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An Aussie UFO - or something.

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posted on Sep, 20 2004 @ 06:39 AM
It’s taken me a few months to actually post this. It’s something I don’t talk about either. After it first happened, my travelling companion & I agreed to keep it to ourselves lest we were made objects of ridicule – but she didn’t keep her word, and after that, I hated visiting her because of having to re-confirm the event so many times to others. Eventually we had an unrelated falling-out, I moved, lost touch with her, & have never spoken of the matter since.

Please understand that I had always pretty well believed that UFO’s existed – but this wasn’t a saucer or other craft. It happened 7 years ago on Australia’s Hay Plains, near Narrandera [NSW] as the pair of us were driving back to Sydney one evening. It was Christmas Eve actually, so there were few cars on the highway, we hadn’t consumed alcohol or any type of drugs [illegal or prescription], we weren’t tired, & had only been driving a few hours. It was a fine starry night, and driving conditions were perfect..

The Hay Plains are fairly flat & boring terrain for the most part, but the area gets more hilly as you get nearer Narrandera. This is when I drove rather slowly in case a kangaroo jumped out in front of us from behind trees – I’ve been a passenger several times when this has happened, & hitting a big red can spell disaster, believe me.

We reached the top of a crest - & there in front of us, filling the sky, was what could have been the HUGEST whitest full moon anyone ever saw, so big that you couldn’t see all of it. My friend cried out - omigawd, just look at that harvest moon – but as the car went down the hill, I was saying b-#, no moon’s that big. Then we’re on a flat bit of road, no trees around, & there’s this huge white massive round thing again, & it’s whizzing across the sky to our left. Then the road sweeps to the right a bit & there again is this same huge moon thing & it’s now in the sky but to the right now. And this same scenario happened several times, seeing this too-huge white moon whizzing at an incredible rate from side to side. Maybe 15 minutes later, things got a bit hilly again & more trees happening & we lost sight of it. And we were in agreement now that whatever this is, it ain't the moon.

So now I’m driving slow again cos there were trees around, then we come down this bit of a rise, then the road flattens out & though there’s no stars now, I’m thinking we might be going past paddocks, there’s no trees to the side but further ahead there’s some straight rows in the headlights, one row at an angle. These turn out to be rows of trees like they have planted round paddocks in Oz as windbreaks etc.

And at the edge of a row of trees, almost facing us, was a white shining thing, sort of dancing up & down, darting behind the trees, peeking back out again, always in motion & changing shape, but always sort of ovalish. Its height was sometimes half as high as the trees, and it was bobbing up & down, on & off the ground where it was. Now the road widened there plus there was room to park the car by the side of the road. We were gabbling at each other, I was excited & saying. “That’s gotta be some kind of UFO, I gotta havva look.” So we parked right where the road widened, & we got out of the car, walking a ways clear of the car, absolutely fascinated by this amazing light show, as it was still moving and bobbing as before. We stood watching this for at least 5 minutes, probably closer to 10 minutes, it was amazing to watch, I’d even stepped out on to the road & looked at the terrain behind us, looking for this light source, wondering if this could be from some sort of projector or spotlights, whatever. But I’m sure fireworks and laser light shows aren’t a feature around those sparsely populated parts.

Then it seemed to get much larger. & even though it was often partially obscured by the trees, we could still see the obscured bit clearly between the trees. And then a part of it seemed to elongate into a long arm behind the trees, then keep on going behind the other angled row of trees – while the main part of it kept bobbing as before, in fact the main “light show” was doing its thing even more showily than before. My friend became afraid at this point, & eventually infected me with nervousness when she kept saying, “Where did the rest of that thing go, the bit that disappeared, what is it, what if it’s gonna come up behind us, let’s get away from here.”

So away we went again, though not too fast in case of kangaroos, the road narrowing again, some hilly bits but then plenty of flat - & then we could see this moon-thing again, much higher, shaped now like a quarter-moon, one with raggedy edges and its two “points” facing the ground – whatever, it seemed to be at a 90 degree angle to any crescent moon I’ve ever seen. And as we approached Narrandera, we kept seeing this moon-thing from time to time, and it was getting higher & higher, & its shape was gradually filling into a sort of half-moon. Both of us were totally sure by then, that no, it wasn’t the moon that night. And later that evening, I went outside to look up at the Narrendera sky, & there was the usual moon, y’know, a half-moon, though its edges still looked awfully raggedy.

The whole experience as described here, lasted for probably an hour. I’m still no wiser as to what it really was, and I wonder if anyonhe here has witnessed, or heard of, something similar. Or any theories about it?

posted on Sep, 20 2004 @ 08:47 AM
Thank you for posting this!, Must have been hard to tell it agian!
I Have only one question.
Did this thing really look like the moon? Or did it appear to be Shaped like it?

posted on Sep, 20 2004 @ 10:06 AM
Yes, at first sight it DID look like the moon - but it was too damn huge. And when we kept seeing it from time to time [due to the vagaries of the road & the terrain], it still looked like a gi-normous full moon that was whizzing across the sky at incredible speed, then we'd catch sight of it again, way over the other side.

After we left the "light show", it appeared again, now moving higher in the sky, and it was like a crescent moon, but facing down towards Earth, if you get my drift . And we could then see it almost constantly during the remainder of that drive, appearing to rise higher & higher, & seeming to fill out in shape on the space of half an hour or so.

There were a couple of other things that we thought were odd. For one thing, the sky had been full of stars, something we city folk don't get to see much. But from the moment we first saw that thing, or maybe it was shortly after that, the sky was totally starless, yet the weather remained the same.

posted on Sep, 20 2004 @ 10:13 AM
Hmm, Did it have a pattern in flight, or did it just hover?
And, Did it have lights , or was it completely white?

posted on Sep, 20 2004 @ 10:40 AM
This is gonna sound SO boring, but we saw no lights or anything similar on it. It just looked like a huge white moon, & it "lit up" the landscape in a moon-like way when it was really enormous & directly in front of us.

Then when it was moving at high speed across the sky, going from side to side, further away but still in front of us - well I can't say for sure that it had a flight pattern, unless this side to side movement, covering vast distances in continual sideways movements, can be called a pattern. The Hay Plains has vast expanses of flatness in every direction just there, & we were quite over-awed by the speed at which this disc-shaped thing was moving.

posted on Sep, 20 2004 @ 10:44 AM
I dont mean to Ridcule you in any way but, Have u seen the movie A.I?
There is a ballon that looks like the moon in that movie, it reminds me of ur story 8) but w/e

posted on Sep, 20 2004 @ 11:00 AM
No, I haven't seen that movie. I think a friend has the DVD & if she does, I'll ask to borrow it.

I can't conceive of any balloon THAT big though. And after that first sight, it was moving steadily away from us, & whizzing from side to side while constantly covering vast distances.

posted on Jan, 19 2013 @ 11:41 PM
reply to post by Bastet

I have come across the same thing multiple times so don't worry, my father and i were in a interstate trucking business together and often got sent across the Hay Plains, anywhere from 11pm till 4am is when i would go through there, its an eery terrain and still unsure of what it is, similar things happened to me too about travelling in the sky side to side however it would sometimes travel between my dads truck and mine and sometimes follow behind both trucks then shoot straight up in the air, we reported it for the first time at a police station not to far from there and it turns out to be quite popular to tourists and bus and truck driver and sometimes (such as yourself) every day car drivers just driving through, so just wanted to let you know you aren't alone and alot of people such as myself who is now in transport in the army have seen it aswell, and ALOT of my army buddies in transport have seen it as well.


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