect will be given you by others. When you meet a Being, try to learn from it. If you can learn it's name, or number, you can control it from then on. Nothing can destroy you, and nothing can make you bow down before them. Remember, before walking in these Dimensions, you must leave all Earthly things behind, and that includes Religious Belief, Dogma and Doctrine. That includes Greed, Lust, Sloth, Hate, Anger, and any thought, or action that is purely Negative.

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