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The Cycles of Time

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posted on Mar, 2 2012 @ 05:56 PM
The Truth Can be Saw, with our naked Eye,
Looking Into the Stars, of the shimmering Sky.

Days are Drawing shorter, as We all Awake as One,
Each of Us Remembering, how far We've Truly Come.
Rising from the Seas, of smothered flames and Ash,
Will be Revealed, the Un-covered Secrets of our Past.

Ancient Artifacts of our Long Forgotten Mystics,
Are the relics Fallen, to Reminds us, Time is Cyclic.
As the Dawn approaches, and awakens World cynics,
All will Recognize the Sources, of Inherit Evil within Us.

For Thousands of Years, Powerful Leaders,
Have Masterminded Fear, upon its Peoples.
Corrupting Our Minds with False Indoctrination,
Followed by a gradual process of Dehumanization.

This type of Manipulation has greatly Hindered,
The Natural Evolution of our Brothers and Sisters,
By keeping us Captive in a state of Darkness,
We have Lost our Direction and Sense of Purpose.

A Prison for Our Mind, which Limits our Perception,
Is the Grand Design, and Means of Disconnection.

The UNIverse is YOU, in a Scaler Reality,
Where as Above is so Below,
An Inseparable Totality.

All Life is Fundamentally Woven, through a Cosmic Web of Consciousness.
This is the Intuition of Knowing, that Flows within Each One of Us.

If We cannot Understand Who We Are, or what Exists Inside,
Than the Whole of Experience, Becomes a MASS Compromise.

The World has been Founded, upon Bondage and Lies
To Keep its Inhabitants Grounded, and Passive in Line.
It only Appears that were Clever, in this Modern day Slavery,
So We cannot Distinguish and Sever, the illusions of Mastery.

Mankind has been Blessed, with Expressions of Emotion,
Enabling Us to Feel Connected, Like an Endless Ocean.
Our Dualistic Nature has Taught Us the Qualities,
Of Good and Bad Decisions We can make Consciously.

There are only Two Choices that we have Available,
As we Independently Voice Our Feelings that are Natural.
LOVE. The Ultimate Victor. Or Hate. Its Evil Enlister.
One Cannot Exist without the other, a Paradox thats Bitter.

A state of Bliss Can be easily obtained,
By letting Love be the Road that You Pave.

Consider Now, a state of Hate.
The Corrupting Force that Habituates,
Negative Behavior and a Fuel source for Wars,
We cannot Endure this Krazy Thinking No more.
One Way or another, Change Will occur,
Whether or not You Remember, the World Is Yours.


As the Future has Spawned, an Extraterrestrial Race made they're Appearance,
On the White House lawn, with no Discretion to whether they Might Eat Us.

But Exactly what happened, is the President made an Agreement,
To Lend these Aliens Our Hand, in the Assistance of Concealment.

They called themselves the Draconian's, from a Far distant Galaxy,
Where their Planet Faced Extinction, and wrought Hell as Reality.

E.B.E Was the Name of their Leader, who Offered a Deal to Supersede,
The Presidents power of Meager, Providing them Access to Interbreed.
Genetically Altering Our Species and Theirs, on the Brink of Rebirth,
A Hybrid Race was created to Eliminate Despair, Thanks to Earth.

Creatures were Formed, from the Dismantled Parts of Captured Corpses,
Or Bio-Engineered and Grown, from the Entangled D.N.A. of Worldly Sources.

In EXchange the Government was Given, Advanced Interstellar Technology,
To Free Themselves from antiquities of Living, and Garnish New World Ideology.

Now has Arrived, Anew and Perilous POWER at Hand.
Shadows which Thrive and Cast Darkness Over the Land.
Life had brought an Unexpected Twist to the Game it had Dealt,
That would Culminate with the End of Our World, so Anxiously Felt.

This is the Secret that has been Hidden,
Suppressed from Our People. and WIDEly Forbidden.
A Lie We Live Amongst and Now, Alien Ridden,
Our History has been Sold-Out, and ReWritten

For Billions of years, Mother Earth Has been Growing,
Eagerly Waiting to give Birth, to the Fruits of HER Sowing.
Now that Time Is Coming, upon HER Final Encroach,
As All sides are being Threatened, by an Inescapable Approach.

In Favor of a New Life, that All can Deem Living,
We Must End Our Strifes. and the Insane Acts of Killing.
Love One another, as You would Unto Yourself,
And the World may be Forgiven, All by Itself.

The TRUTH Must Stand TALL, in the Face of Annihilation,
Or the Cost Will be the Downfall, of Human Civilization.



edit on 2-3-2012 by Darkfallen because: Changed title

posted on Mar, 2 2012 @ 06:09 PM
reply to post by Darkfallen

your not m&m are you ? ;D


posted on Mar, 4 2012 @ 06:24 PM
Thanks for replying but Im not M&M,
Ill extend another poem if this thread doesn't end.

It seems artistic expression and intellect have fallen short these days...
So Heres to its glorious resurrection and comeback that I will repave.

posted on Mar, 4 2012 @ 07:46 PM
Thank you very much for sharing that. I enjoyed it and plan to read it again.

posted on Mar, 10 2012 @ 03:25 PM

Originally posted by Darkfallen
Thanks for replying but Im not M&M,
Ill extend another poem if this thread doesn't end.

It seems artistic expression and intellect have fallen short these days...
So Heres to its glorious resurrection and comeback that I will repave.

. o well , if he's reading he might want to turn it into a rap ,as i read it, i even added some mental base and a few symbols whilst reading , ahh, but all is quasi intellection and all artistic expression is even more arguable than intellectual brain excretions , enjoy making the path , and feel free to exude your mental chatter further,

a stone at a time



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