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An EMTs account (Strange days to be alive) [CWC]

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posted on Mar, 2 2012 @ 09:43 AM
Emt entry patient #10
Vitals are stable. Respiratory rate is 12/min.
Eyes are reactive to light. Blink with stimulus.
Body does not react to painful stimuli.
The eyes stay open, but there appears to be no consciousness.
The best I can do is make them comfortable and keep their airway open.
An iv could help, but there are just too many to oversee.

I feel bad leaving them behind, but I fear the aliens will return.
I see others coming out of hiding to check on those fallen. We decide to get them all indoors so they can be cared for. No one has seen a victim wake up yet. I don’t know much of what the aliens did or what they want but they pose a threat to us all and need to be dealt with. I wasn’t wrong when I said that the government would be useless in protecting us. The military hasn’t made a presence as of yet. Most likely they were disabled early on. The only people I have seen are those who hid and never approached them. From what I hear the aliens can affect you simply by noticing you and directing their will into your brain. I don’t know if it is permanent, but we have no intentions of getting in their way.

All the victims have the same signs and appear healthy for the moment. Once we get more medical people on board maybe we can figure out what to do. No one is driving on the road mostly out of fear of being seen. These aliens don’t speak; they act as though we aren’t even there. They have a mission and that’s what they focus on. We are cast aside and left behind. It is apparent that the aliens are looking for something. They are running tests on the ground and using big rods with a light on top to probe the dirt. The ones that were here have recently moved west about a half mile. They are methodically scanning and moving. I’m just glad they left.

When they first came, they appeared in the sky like fire balls. I heard the loud hum but never got close enough to see what happened next. The closest I came was looking through binoculars. They are pretty ugly and huge. They are definitely alive and not robotic. As of yet I haven’t met anyone who has been outside of town to report what is going on out there. We would sure love to know if we are isolated or if it is worldwide.

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posted on Mar, 2 2012 @ 10:04 AM
A bit scary. Makes me want to look out the window to check the sky.
A little hard to read. Add some spaces or more paragraphs.

What happens next? Are they looking for someone or something?

posted on Mar, 2 2012 @ 10:06 AM
Thanks. the formatting didn't carry over I guess.
I fixed it now.

The aliens are looking for something under ground.
I made some other entries from different points of view.

I'll get the story rolling soon.

thanks again for the input
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