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Kimonos inFocus at Shizen Manasuru

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posted on Mar, 2 2012 @ 02:35 PM

posted on Mar, 7 2012 @ 12:59 AM
Thank you for sharing! I love Kimonos and Asian floral patterns.

I visited Chicago art museum for the 2nd time a few months back and I finally found the Japanese Kimono collection, truly amazing! Worth seeing in my opinion.

Keep up the beautiful work and may everything inspire you.

posted on Apr, 18 2012 @ 01:21 AM
not at shizen in manasaru

but focus on kimonos nevertheless

y o s h i t o s h i , 1839-1892, is generally considered one of the great innovative and creative geniuses of japanese woodblock printing

the spirit of the plum tree in the guise of a beautiful woman in the moonlight

ochiyo received news that her lover had died, went mad with grief and wandered rolling and unrolling letters that he had sent her, until she also died

a famous poet, historian and musician named kinto picks a plum branch in the moonlight

chang e used to be a fine archer serving a mythical emperor, who one day stole the elixir of immortality, drank it and fled to the heavens to become the goddess of the moon

the warrior minamoto no yoshimitsu, an accomplished musician, stopped one day, on the way to war, on mount ashigara to play tunes

after peace was established ex samurai fukami jikyu strolls through the streets of the pleasure district and composes a poem

the full moon, coming with a challenge
to flaunt its beautiful brow!

a wife begins to pound cloth on a fulling block and continues to beat the block throughout the night hoping that the sound will reach her husband in the distance and cause him to hurry home

famous onnagata kabuki actor mizuki tatsunosuke strolls along the sumida river admiring the cherry blossoms

full moon on the tatami mats:
shadows of the pine branches

ariko weeps as her boat drifts in the moonlight
(her story is too sad to be told)

( y o s h i t o s h i - one hundred aspects of the moon )

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