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Five flying orange UFOs captured on my phone cam on saturday feb 4th, 2012! I just have to share thi

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posted on Mar, 3 2012 @ 01:39 PM
Greetings my fellow ATS'ers! I'v'e been lurking on this site for a few years now and always find it fascinating and informative (even a bit nutty at times! --but who am I to say whats "nutty!") I have to mention my father in my intro.... who passed away way too young about 5 years ago. When I was a young boy we would often go and look up at the evening sky and have these amazing discussions about ..well everything and anything! One time I asked him if he thought UFOs were real... Well he told me that he and his sister both witnessed one hovering silently over lake Erie in Ohio... He went on to tell me he thought that there is no way we were the only intelligent beings in the universe and that to think that was...well, "Arrogant to think that!" (his words!). He actually asked me once if I had ever noticed the "grid"(as he called it) in the skies ... He had shared a story with me about a business trip to Sarasota FL and he was driving home and noticed planes way up at "about 30,000 feet or so" leaving "lines in the morning skies".... That was the late eighties or early nineties... I wont even mention the name but you all end in the word "trails" I'm not sure to open an intro post and step in THAT one! LoL! yikes! I have seen personally a UFO once a few years back .... moving so fast and pausing for a millisecond and lighting and then hauling out across the skies. No cam on me ...just my minds-eye capturing that one! BUT the second one (or five actually!)... were captured by my iPhone cam (no video tho-- dang!) on February 4th,2012 ( a Saturday night not even really that late ---about 9:00 PM EST... Well I gotta go run a few errands, but as soon as I return and sit down at the ol 'puter Im gonna post them for all of you to see.... as I know the old ATS addage "Pics or it didn't happen!!!!" Oh... I got pics...and I will post them soon for all who are as as fascinated as I am about this topic! In fact as I dug in on the web to see if anyone saw them in Florida I saw a post on YT based on searching "Florida UFO sighting 2/4/12"....Some folks in Lake Mary FL video taped them that night as well and further went on to to search to see that some girls in California video taped the same thing a week or so later----five of 'em traveling and stopping silently mid-air! (if you find the clip turn the volume down if ya have kids as they say WTF more than a few times! I woulda said that too if my 5 y/o niece who watched them one by one as well was next to me! I need to figure out the posting method here and will share my photos of this amazing moment in time! And hanx for reading...I cant wait to share what I photographed! Nice to be here, my kindred spirits!

posted on Mar, 3 2012 @ 01:40 PM
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posted on Mar, 3 2012 @ 01:42 PM
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